Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slap Hitter: Lakers Win World Title, Warriors Get New Logo

By Kibby Kleiman
Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 9:53 PM

It's hard to believe that the National Basketball Association season just ended, considering the last time the Warriors suited up was about three months ago. But on the concluding day of the NBA finals, when the eyes of the basketball nation turned its eyes to L.A., the Warriors displaying some of the wretched timing that has made following them such a nuisance, announced to a completely otherwise occupied world that they have a new logo. Here it is.

There will, no doubt be a bunch of new uniforms that go with the stylized bridge, but the most market-y part of the "news" is the fact that the Warriors will attempt to distract us from another unfortunate draft by having a secondary logo and a tertiary logo as well, though to be fair, it looks like the "SF" image is part of Secondary logo "B" (small i).

The poor Warriors need to do something to draw our attention. Raise your hands if you remember the last game of the season? OK, you in the back—what do you recall? The Golden State old logo team had only five players able to suit up against Portland, then had one of the furious five, Devean George foul out, leaving the Blue and Gold facing the absurd situation of playing a man down, like when they started Chris Hunter (rimshot). Instead the refs took pity on the poorly logo-ed squad and allowed George to stay in the game, at the cost of some technical fouls.

The point is that it is amazing that that was the same basketball season as the one that just ended tonight with Kobe Bryant wearing the crown. So if it feels to you like the Golden ones aren't even in the same sport as the Association's elite, can't say it doesn't feel that way to me as well.

But amidst the confetti and car burnings that will decorate Los Angeles tonight, let's raise a tiny candle and shred a napkin for the fact that the Warriors chose today to announce to the world that they too exist. Even if they have less talent, they have more logos than anybody else.

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