Friday, November 7, 2008

Slap Hitter: More Wretched than the Raiders

Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 5:54 PM

Hard as it is to believe the Oakland Raiders are not only not the worst team in the NFL, they haven't the longest dismal streak either. Their fans aren't the most disgusted, their prospects for improvement aren't the worst, can you imagine, it could be even worse? We present to you the Detroit No Wins between the Lions.

The irrelevant team from the Motor City has won one playoff game since 1957.

I provided an extra line space to allow that to sink in. That's some fifty years. The Lions fan blog quite seriously has a long thread dedicated to the Orlavsky/Culpupper/Stanton controversy. (That by the way, the surnames of the three worthless signal callers fighting for the right to keep Detroit from being 0-9 this weekend).

At least Oakland has the dim memories of better days to warm the cockles of the Black Holians. The NoMotowners have their writers referring to those infected with Detroit football as being "Lionized".

Knowing that the only time the nation can watch the LLLLLLLLLLions is on Thanksgiving, it will take an internet search to follow them this weekend, which is Dr. Slappy's prescription for those who find themselves queasy thinking about or planning to watch the Niners or Raiders. Of course the San Franciscans don't play until Monday night, so you might want to save the game thread from the Jacksonville-Detroit game so you can relive their woes again onLion, rather than watch the coast to coast crushing due San Fran. Finally, don't let anyone tell you pre-season doesn't matter. The winless Lions swept their exhibition schedule and were 4-0 headed into games that counted, so overconfidence and high self-esteem can be deleterious to your team.

Sorry to say, neither of the locals is on the Detroit express to nowhere, but we can always do some scoreboard watching. It's that or watch what passes for football on Sundays and Mondays around the Bay.— Kibby Kleiman

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