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Re: “Burners Torched Over Native Party

Im so tired of hearing that the organizers were of mixed race?! With the exception of one, they are white skinned college students. Hipsters, Ravers, Burners, what ever they call themselves this does not change it. Newsflash -- Byron, because you claim to have some Native blood in you does not necessarily mean that you are Native, identify with a Native community, or have the right to appropriate Native culture and spirituality. Because one of the white organizers took their name from a book written by an anthropologist does not make you Native. Because you had a Comanche or Apache great grandmother that was an Indian Princess does not give you the right to claim our ceremonies. I am part white myself dating back to the days that the settlers raped my family but this does not mean that I have the privelege that a white person automatically gets. Daily I am marginalized as the brown skinned person that I am.

And whether BLM owns the land or not, does not make it any less Paiute-Shoshone Land or does not change that it is sacred just because it is not "reservation" land.

All involved need to open their eyes and read

For All Those Who Were Indian in a Former Life
by Andy Smith

While New Agers may think that they are escaping white racism by becoming "Indian," they are, in fact, continuing the same genocidal practices of their forefathers/foremothers. The one thing that has maintained the survival of Indian people through 500 hundred years colonialism has been the spiritual bonds that keep us together. When the colonizers saw the strength of our spirituality, they tried to destroy Indian religions by making illegal. They forced Indian children into white missionary schools and cut their tongues if they spoke their native languages. Sundances were made illegal and Indian participation in the Ghost Dance precipitated the Wounded Knee massacre. Our colonizers recognized that it was our spirituality that maintained our spirit of resistance and sense of community. Even today, Indians are the only people in the United States who do not have religious freedom. This was made clear when the Supreme Court recently ruled that the First Amendment does not guarantee our right to use peyote in sacred ceremonies.

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Posted by Ruin on 04/08/2009 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Burners Torched Over Native Party

It's interesting that so many burners are defensive about Visionary Village's actions. If you didn't want to lose money off of a party than you shouldn't have held one in exploiting our name. Go back to Indybay and read the responses from Visionary Village calling us misinformed liars and threats of suing us. We asked for clarification, are you sure you are not asking to be dressed up like the elements? Are you sure that you are calling for folks to dress as Native Americans?

Chloro, one of the DJ's wrote:

all this native racism is BS, are indians a bunch of haters! i try not to celebrate thanksgiving because so many turkeys die each year from this holiday!its time to move on, i am not responsible for the mass genocide throughout history, indians today should be standing up for the shit going on in the middle east!
this is just a party , until i see indians driving mechs around and shooting up the white house, then all i can say is how can u guys let this go, we are not lynching indians like the palestinians on there homeland! and if u guys are against this church then bring them down, why the fuck they still around!???????? all churches should be banned, maybe start with this one and use it as an example that this is not the only one leading people the wrong way! sign a petition if u know how to get one going, and for the people that care,go out there and protest!

Chloro Djinn (San Francisco, CA) wrote
at 11:07am yesterday
dont make us hate indians for this one? dont let the one indian or two ruin it for the whole like some tuskan raiders did to anakin's mom

i feel bad for all the cleveland indians fans, redskins, braves , what do they go through!!

And people are surprised that this person was receiving some backlash from their comments. If you actually read the petition that was put out by the Bay Area Native community, if you actually were aware that a number of us showed up to Mosswood Park to talk to them face to face, invite them to Intertribal Friendship House and made an effort to spend 4 hours talking to them and sit through the apologetic white guilt that was being expressed, you would have a very different opinion. There is also a misconception that none of us have ties or are a part of the burning man and underground dance communities. The fact that we are is what was so shocking. Yes I have attended many theme/costume parties of showing up as butterflies/space aliens/what have you but to appropriate a culture in the manner that this party did took it to a highly offensive level. Oh and it was VV itself that claimed it was a private fundraiser, so all you getting wound up about it, you need to direct your concerns toward them. Good luck on holding them accountable as they are still trying to change their tune.

From VV:
+ An internal, informal memo which had multiple thematic notions that were never followed through on or articulated elsewhere (aerialists, inspirational natives of different climates, dreamcatcher), was leaked to the public by a non-organizer who had not noticed it was about the Native American Church.
+ A similar version had been posted on the website before the public fliers were produced, and not amended.
+ The Native American community, seeing first the outdated text, interpreted the event as wanting people to dress up like Indians, and dance around rooms which were themed to various tribes.

+ The organizers believe that the emotional outrage of the Native American community is entirely valid, especially given the way they were introduced to the event, the symbols used in the flier, recent occurences in the California Native American community, the past 500 years of inflicted pain, and the consequent pain that comes from being ignored when endeavoring to express pain.

Our culture is not for sale!

Our spirituality is not for sale!

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Posted by Ruin on 04/02/2009 at 8:21 AM

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