Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video: Game Wardens Weed Marijuana Farms, Arrest Saddest People Ever

By David Downs
Tue, May 4, 2010 at 12:37 PM

Check out the just-released video from the California Department of Fish and Game, who just won a federal award for weeding Northern California's wacky tobacky. A few things become sadly apparent:

1) Right now, a bunch of impoverished migrants are sitting in our forests literally watching weeds grow.

2) They have this abominable lot in life because a plant is illegal, and they've lost some type of cosmic bet.

3) The cartels hire them to camp for six months, grow, and harvest so the cartels can sell crappy weed to Nevadans, Arizonans, and other backwaters who don't get high-grade product found in LA and the Bay Area. (That stuff is grown in indoor factories or on well-tended private land in the Emerald Triangle.)

4) Each year, the Department of Fish and Game gets the odoriferous task of hiking into bumfuck nowhere, arresting these poor immigrants, ripping up the plantations, and trying to fix the gross ecological damage to the area. For that, we commend them.

Still: We got rid of most moonshine stills by ending Prohibition. We don't have Mexican cartels synthesizing Vicodin in the Sierra Nevada. It seems like regulating and controlling the cannabis supply like any other part of the economy might make this ecological disaster unprofitable.

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