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Re: “Historic Medical Marijuana Bill Dead: Cause of Death — Cost, Polarization

P.S. We wish to thank all those who supported this bill who SPOKE FREELY with clear hatred, neglect & disrespect or disdain for the low income patients that are never going to support exploitation of sacred nature gifted medicine.

Had your 'true colors' not come out in the meeting places in our city and in the long hallways of the state capitol where the legislators meet, we would never have seen a situtation result in having N.O.R.M.L., D.P.A., M.P.A.A.; scores of 'local' social justice, advocacy networks; hubs; collectives and a few not for profit dispensaries on one side of this issue (along with scores of small and large group patient groups, naturalists, healers, old school not for mega profit growers and likely L.E.A.P. minded good people) ALL ON THE SAME SIDE, WHICH IS RARE.

And Supporters of this SB 1262 had, on the other side, you had Americans for Safe Access (safe access, my ass!) & associations of Law Enforcement (who PROFITS BY MORE LAWS) and bureaucrats (who love big agencies with lots of sweeping, not clearly defined, over-reaching powers to hurt & deny & tax & fine the little people the most) and The League of Cities (for for profit schemes) but NO REAL HUMAN PEOPLE, PATIENTS OR LOCAL CANNABIS GROUPS.


The lines of The New Battle Ground are clear now. Now, all of us can SEE that after 80+ years of government-corporate cannabis fraud & past ten years of 'faux ASA leader's' 'hidden agenda work' with these 'for profit' & elite familiy bastards in law enforcement; government & mega corporations has done more to HELP UNITE THE REST OF US, faster and in ways we never thought possible, than ever before. Divide us with lies and we reunite, as one.

For that and that alone, we thank all you greedy, impatient, for profit types who did not have enough self control to conceal your true nature long enough, before it was too late... thanks for showing how much you do not care about us by both your words and lack of positive, helpful, protective action towards the hundreds of millions of us that you've all ripped off for 80+ years.

Your days of Tyranny, Deception & Greed & Extremism, are numbered.

Our Glory Days are just beginning.

James; David; Mike; Jill & Linda R. & Friends....

Medical Cannabis Patients & Social Justice Advocates
SF Cannabis Patients' Union Members/Leaders

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Posted by James Leonard on 08/16/2014 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Historic Medical Marijuana Bill Dead: Cause of Death — Cost, Polarization

Open your eyes people. The folks (lawyers, bankers, money men, oil men, frackers, money launderers, organized crime, et al.) who keep pushing YOU to allow them, to write and pass laws over cannabis a naturally safe plant.

A plant that all people on earth have an absolute right to, without any permission, tax, burden, exploitation or monopolization by anyone else.

Especially, in any way that denies at cost access & use to everyone in need or who wants to use cannabis & hemp to improve their lives, health or community, who can't afford for profit schemes that take, take, take in order give to those who already have great wealth, much more. And, many got that wealth by past frauds of Prohibition & Drug Wars that BEAT DOWN & IMPRISONED THE POOR TO THE TUNE OF 50 MILLIONS KIDS & ADULTS & ENRICHED THE MEGA RICH for 80+ Years.

The same folks who want you to trust them to have powers & profits from your natural cannabis rights are from the same elite families or work for the same, that started the frauds of cannabis; evil weed using tax money; falsified & hid valid medical reports that proved its medicinal & mental health values; blocked funding for research supporting proof of medical benefit to cure profitable diseases; constructed mega prisons; incarcerated millions of our family & community members; demonized marijuana users in mass media & on our streets; beat our people down; stole their homes, land, cars & destroyed the lives of tens of millions of americans over 80 years of fraud, abuse of power, false arrest; cruel & unusual punishment; grand theft under color of authority.

This was all done to maintain the profits these families receive from big liquor; big pharma; privatization & expansion of justice, court & prison systems; weapons & security & militarization industries and to expand government by the creation of all kinds of agencies, bureaus and police departments to felonize & criminalize millions of non-violent folks guilty of practicing a 12,000+ year old, safe human activity.

We must be 'paid back' for their 80+ years of rampant cannabis & drug war related crimes against us all. Under the color of very bad, unjust laws they made trillions of dollars in oil, liquor, big pharma, weapons, violence, theft which wrecked our families & communities from coast to coast.

We must seek not only to take back all the powers they have corrupted to ourselves and our local communities, but we must now move forward now, as free willed citizens to faithfully carry out Our Oath, Duties & Obligations under our Declaration of Independence; Constitutions; Bill of Rights; Civil Rights & human rights to end all the state and federal prohibitions on cannabis & hemp, now.

We must move PAST CANNABIS & onto issues of man made, for profit practices, policies and activities that cause real harm to real people & reduce longevity and cause premature death to thousands of us every day, in every community.

That is where the power of law may be able to help.

To help us STOP the toxic, poisonous man made crap that puts us at risk every day is ultimately more important than continuing with these ongoing, resource devouring 'legalize cannabis' routines, that we've been doing for decades now.

What Do You Think ?

We have groups from five to 100 patients who gather in groups in the right numbers they need to be, in order to grow cannabis, together, as a free community, to result in getting top shelf medicine for $5 a gram or $100 an ounce, that we grew ourselves, at cost.

Laws made by lawyers wanted to ban groups larger than five humans together, from any cannabis related activites, contrart to 12,000+ years of human relations in groups of any size, freely, with cannabis and hemp, as each local community saw fit. No one died due to lack of government burdens, taxes or laws.

They are not needed or wanted by the people who care more about healing, life and people than money & power.

No satisfaction is greater than enjoying the fruits of one's own labor at cost, as opposed to forcing all into for profit models that will distort the natural flow and traditional cannabis activities and drive the costs, ever higher to feed the gluttony of the investors and folks with multiple mansions to keep up on the lands that used to belong to our people, before it was stolen by these same elite families. The same ones you THINK you can trust to do what, keep us safe from a plant that causes no harm.

These folks already taxed, controlled & regulated the hell out of dangerous man made products & processes (i.g. alcohol, narcotics, oil drilling, fracking, raising food on farms -think Mcdonalds pink stuff chicken nuggets..., and nuclear leaks... gentrification) but the end result of all those public health & safety laws was to ENRICH THE MEGA RICH and cause great harm, damage and sudden or premature death to homes, families, communities, water supplies, oceans, air, local businesses, local residents.

So, what is the point of trusting them to have power over cannabis, which is already safe ?

Growing & producing safely is not rocket science or ultra expensive, unless you DUMP the costs of 'legalization' or 'illegalization' upon it with taxes, fees, bureaucracies, agencies, inspectors, high rents, high utilities and more.... once you 'legalize' it... you no longer own it, but the government does.

Haven't you learned anything from your own life experiences, youtube, occupies, your elders and books and history, yet ?

Stop giving away your own pre-existing natural rights and powers and stop giving other people power over your lives because you are afraid or its easier & more convenient or sounds right.... stop using your emotions & mass media input to decide important issues with.

Do you want us to all focus on only the man made life and death critical stuff that harms us & beats us down and kills us every day or are we going to spend the next 100 years arguing, discussin, scheming & writing cannabis laws for a plant that we already owned BEFORE these families in power in government & commerce created the Grand Frauds that started 80+ years of ongoing suffering for our entire nation & world ?

After we end prohibition, we should form local GDP Boards (Grower, Doctor, Patient) who are the only true stakeholder required in order for a patient to use & benefit from cannabis.

All decisions made by that board (demographics of patients, list of needs, quanities of resources, supply & distribution locations needed to meet the needs of The Patients, doctors and growers) can go on to subordinate bodies of folks who can compete to Meet the Real Needs of the GDP Boards.

In other words, all other non-essential stakeholders (property owners, landlords, dispensaries, delivery service providers, security, department of health and other government social or human service agencies) are subordinate to the will and needs and intent of the GDP Boards whom they serve.

After all the most critical, basic needs of the Doctors, Growers & Patients are provided for, in not for profit or excess CEO in a non-profit model(s), especially those who have little or no income or who choose to NOT let anyone profit from their natural rights; then the rest of the world is free to do 'added value' things to cannabis & hemp, in order to make their mega profits.

As long as they are not infringing on our pre-existing natural, human, civil & constitutional rights, they can make mega bucks on their own artificially controlled environments, but we refuse to support their dreams, until all of our rights are secure and we are compensated for all the damages these elite families have caused to us all over 80+ of wreckless, violent, monsterous behavior.

Think about it.

What kind of a human being, in any position of trust or health & safety helps to put like a 22 year old in jail for five years for carrying cannabis for his or his family's use ? A young person who has harmed noone, but the elite want to rack up tens of thousands of dollars, in that young person's name, to get you to hate him and cannabis use enough to enable 'the system' to put him in jail for years and send us the bill for keeping him in jail. Even though, he has never harmed anyone.

The folks who make fortunes in overtime at police departments & prisons, especially privatized ones, NEED MORE LAWS LIKE THIS so they can MAKE MORE MONEY by exploiting your rights & your ignorance of real history, real life inside the justice systems and want you to also pay for it by not allowing you to get medicine at cost.

They (for profit elite) will always want $500 an ounce or more (if they jack up your local economy for high paying jobs for their imported workers & jack up your local real estate markets and escape paying taxes on cash deals, then they will keep jacking up prices of all luxury & basic need items, like cannabis, for more & more megaprofits).

That brutal, beat them all down for my mega profits that has driven 'law enforcement' in our nation for 80 years is truly disgraceful and it's not a comfortable topic.

But, given the high level of pompus egos & hate speak towards 'pot heads' we see rearing its ugly head again and we see these mega profit for the elite bills & laws trying to flourish we have no choice but to put all the issues on the table, from a much bigger perspective.

This is done for clarity's sake, to get us all on the same page of facts, in order to make sure that our people are forever free from all of these wall street, prison & police industry & monopoly minded greedy bastards that are truly lower than form of corexit pond scum our world has encountered.

We won't get again. Oh, no. We are thinking clearly on the big picture and the COMPLETE restoration of justice for us all, upon every nook & cranny of all these frauds.

Once we end prohibition and obtain right to full compensation for 80+ years of organized crime disguised as 'helpful government' and all our people are free, pardoned & cleared for all cannabis related 'crimes', then we shall be able to heal, grow, prosper and start to reverse the bad affect, in all arenas and sectors of life, home & business & energy, that these bastard's greedy ways have had upon ourselves, our communities and our planet.

We'll be free to use cannabis & hemp, at cost, to reverse the dependency upon these elite families; their government puppets; and their hazardous products and practices (i.g. we can replace toxic wood pulp processes; fossil fuels; fracking; big pharma & liquor abuse that kills every day; reduce violence and create self employment for millions, inside our own, locally controlled groups and collectives) in order to cure the damage they caused to our past; to give us a safe & secure present for ourselves and a much brighter future for the generations rising up after we are long gone.

I once worked with the man who supplied Joseph Kennedy with most of his liquor, before, during & after Prohibition. So, over decades, I've spent lots of time reading, learning from elders and met up with tons of growers, patients and advocacy groups over decades.

Collectively, aside from the ones who are aligned with greedy criminals, most of us certain that now is the time to act to put the entire 'inbalance' & 'unjustness' of all the cannabis laws & policies TO REST, so we can move onto much more important, life and death activities, policies and issues that are being overshadowed by non-life critical threatening issues like already safe cannabis that we need not fear or try to burden or exploit, in the first place.

It shall be, as it was or better than it was BEFORE they started the frauds & mass incarcerations, in the first place.

s/James L. - Co-Founder San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union
Former SF Shelter Monitoring Committee Member (for ID purposes only)
Supporter of the PCUP - Patients For Compassionate Use Pac

FB: https://www.facebook.com/SFCPatientsUnion

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Posted by James Leonard on 08/16/2014 at 1:55 PM

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