Monday, August 1, 2011

The Roundup: Half-Million Plants Seized in Mendo County; Alcohol Withdrawal Killed Amy Winehouse

By David Downs
Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 10:47 AM

Here's your headlines: 1) "Full Court Press" — the massive marijuana raid effort recently undertaken by federal and local officials in Mendocino County — has tallied 101 arrests, 460,000 plants, and tons of garbage pulled from the Mendocino National Forest (LAT). Writer Kym Kemp notes locals connected to the grows might be next. More news after the jump.

2) Medical marijuana patients would do well to stay out of Calveras County, CA. where patients report that the Mark Twain St. Joseph's Hospital in Valley Springs is denying care to cancer patients because they have a marijuana recommendation. (Record)

3) In Bakersfield, a columnist recommends repealing Prop 215: “The medical effectiveness of pot is still in dispute and demands rigorous investigation. But a broad experiment by laymen on 'everything that ails you' is a ridiculous sham. We need medical limitations, not a free rein.“

4) Meanwhile in reality, the journal Science finds inflammatory bowel disease sufferers also find relief in cannabis. Researchers concluded that: "cannabis use is common amongst patients with IBD for symptom relief, particularly amongst those with a history of abdominal surgery, chronic abdominal pain and/or a low quality of life index." (IACM Bulletin)

5) In Chicago, the bars stay open til 4 a.m., but a joint still equals a trip to jail. Now that the state is broke, it might be a different story. (Sun-Times)

6) And guess which drugs are leading to massive levels of addiction, robbery and overdoses. That would be ones approved by the FDA, of course. Now, the drug czar wants to cut pill addiction by 15 percent.

7) Speaking of pills, the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs finds that 51 percent of about 1,800 surveyed patients use pot as a substitute for prescription pills in an article called “Who Are Medical Marijuana Patients? Population Characteristics from Nine California Assessment Clinics.” (AlterNet)

8) And sadly, it looks like severe alcohol withdrawal — which can cause deadly seizures and delirium — killed Amy Winehouse, her family says. About 226,000 U.S. citizens were hospitalized with alcohol withdrawal in the year 2000. Just FYI, withdrawal off marijuana has been known to cause restlessness, and loss of appetite, according to the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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