Monday, September 26, 2011

The Roundup: Testing the Cannabis Testers; San Jose to Close all its Clubs by Next Month

By David Downs
Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 10:58 AM

Good morning. Here's your headlines.
1) White House asks people online to have a voice in government. The first petition to hit the tipping point for review: legalizing cannabis.

2) Federal bill to end marijuana prohibition gets fifteen sponsors — but is still a long shot.

3) New York city police commissioner orders cops to stop arresting people for cannabis unless its in public view.

4) Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson busted for accepting 2.5 pounds of pot mailed from Humboldt.

5) Cannabis treats Chrohn's disease and is not associated with obesity, according to a new observational study: "Of the thirty patients, 21 improved significantly after treatment with cannabis...The prevalences of obesity were 22 and 25 percent, respectively, among participants reporting no use of cannabis in the past twelve months and 14 and 17 percent, respectively, among participants reporting the use of cannabis at least three days per week.”

6) Who's testing the cannabis testers? Dutch phytochemist Arno Hazekamp, California NORML, and Project CBD, that's who. The results: labs are doing okay. "In most cases, lab results were consistent to within plus or minus 20 percent on replicate samples (and often within 10 percent)."

7) San Jose wants to shut down all its clubs by October 27. Locals there plan a referendum. City leaders say they'll retaliate against a petition by raiding them all.

8) A medical cannabis petition has already blocked bad laws in San Diego, Butte and now Kern County.

9) 51 percent in California still oppose legalizing marijuana, poll finds.

10) Governor Jerry Brown vetos SB 847, which would have banned dispensaries from within 600 feet of a residential use without a local variance. Brown said cities already have the authority to cite dispensaries and he prefers local control.

11) Right-wing San Diego Union-Tribune endorses New Jersey's medical marijuana program — a program that is two years old and has not issued one single patient ID —while M.S. patients go to jail for growing.

12) The L.A. Times wants to shut pot clubs down not because they cause crime, but because they are a nuisance. We await the editorial on feeding pigeons and people who don't pick up their dog poop.

13) And now something more lighthearted: Comedian Rob Cantrell on the joys of pot and barbecue.

And a pic du jour from r/trees: Taste the Rainbow!


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