Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Slap Hitter: Beating a Dead Horse (not the Kentucky Derby blog)

Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 11:13 AM

The Raiders drafted foolishly! The Sharks choke in the first round of the playoffs! Eric Chavez is hurt and will be back any day! The Bay sports news is as steady as the weather. No need to consult your wheezing daily paper, just pick up any edition over the past five years and you'll see it's the same story. Oh, and Don Nelson and the Warriors are dysfunctional!

The only team of those above still playing are the swingin' A's. The mix of veteran batters and rookie pitchers has worked about as well as we predicted though they've been failing for different reasons than we anticipated. But it's time to put our dreams of Eric Chavez (you have those too?) away. He's not going to ever get healthy. Now he's injuring himself throwing the ball, or running to first base, or raising his hand at team meetings. He had his moment. It ended six years ago. The rumor mill has been that we kept Chavez and not Miguel Tejada, because the A's brain trust "knew" that the stylish shortstop was going to be busted on steriods and would start to break down. That's some kind of break down. Compare that to the left side infielder we kept.

The A's go to Texas this week, usually a house of horrors, featuring double-digit relief appearances and 9-7 finals. The Athletics have done miserably on the road and poorly against the Rangers, so as the eight-ball says, outlook not so good. But we turn the page on the Eric Chavez era (don't hurt your arm) and need to face the future; especially because it hurts.— Kibby Kleiman

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