Monday, May 6, 2013

Six Random Observations From Last Night's Rolling Stones Show at Oracle (Plus Photos!)

By Alex Taitague
Mon, May 6, 2013 at 10:44 AM

Yes, The Rolling Stones are old. Over their half-century-long career, they've survived tie-dye, polka dots, sequins, leather, glam, pre-distressed denim, horizontal and vertical stripes, and animal print. Each of these (and more) was represented at the Oracle Arena. Except for the thousands of tongue-and-lip logos on display, the crowd at a Rolling Stones concert is nearly indistinguishable from people in the real world. The band pulls fans from all eras and styles. They're so monumental, reviewing the music is redundant (though here's a setlist), so here are some other highlights — and check out our slideshow at the bottom of this page:

1. The stage was being consumed by a giant lip. A catwalk enclosed the general admission section to form a tongue pit.

2. Keith Richards's smile is adorable. I now have a bone to pick with anyone who merely talks about how gnarly looking he is.

3. 99.9 percent of the people who attend a Rolling Stones show have a) a coat tied around their waist and b) a fist permanently clenched in a rock-on position.

4. Now I know why Maroon 5 dedicated a song to Mick Jagger's moves. He danced for nearly a full two-and-a half hour set, shaking his tiny ass, jittering like someone who still takes lots of drugs, and occasionally sprinting around the stage's tongue-pit.

5. This wasn't the kind of show with costume changes, but something needs to be said about the clothing. Mick Jagger managed to disrobe out of his shirt or some other garment at least four times, once from a giant black fur coat. Keith Richards's outfit turned into a pirate costume throughout the night, and I'm not just saying that because of Pirates of the Caribbean. The jacket came off, a vest was revealed, and, by the end of the show, he had a scarf draped across his shoulder to match his headband. And it's damn clear that Ronnie Wood knows he has the toned arms to rock a sleeveless tee with a big-ass rhino on it.

6. For a few songs, the jumbo screen played prepared video clips instead of up-close footage of the band. It was all pretty normal imagery — busty girls being raised from a concert's crowd, the iconic tongue logo pantomiming a licking motion, the band's name in elaborate detail — but then it got weird. Imagine: A hyper-sexualized animated brunette, the camera paying undue attention to her booty. She begins to scale a building. At the top she is attacked by gorillas in fighter planes until, finally, one succeeds at shooting her top off. Just saying, the only proper way to complete a Stones show.

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