Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wired's Illustrated Price of Pot Map Arrives in Mailboxes

By David Downs
Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 9:19 AM

In another testament to the mainstreaming of maryjane, High Times now has competitors publishing weed prices in the U.S. Using data from PriceofWeed.com, a collection of geographers called Floatingsheep have designed a groovy map of the price of sticky icky across America. Wired magazine writer Cameron Bird covers the results in the September issue of the print magazine, coming out now.

On this map, yellow means not at all mellow
  • On this map, yellow means 'not at all mellow'

The map uses 14,700 consumer reports, removed of outliers and annotated with local pot fines and jail times — the color green represents low prices; the yellow equals high.

In South Dakota, smokers can get a year in jail for possession, which probably contributes to the local cost of an ounce of pot: $526. Over in the Emerald Triangle, pot plunges to a low as $97 per ounce. Not to be outdone, Texas, Kentucky, and parts of the South look just as green on the map as the Triangle — indicating robust underground grow economies in these battlegrounds.

Our only quibble: what about quality? No mention is made of grade on this page of infoporn. A $97 bag of schwag is a completely different product than $97 bag of some Bay Area chronic. But props to Wired for coolest infographic this side of High Times.

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