Venus Trine Spawns Amorous Declarations 

For the week of November 25-December 2, 2009.

It is Thanksgiving – my favorite politically incorrect holiday. It's not because it is a day dedicated to food, or because it signals the start of the holiday season. I love Thanksgiving because it is a day devoted to gratitude, an attitude often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of survival. Gratitude is certainly an attitude we could currently use, given that 2009 has been mostly about survival. And not just financial survival – much more than money has been threatened this year. 2009 has been a year of soul survival, personal and collective. Daily life moved from one intense moment to another even more intense moment, and as the intensity escalated, bodies, minds, and hearts, exhausted from stress struggled to make it through. It's not so easy remembering to be grateful when you're depleted. Which is unfortunate, because that's the time when gratitude is most needed and most beneficial. A prayer of thanks alters consciousness. It unhooks attachment, recalibrates the mind, and steadies the heart.

And you'll want a steady heart this week and the next several weeks. Uranus goes Direct on Tuesday, and when Uranus changes direction, we tend to experience dramatic shifts before its actual course correction as well as after it "turns around." As Uranus flavors the Thanksgiving feast, you can expect exciting conversation, seasoned with sudden bursts of previously "unconscious" information. What's more, those blurts are sure to emotionally charged. Not because Thanksgiving always tends toward emotional catharsis, but because on that day, Venus trines a Moon/Uranus conjunction, a combination devoted to feeling. Uranus is always spontaneous, impulsive, and unpredictable and when it is conjunction the Moon, the heart is often restless. And when that restlessness is amplified by a trine from Venus, declarations of love are sure to occur. Expect amorous pronouncements about everything from the turkey to the wine to the dressing to the pie to the person sitting next to you whether or not you've ever met.

This Uranian volatility carries forward through the week. The Moon moves out range but Mercury moves into a square with Uranus by the weekend. This square can scatter mental resources, so be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Fortunately, there is support for mental determination in the form of a Mercury/Mars trine, a positive alignment capable of keeping thoughts on track. Multitasking becomes an art under this influence. Just be aware, Uranian tremors are sure to interfere with even the best-laid plans and well-rehearsed strategies, which means flexibility is the key to success no matter what your goals might be.

Uranus has a close relationship with the nervous system – it rides the kundalini or life force – and when it dominates astral activity, we feel its presence through disturbed sleep patterns, restless longings, and anxiety, specified or unspecified. Don't be surprised if you can't settle down or settle in. Children tend to feel this energy first, so do your best to stay patient. If your dog starts howling, throw back your head and howl along. If your cat seems especially needy, try not to shame it – we know how important cool is to cats. Take care of yourself and those you love. Most importantly, find time to be thankful for what brings you joy. And let that gratitude align body, mind, heart and soul.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Uranus' forward motion stimulates dreams, sleeping and waking. Pay attention to what flashes across your screen because those images have the potential to deliver vital information.

TAURUS Uranus stimulates your innate understanding of human nature, which inspires you to become more active in your community. Think about how to share your gifts, and then, turn your thoughts into action.

GEMINI Uranus sparks renewed ambition, which ignites your passion to conquer any obstacles inhibiting your progress. Channel this passion into specific goals, and you'll see positive results.

CANCER Uranus spurs an appetite for adventure, physical as well as intellectual. Use this push to explore new terrain, inside and out, and you'll expand your ability to understand different belief systems.

LEO Uranus amplifies questions of value, specifically your values versus the values of others. Hold fast to what matters most to you, but do your best to understand what matters most to those you love.

VIRGO Uranus provokes relationship issues, and while some of what occurs is uncomfortable, if you examine all sides, you'll find you're not in as much conflict as you imagine.

LIBRA Uranus focuses on work, asking you to concentrate your time and energy on getting the job done. This is not as boring as it sounds, and it will yield a beneficial outcome.

SCORPIO Uranus catalyzes creativity, as it simultaneously arouses romantic impulses. Take a chance on love or commit to self-expression; either way, you can't lose.

SAGITTARIUS Uranus stirs the bottom of your psychic pond, raising deep issues of belonging. Try not to be swept away by feelings of anxiety. This is just another step in the program of self-recovery.

CAPRICORN Uranus encourages conversation, and you are talking to anyone who will listen. But it's crucial that you listen to you because if you do, you'll develop greater intimacy with yourself.

AQUARIUS Uranus highlights money matters, but not all the news is bad. Pay attention to how this phase unfolds, and you could make solid financial gains.

PISCES Uranus reinvigorates your desire for a new persona, but before you make any permanent changes, try to envision the consequences of those shifts. Some makeovers last forever.


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