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Re: “Letters for the week of May 9-15, 2007

If you want to save Net Radio, here's all that's required (the only reason airwave usage is legally-allowed, anyway, security...beat them to "the real best" and get royalties from them....licenses available)....MONEY BACK GUARANTEED, IF NOT ALL-PROMISED.....if you can't handle it, you don't need to affect more people than can har you scream, anyway.......(who's the man/woman, you or them, net radio?) IMPEACHMENT: GETTING THE CRIMINALS OUT OF YOUR GOVERNMENT AND THE PROPER FUNCTION (AND SOCIAL PEACE) BACK-IN……. Having discovered (and copyrighted) the New Higher Science of Love and the Scientific Entirety of the Supreme Law of the Land (all reprovable before any impartial lab or jury, versus any and all evidence to the contrary, AS REAL SCIENCE REQUIRES), for which I'm listed in Who's Who in America, I've noticed something about the scientific requirements, allowances, and prohibitions of Impeachment (removing criminals and unqualifieds from YOUR Government's offices) that EVERYONE should know (more important than "drop and roll, if you're on fire"; as it's THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY OF PREVENTING THERMONUCLEAR WAR). Otherwise, in a Real Government, especially, criminals in office and quantities of crime (and debt) get worse and worse, until your own government's Murdering more people (by negligence and corruption) than Foreign-enemies do---War from within (and everyone else is in the same or worse situation). As regards Love, which has fascinated Mankind from it's conceptual-origins, so too is the Supreme Law of the Land (and the Scientifics of Impeachment it entails). While Governmental Unions may work, as defacto enemy-agencies, to misdefine Impeachment's Terms (or the Legal "How-To" of Removal From Office), for obvious-membership reasons (some aspects of which have existed, since the Basoche or Clerk's Union of George Washington---as evidenced in notions that he, not Hancock, was our First President---to this very day). Government being a Life-saving organization, it's obvious that "permanent removal from office" (upon a conviction for a debt-causing-mistake; or worse) was a requirement of government (except, of course, in rare Emergency Cases, where, as the Constitution represents, the President may pardon such Permanent-Governmental-Employment-Disqualifying Impeachments). More precisely, however, the fact is that actual Impeachment (like the unseen electron-transfer, before a new chemical is formed in a chemical reaction), occurs long-before a conviction for wrongdoing "while on the job" occurs. It occurs at the time of the wrongdoing that's sufficient enough to generate debt (or worse)----and is only recognized or confirmed (or nullified for that matter) by the District's Grand Jury (The Owners' Only Full/Valid Representatives). Moreover, perhaps more importantly than any other allegation of wrongdoing, an "impeachment allegation" (that is, an official representation to government that an Impeaching Act has occurred) is one that CANNOT BE DISMISSED, WITHOUT MORE IMPEACHING ACTS OCCURRING. Specificly, once someone has officially alleged that one of their Government Employees has engaged in an Impeaching Act, either they (or the accused) have engaged in a debt-generating-activity (or worse), EVERYTIME, WITHOUT EXCEPTION (WITH MATHEMATICAL/SCIENTIFIC CERTAINTY). Since knowledge of a crime, without reporting/presenting it to the Grand Jury (minimally) is the Impeaching Crime of Misprision or Concealment, everytime an Impeaching Act is alleged, the matter is either presented to the Grand Jury (and tried) or another Impeaching Act has occurred. Therefore, unlike the Private Citizen versus the Private Citizen matter, that both parties may consent and agree to dismiss, where your (or our) government is concerned, it would require the consent of everyone, to be "dismissed" (given through the District Grand Jury and even-larger-juries may be presented/reported to, in the event of the government employees on the jury's Impeaching Actions). To state it in Legal Terms, where an allegation of an Impeaching Act is made, regarding an "on the job" government employee, the ONLY "Dismissals" that may occur are via a jury's acquittal (THAT'S WHY WE HAVE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT—AND DISTRICTS). Considering the realities, the "big picture", from another perspective, it's easily seen that Equal Protection Under the Law (another Constitutional Mandate, as debt or worse is produced otherwise), requires that the best applicant for the Governmental position be hired. Since Governmental function REQUIRES that Emergencies may occur, where even the Impeached may be pardoned and governmentally-employed (or, similarly, where the only applicants for a position are unqualified; as in drafts during time of War), it can be understood that, upon any particular emergency's cessation (or the application of a qualified candidate), the "Exception to the Rule" that justified unqualifieds/disqualifieds being Governmentally-employed, no longer exists (and it's a debt-producing-violation of the qualified applicants' right to Equal Protection and the tax-payers right not to fund those engaged in crimes upon them, to allow such employment of unqualifieds/disqualifieds to continue). This is just one example, of many, that could not be properly perceived (or "seen") without the New Scientifics of the Supreme Law of the Land, which-like the microscope (or proving asteroidal orbits by mathematical extrapolate), could not be done before. As the predicted-beforehand loss of Top Secret, radar-invisible, bomber and missile technologies in Kosovo in 1999, and every Major Disaster since Reagan (ALL OF WHICH WOULD'VE REPROVABLY-BEEN PREVENTED, IF THESE MATERIALS HAD BEEN KNOWN AND IMPLEMENTED), these are materials that all of our government employees (and citizens/owners) MUST know, as matter of National Security (and global Security) in our Nuclear World. Included is the First Test (Part "A") of the Scientific Government Training Programs (WHICH NOONE WHO CANNOT PASS 100% CAN POSSIBLY DO THE GOVERNMENTAL JOB PROPERLY). Give it to politicians you like (and those you don't), alike……and teach your children, lest they fail to recognize an Impeaching Act when they see one; and jeopardize their lives (and the life of their families and neighbors), leaving a criminal in office (Government Employees and Children under 18 get to take the Test for free, upon enrollment into the course and buying the $20Text*). Reserving Contractual Construction For Myself, Always: Dr. C. Eric Durand, Ph.D….. C/o 259A Colima, Pittsburg, Ca. 94565 925-695-6507(messages) *Exceptions are made, for the impoverished!!! {A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM UNIGLOE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM, THOSE INTERESTED IN MORE IN DEPTH COURSES SHOULD WRITE TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS; ALL MATERIALS ARE COPYRIGHTSED AND CANNOT BE USED FOR PROFIT OR REPRESENTED AS OTHER THAN OWNED BY UNIGLOE UNIVERSITY OR DOCTOR DURAND WITH EXPRESS WRITTED CONSENT} Send Test Answers via mail or email to (WITH "FREE TEST" IN SUBJECT)or c/o Dr. Eric Durand, 259A Colima, Pittsburg, Ca. 94565:{THOSE WHO CAN PASS THIS TEST WITH A 100% WILL BE SENT THE MORE ADVANCED TEST FROM THE BOOK'S APPENDIX}. Sad and foreignly-funny, the way they've "pushed" Ballot Initiatives as a, in fact the, means of impeachment---but, at least, they did provide some "over the mountain and through the woods" way of doing so. "THE SCIENTIFIC GOVERNMENT TRAINING PROGRAM TEST"{ Part "A": It's Impossible For Those Who Cannot 100%-Pass this Test to Properly Perform ANY Governmental Position}*Secured For National Security Purposes Against Counterfeit ---ALL MATERIALS ARE FEDERAL COURT PROVEN; RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED--- 1) AT WHAT AGE ARE INDIVIDUALS CONSIDERED FULLY- RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING WHAT'S RIGHT AND WRONG (LAW AND CRIME)? WHY? 2) WITH PARENTAL CONSENT, CAN A JUVENILE DO WHATEVER AN ADULT CAN DO? EXPLAIN? 3) CAN A JUVENILE LEGALLY-BUY ANYTHING? EXPLAIN? B) ARE THEIR ANY LIMITS TO WHAT A JUVENILE CAN BUY? WHY? 4) WHAT MAKES SOMETHING RIGHT? EXPLAIN? 5) WHAT MAKES SOMETHING WRONG? EXPLAIN? 6) ARE THE REQUIREMENTS, ALLOWANCES, AND PROHIBITIONS OF EVERYTHING THAT'S RIGHT AND EVERYTHING THAT'S WRONG KNOWN (BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT)? EXPLAIN? 7) EXPLAIN THE KNOWN REQUIREMENTS, ALOWANCES, AND PROHIBITIONS OF RIGHT? B) WHAT ARE THEY FOR WRONG? 9) CAN AN UNEMANCIPATED-JUVENILE DATE AT 16? EXPLAIN? 10) CAN AN UNEMANCIPATED-JUVENILE EVER DRINK ALCOHOL? EXPLAIN? 11) WHAT, IF ANYTHING, IS A JUVENILE CAPABLE OF-DOING THAT WOULD ALLOW THEM ALL OF THE PRIVILEGES OF AN ADULT? EXPLAIN? 12) WHAT IS EMANCIPATION? B) ARE THEIR ANY LIMITS TO EMANCIPATION? 13) ARE THERE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN AN EMANCIPATED JUVENILE AND AN 18 YEAR OLD? EXPLAIN? 14) CAN A JUVENILE BECOME EMANCIPATED, EVEN IF THEIR PARENTS DON'T CONSENT TO THEM DOING SO? EXPLAIN? 15) ONCE EMANCIPATED, IS A JUVENILE FULLY-CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING AN ADULT IS CAPABLE-OF? EXPLAIN? 16) ARE "AN EMANCIPATED-JUVENILE'S PARENTS" STILL-RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING FOR THEM, UNTIL THEY'RE 18? EXPLAIN? 17) WHAT, EXACTLY, IS AN EMANCIPATED-JUVENILE CAPABLE OF DOING AND WHAT CAN THEY NOT DO? EXPLAIN? 18) HOW MANY WAYS CAN A FEMALE-JUVENILE BECOME EMANCIPATED? EXPLAIN? 19) CAN A PREGNANT-JUVENILE HAVE AN ABORTION, WITHOUT THEIR PARENT'S CONSENT (AND WITHOUT A JUDGE'S CONSENT)? EXPLAIN? 20) IS AN EMANCIPATED JUVENILE HAVING SEX WITH AN UNEMANCIPATED JUVENILE (THEIR OWN AGE) RAPE? EXPLAIN?

Posted by Anonymous on 05/19/2007 at 5:53 PM

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