Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What We Like: OkCupid Juggalos, Street Art, Trappist’s Truffled Grilled Cheese

By Whitney Phaneuf
Tue, May 28, 2013 at 8:23 AM

This New York Times Magazine article on germs makes me want to hide my toothbrush in the closet. — Kathleen Richards

OkCupid Juggalos tumblr. Juggalos never cease to amaze. — K.R.

What happens when you ask several pairs of kids to improv about a series of topics ranging from doing chores to getting married, and THEN get adults to reenact the scenes using the kids' exact, recorded dialogue? "Kid Snippets," the funniest cutest thing ever, reminds us that right up there with kittehz, children reign in the world of Internet humor. Top 5: “Bank,” “Principal’s Office,” “Cooking Show,” “Driver’s Ed,” and “Valentine’s Day.” — Lenika Cruz

This is seriously freaky. — K.R.

Can we all just take a moment to remember Amanda Bynes as she was in the Nineties? R.I.P. the hilarious young girl who played the histrionic, real-talk host of “Ask Ashley” and who made Dr. Laura Schlessinger look like Tyra Banks (in her talk show — not modeling — capacity, obviously). — L.C.

New Snowden and Roomrunner albums. — K.R.

Street art in a Santa Rosa warehouse. — K.R.

Luke’s opus on grilled cheese has had me thinking about buttery, melty goodness all week, and so I’d like to humbly throw one of my own local favorites, The Trappist’s truffled grilled cheese sandwich, into the ring along with the best of ‘em. This one’s made with goat cheese, so there’s a nice, gentle tanginess in there to balance out the butteriness of the levain and the earthiness of two kinds of truffles and various herbs. I got it on Thursday and it was so good that my friend and I ordered one to split and then got another almost immediately after finishing the first. At $9.50 (!!), it’s not cheap, but sometimes you just need to eat a $10 sandwich, you know? — Ellen Cushing

In my quest to stop eating every single delicious thing I can get my hands on, thus no longer fitting in any of my clothes, I've been dabbling with healthy alternative recipes to make “eating clean” (basically sticking to whole, unprocessed foods) feel less soul-crushing. Here are a few excellent ones that have gotten me through the last couple months:
1. Healthy two-ingredient cookies: Take one ripe banana, mash it up. Add one cup of oats (preferably quick oats), mix up until all everything is even. Dollop onto cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes. Feel free to add raisins/crushed nuts/some chocolate chips if you feel like it. Makes about twelve cookies.
2. Cauliflower “Alfredo” sauce (per the request of Express staff writer Ellen Cushing): There are several recipes floating around out there, but this is the one I tried and that worked for me. Completely. Delicious. AND vetted by diehard Alfredo lovers. Feel free to copy the recipe exactly, but if you wanted to trim this down even further, you can omit the butter and sub low-fat milk for the heavy cream.
3. Baked kale chips: This might be one of those snacks you've heard a lot about but never got around to trying. And you must, especially if you’re like me and anything crunchy and salty is your kryptonite. I could literally eat a whole bag of tortilla chips and fresh hot salsa in one sitting, no problem. But baked kale chips are somehow a satisfying substitute. Just grab a bunch of kale at the supermarket (I prefer the kind with the extra curly leaves, not the flatter, Lacinato kale). Preheat oven to 350. Wash your kale and pat dry as well as you can, otherwise they’ll be soggy. Rip up the leaves into roughly equal sizes so they bake evenly. Spray the kale with a light, even coating of some kind of cooking spray (some recipes use olive oil, but I find it doesn't coat the leaves as evenly, and often weighs the leaves down). Sprinkle with sea salt; lemon pepper also tastes great. Toss. Place on some kind of oven-friendly pan and put in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until they've slightly browned on the edges . Take out and go nuts. You’d be amazed how comparable these are to regular old Lay’s potato chips.
4. Easy ice cream: Along with chips and salsa, ice cream is one of those snacks that I could eat with disgusting abandon forever and ever until my insides turn into a Ben and Jerry’s. If I get tired of eating Greek yogurt I put in the freezer, I make this two-ingredient ice cream. Slice one ripe banana into coins, toss in freezer for a few hours. Blend with one or two tablespoons of peanut butter (or whatever kind of nut butter you like). If it’s not blending, throw in a little almond/soy/regular milk to get it going. If the mixture gets a little liquid-y, throw in freezer for a little longer until more solid. Top with some chocolate chips, strawberries, whatever you like (within reason) and enjoy!
5. Flourless, Cauliflower-Crust Pizza, a recipe that I have yet to try, but that looks fabulous, healthy, and cheap (WHAT? I know. Cauliflower is some kind of miracle ingredient. I've even used it with great success to make mashed “potatoes.”) If you try this, let me know how it goes!
Note: Obviously none of these are going to taste exactly as good as the original, but if you’re trying to eat better, it doesn't hurt to experiment. — L.C.

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