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Re: “Politics, Profits Dividing Medical Cannabis Providers in Oakland

Uh...I hate to break the news to everyone, but Prop 19 has NOT YET been voted upon. Legalization is not as "close" as people think. I'm very shocked, but simultaneously happy, to see DeAngelo speaking his mind. I too gave testimony this week before the city council in opposition - but on pure principle: Prop 19 (and more importantly action item S-10 from this week's council meeting) does not use explicit, clear, and transparent language. It gives carte blanche power to the counties and because of how it is written, it leaves too much room for corruption in the regulation process (should legalization occur in November). If the voting public at large, but specifically in California, did not learn the hard lesson about allowing special interest groups interfere with the legislative process from the recent Wall Street bailout situation in Washington, DC, then they need to educate themselves quickly. The current situation before the city council here in Oakland is NO DIFFERENT.

What do I mean? (for those who don't know the details of the Wall St bailout...) - Congress voted against supporting the Wall Street bailout by doing their job: they brought their constituents' decision to the Hill and did what the voters told them to do: not bail out Wall Street with federal tax revenues. They then made history by WALKING OFF THE HILL. So what happened? The head of Treasury at that time Paulson (previous CEO at Goldman Sachs) and his Bush-appointed treasury department (made up by a majority of ex-Goldman Sachs executives) gave Congress and the American public the "finger" by working out a back-room deal...and regardless of all due process in Congress were shot down. No due process was allowed - no committee reviews or hearings were allowed. A special interest campaign financial and political bargaining to get what it wanted at all costs.

Well guess what Oakland voters, that's the SAME thing you're witnessing right now. You have 4 club owners trying to compete for only 4 permits being considered by the city. They are positioning themselves in anticipation of November's vote with unjust cause. They are dangling the proverbial "carrot" before the city council's eyes - because as we all know too well this city is in dire straights in both economical and financial ways. As I asked Mr. Mayor and the chairpersons on the council earlier this week, please do NOT allow pressure from special-interest groups (no matter who they are) to impede in the proper, legal course of due process.

The fact that the other owners are trying to create an "industrial park of cannabis" shows they're ignoring the most fundamental aspect of cultivation: this plant does NOT need indoor grows to be grown correctly and in a controlled environment. I'd be more willing to support what Wilcox and Lee are trying to do if they'd stop trying to niche the market with their best intentions at heart. Don't be fooled - they don't care about patients who use this plant medicinally. They just want to make it legal to make even more profits (which not-for-profits shouldn't be making in the first place).

The fact that they're trying to push this agenda PRIOR to the vote in November shows there is "something" not surfaced in the public's eye just yet. What it is, I'm not going to speculate. But think about it people (especially medical users of this plant) - if Lee is SO into supporting patients and their needs, why is he currently trying to sell Oaksterdam University? Also, for those of you who've gone through the OU classes, why do you think they are teaching non-organic, indoor industry-specific techniques? If they really cared about helping patients (any of the clubs and so-called "patient related" businesses) they'd offer proper, organic methods of control and growth (yes I know they do teach basic organics, but every product line the support in their curriculum is a synthetic brand).

I am a patient. I can supply my own needs with my private, small garden. I don't care if the club owners get their permits from Oakland or not. What I care about is seeing all these people saying they are "here for the patients" and yet the patients are not being considered in their current initiatives.


Posted by skj73 on 07/22/2010 at 5:07 PM

Re: “Daily Roundup: Oakland Pot Farm Regulations Ready; Weed as a Wedge Issue


Prop 19 serves nobody except the 4 main club owners of Oakland. Their "campaign team" (Lee's puppets) could care less about public safety - they could care less if cannabis has medicinal value. They simply want to make as much profit off this Prop's passing as possible. Why else would the city already have regulatory guidelines "all set to go?"

Prop 19 gives too much power to the county; not by what it says, but by what the language of the proposition DOESN'T say.

Legality needs to happen, but Prop 19 is nothing more than a profiteering scam being fueled by Lee, Wilcox, and DeAnagelo's desire to monopolize the market in Alameda county.

So while your rhetoric is correct and valid for a pro-legalization action, you're not examining the logistics of the Prop and how it effects the county where it was created in versus the rest of the state's needs.

Doesn't matter...Prop 19 will not pass. Enough voters are waking up to the reality of what this Prop is about.


Posted by skj73 on 07/15/2010 at 10:39 AM

Re: “City of Oakland: Pot Farm Taxes To Net $38 Million Per Year

How convenient the city will only allow four "farms" - only 4 clubs in the city are legal, and yet there's a 5th club running illegally in the heart of downtown (way to go city of Oakland).

I also love how suddenly the city is concerned that home growers are fire hazards. Not every patient who chooses to grow their medicine does so in a shoddy, DIY way. There are plenty of electricians in the patient community who offer proper wiring services to ensure safety and compliance.

Here's my question for the city: if you're so worried about fires, WHY are you allowing any type of indoor grow in large scale? Have you even done the research? You'd be creating the same type of fire hazard on a larger scale (even if it's wired properly). If Prop 19 passes, by some strange circumstance, then you better be prepared to enforce these "farms" being OUTDOOR operations. Greenhouses and land plots cost a fraction of the monies required for such large-scale operations. But no...that would make too much sense. Instead, we'll give the 4 club owners whatever they want since they're dangling so much cash in the city's face.

Here's my question to the four clubs (the only operators with enough capital reserves to open such a "farm" and pay the permits up front): if you're SO into helping patients, why are you spitting in the face of the patients who are currently GROWING the medicines YOU make a huge profit off? How is that compassionate? How is that showing any form of thanks or respect?

These clubs are not about compassion, they're not about finding holistic therapies that involve cannabis, they're only about making huge profits.

WAKE UP people...this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's no wonder Richard Lee's employees are voting AGAINST Prop 19 - he's already fucked his own people over with the unionization effort...and if he doesn't give a shit about his own employees...what makes you think he (or Wilcox and DeAngelo) care about patients' needs and rights?

If Prop 19 does pass, the City of Oakland better step up their responsibility and make sure these permits are difficult to obtain and easy to lose. The city is being played like a fool - and its too starved for revenues not to salivate.

Sorry Lee, you don't get your cake and eat it too while fucking over all the patients who've MADE you what you are. The same goes to Wilcox and DeAngelo. You're profiteers; nothing more. I wouldn't be surprised if one, or all, of these operators won't suddenly show up on city council next term. And good ole Kaplan is opening the backdoor for them to sneak in behind the lime light. Wake up voters...corruption always begins with a smile and a handshake.

The one consolation if this does come to pass is that, like any other consumable commodity, the larger-scale the harvest and processing, the lower quality of the resulting crops.


PS - And for all the flamers wanting to, I'm not a grower. I am a patient and I belong to a genuine collective that takes care of its members. And if this sort of crap flies, all the small to medium-size collectives like the one I belong to will be forced out of business. Again, where's the compassion in that?

Posted by skj73 on 07/07/2010 at 3:27 AM

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