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Re: “'Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012' Filed

Why did our government outlaw cannabis in the first place?!? Did the oil, lumber, and pharmaceutical companies have fear of losing a few dollars to a better solution than they developed?? So, they fund scientific studies against the plant and buy the media and the government itself to prohibit it? That makes far more sense than the voters making a fully informed decision (does this even exist anymore with all the propaganda?). Some say it's toxic, it causes hallucinations, it's addictive, and that it can make you permanently "stupid." All of these, I have seen to be false. Cannabis isn't more toxic than coffee, IT DOES NOT CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS (though it may increase perceptual sensitivity, like colors appearing more vivid), it is much less addictive than coffee, and it does not make you permanently mentally impaired (at least no more than any other non-toxic herb). As far as drugs/chemicals are concerned, I would compare it to coffee, tea, herbs, etc. The withdrawals are basically the return of whatever symptoms you were using the plant for in the first place. If you were using it for pain, then withdrawals include return of the pain plus some fatigue; if you used it for hot flashes or anxiety, then the withdrawals will manifest as those symptoms with a bit of fatigue (the fatigue from using it is probably a result of adrenal hormone depletion, which would explain part of the reason why some people are much more tired afterwards while others have an increase in energy). Theoretically you could replace the building blocks of those hormones and you would be normalized...(ie. amino acids, vitamins, etc). Also, I think I should note that cannabis withdrawals are MUCH more gradual than, for example, coffee withdrawals (takes hours to days rather than an hour for coffee). I have actually heard of some people using sativa dominant hash INSTEAD OF COFFEE. They (personal friends) said it actually made them focus BETTER, not less, and because it's not the plant itself (therefore not much smoke, CO or CO2) and they VAPORIZED it, they said the high was much cleaner and they felt happier and calmer without getting tired or feeling foggy-headed. That's right, cannabis can replace coffee for some people... but obviously, every effect wears off at some point, after a while of using any chemical consistently. Most interestingly, NUMEROUS studies have shown a great reduction in ALL CANCER types (breast, blood, brain, colon, prostate, etc.) as a result of cannabis use, specifically the active compounds (cannabinoids: THC, CBD) which are much for concentrated in hash or oil from the plant's flowers (not leaves), and of coarse, you must make sure it was grown hydroponically and that it's ORGANIC (no pesticides or synthetic chemicals), because pesticides and arsenic (the plant can take it up from the soil where it is grown) are very toxic. For cancer, cannabis not only "decreases cell proliferation" and "activates the immune system through the CB2 receptor," which would directly inhibit cancer growth and aid recovery, but it also DEACTIVATES THE ID-1 GENE, which becomes active again in cancer cells (the ID-1 gene is supposed to only be active during embryonic development, then it is switched off permanently, at least, until someone gets cancer). In addition, it has been shown to induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells but NOT normal cells. So, even if it does slow your body and brain down a bit, and obviously it isn't a great plant to use for learning, it is clearly significantly better for cancer than any other treatment (radiation and chemo actually increase your chances of dying and though they kill some cancer cells, and the ones that live have a greater dividing ability, making them much more dangerous than the cells were before radiation), and it has been proven very effective (immediately) for nausea, vomiting, pain, insomnia (with the right strain), focusing, hot flashes, muscle stiffness, immune disorders, skin disorders (acne, psoriasis), anger, depression, and anxiety! So, though it may not be good for people to use every day for their ENTIRE LIVES, it can be very beneficial for short-term use, or pulsed use (for example, once a week). And, as far as its ability to slow the brain down, one could simply taper off when they get to that point, or stay off it for awhile, as it is dose-dependent, and not a permanent result of one time use. There have been some stories circulating about cannabis being addictive... I do not see how it could be, because while using it consistently, the effects it has become less and less prominent and you gain less and less from it. If you get less pleasure from something, and feel less aware than you did when you first used it, and using more DOES NOT help, then wouldn't you naturally want to stop using it for awhile, or at least use much less, because you KNOW the effects won't be as great as they used to be? The decrease of the effects' strength in addition to the fact that cannabis wears off relatively slowly, addiction does not seem feasible. All I hope is that the truth gets out, and governments no longer outlaw flowers (oh, the irony!) and the plants that produce them. :)

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Posted by Vanessa Jane on 10/15/2012 at 5:02 PM

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