Friday, February 25, 2011

The Roundup: Zeta Payback, Hunter S. Thompson, Narc Scandal

By David Downs
Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 10:33 AM

Here's your headlines: 1) That suspected Zeta hit on a U.S. Immigration agent in Mexico means it's time for payback, but keep in mind the whole situation is FUBAR: Wikileaks has the cables detailing Zeta infiltration of the Army and President Calderon's security detail — the two groups the U.S. is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to.

2) How medical marijuana is being perceived in Texas, where three busts makes a trend.

3) The Sixties are back with a Hunter S. Thompson comic and a Ruben Salazar story.

4) The scandal at Contra Costa County Narcs Team holds up some cases after commander arrested on suspicion of weed, speed and 'roids trafficking.

5) Meet your new head of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, a former junkie who somehow thinks people have the wrong idea about the danger of pot. Pot's bad, mmkay. "Marijuana is an addictive drug that over time 'has a profound impact on the brain and the body.' He fails to note pot's is among least addictive drugs out there, withdrawal is "mild and medically benign", and that it's much less toxic to body and mind than alcohol (cancer, gout, depression), cigarettes (cancer, COPD) or pain pills (crippling addiction).

6) And you know what's a lot worse that weed? Getting 10 years jail for a $31 pot deal. Sure, this lady is a horrible mother, but this sentence doesn't really seem like it'll help anyone. (via NORML)

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