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Re: “Hayward at Odds Over Proposed Plant

NPR 88.5 October 19,2009 Fresh Air with Terry Gross
The show was about coal fired power plants and other kinds of water pollutents.No amount of money is worth the health of the people and future generations to contaminate the air and our drinking water.California is suppose to reduce emmissions not create pollution sources where people live.
Power plants belong in unpopulated areas.

A water bill was just passed to use recycled water for landscaping and golf courses. Douglas Fisher wrote a story about recycled water is still contaminated 2005. Linda Rapatunni wrote a story about recycled water providers are passing legestlation NOT to be held liable if the water becomes harmful,Oct 2007, "Water Everywhere but not a drop to drink." Daily Journal- Real Estate. This was set up to protect city councils when they pollute our water and air for profit.Cities need more water to build business and homes for tax revenew. We are charged more for this all ready toxic water. We are told to use less. Cities keep building for new people to come.

The EPA and FDA are useless, unless the people make a fuss and organize. The state has cut the EPA's budget too. Legistlators go above the EPA recomendations or make the EPA raise allowable limits when the limits can't be met. Like: Rocket fuel, we now can drink 20 times higher levels even though rocket fuel is deadlier than chloramine and fluoride. City councilmembers can be recalled to get better people on it, to represent the public instead of the union city workers. Rob Simpson is our hero and truely concerned about the health of the public.

The fire department wanted the power plant for a money source for the city. How many of the Hayward firemen live in this city? Why should we pollute our air and aquifers for them? They do have a secure job with benifits and retierment. Do firemen want people to have more breathing problems and cancer so they can get more overtime? They don't care about mutating the next generation as long as they get raises and overtime. Burlingame's fire department got a 7.5 per cent raise when the city was sued by Bay Watchers for $5 million for dumping sewage, arsenic and lead into the BAY. They needed 100 miles of pipes to be replaced but, after giving the firemen a 7.5 per cent raise, the city said it will be 20 years to replace the pipes.Rosilee O'Mahoney got voted back in for suporting the unions. Lives of the residents is not the concern of the city councils, it's supporting the government unions which, helped make this state go broke.

When the power plant pollutes our water, can we sue the fire department and the city council allowing the plant to be built?

The city lawyer Lawson came from East Palo Alto. Hayward gave him a raise even though Lawson has a very poor record for winning law suits for East Palo Alto. He lost many law suits and cost that city a lot of money. Check his record out on the EPA city archieves. YUCCA finnally shut down Romic, a toxic chemical recycler which contaminated their underground aquifers, Gloria Well. There is 40+ years of chemicals in the fresh underground water in that city. EPA's city council passed a resolution to excempt Romic from EPA standards, which is illegal to do. The people are living the health effects.The EPA is using cheeze whey to remove toxins and it will take 7 years.( If it works, there is no guareentee) If there is an earth quake EPA will NOT have a second source of drinking water. Is that what Hayward residents want for us? Pollute our water and have nothing for a second source of water. We are drinking and blending these qauifers now and using local reservoirs. The Hetch Hetchy pipes will no be finnished until 2015. WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO CONTAMINATE OUR AQUIFERS. Our water providers put enough cancer causing toxins in our water daily. Lead is leaching from our homes' lead sottered seamed pipes because of the corrosive chloramine and fluoride. That's why the cities are being sued for their contaminated sewage water. We don't need to add power plant chemicals to our water.

There is a movie you can rent or barrow from me" Taking Back Our Town. We need to take action and stay on top of this power plant to keep it from happening.

The National Resource Defence Council could help or Walt Wadlow of the AWCD. We be polluting the tri cities aquifers and maybe they would want to help us stop this plant.

Drinking chemical toxins will also mutate our genes. There is 23 global studies done on fluoride causing brain damage. Senator Jackie Speire went above the EPA to get her bill passed to fluoridate Hayward and the rest of the peninsula. Fluoride increases cancer death rates 40%. Chloramine causes cancer and causes kidney failure. Why do we need a power plant to poison our water more, for businesses and city councils to profit? Council members should be held liable for their decission to allow this to be built.
Councilman Quark should be recalled for supporting the plant. Quark is also on the BAWSCA water board and is doing nothing to stop fluoride being added to the water. The toxin floride has lead and arsenic in it. Arsenic causes death, cancer, and Type II Diabetes. Feinstein and Boxer wrote a bill not to lable our botteled water with arsenic on it because our water provides add fluoride with arsenic in it. You Tube: The Professional Prospective On Water Fluoridation. Cities need more water and using recycled water for landscaping, contaminates the aquifers. Using reycycled water for the power plant will contaminate the drinking water more because, we will recycle that power plant water and pour it on landscaping with all those chemicals in it. Water seeps into the earth to pollute below. There's all ready 140 unregulated chemicals in our drinking water.Human life means nothing to politicians.

For all you cancer victims instead of running for the cure, go after the cause- environmental pollution.

Contact Rob Simpson for our next move.

Chemicals are 80% causes of cancer. Read -Cancer Wars by Robert Procter. The chemicals that will spew from the power plant, will contaminate the earth over the aquifers from which we drink. The waste water treatment plant is next door to where this plant will be built. The under ground fresh water aquifers, wnich line our shoreline, are 10-30 feet below the surface of the ground. Continual chemicals, contaminating the surface soil,will penatrate down into the aquifers with every rain or fog. We will be contaminating the Bay with more chemicals from the emmissions. Newark desalinates the bay water which seeps into their aquifers. Can newark sue Hayward for the power plants chemicals they will be desalinating? The Hayward aquifers are opened into Union City's aquifers which Union City pour recycled water over, every day. Recycled water is still contaminated and the power plant will poison Union Cities aquifers more.Will the Tri-cities sue Hayward for water pollution or, is this a way to make more people sick for thre medical corporations and stem cell research to profit?

In NPR's radio broadcast, which I have played parts of it to the Hayward city council and asked them to look it up, the speaker says the new chemicals of today are so strong a thimbal full in a swimming pool of water can kill or cause cancer and mutations. He also says, The Clean Air Act of the 1970's is not being enforced. The public should demand the EPA do it's job and stop this holocaust.

I live in Hayward and I want to be able to open my windows on a hot day. The dust in my house from the freeway building and the air pollution from the freeway cars is all ready unbarable.

Posted by Water Lady on 11/28/2009 at 3:32 PM

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