Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Roundup: 'Grow Girl' Debuts, Sacto Cops Return Two Pounds

By David Downs
Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 4:16 PM

Here's your headlines: 1) Sacramento sheriff returns two pounds of medical cannabis to local dispensary after judge says cops violated federal law.

2) Grow Girl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went To Pot comes out today. Authored by actress Heather Donahue, it's actually not targeted at old ladies who still use the phrase “went to pot.”

3) Snoop Dogg visits “The Price Is Right”. (video after the jump) [via TheDailySwarm]

4) The U.S. National Institutes of Health wants to study the active ingredients in pot, THC and CBD, to protect brains from the ravages of incurable, untreatable Huntington's Disease. The best part: GW Pharmaceuticals thinks the whole plant, not just the THC and CBD, is efficacious.

5) Mobile weed lab opens up in the Bay, joining the many rooted labs. Your mileage may vary.

6) Oakland began hearings to permit four new medical cannabis dispensaries today at 10 a.m. The hearings run though early next week. After requesting and reading the permit applications, “Cannabis Warrior” Mickey Martin calls the process a shell game for Oakland City Hall insiders.

7) Cannabis activists using a referendum in San Jose have all but stopped a plan to shut dispensaries down. Mayor Chuck Reed said a compromise is in the works.

8) Last month a study showed that marijuana legalization decreases alcohol-involved road fatalities, San Francisco reports zero DUI deaths on New Year's. Meanwhile, Addiction Inbox has the cost of heavy drinking.

9) 12 myths about medical marijuana debunked by The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients in Los Angeles.

10) U.S. Supreme Court may take up the case of a cop going house to house with a drug dog, smelling for marijuana, then raiding homes without warrant. “In another major ruling, the justices decided in 2001 that police could not use thermal imaging technology to detect heat from marijuana grow operations from outside a home because the equipment could also detect lawful activity.”

Here's Snoop, FTW.

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