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Re: “Breaking: Berkeley's KPFA Radio Facing Ruin as New York Real Estate Corporation Considers Seizing Station's Assets to Settle Lawsuit

It seems obvious that the value of the 99.5 commercial bandwidth license in NY WBAI, of possibly $10 million, would make Pacifica and all the stations solvent with current and past debts. If what's been disclosed is true. Couldn't WBAI close down until a new non-commercial bandwidth purchased? In the meantime it could broadcast on the internet and drum up support to pay for the new bandwidth? Bankruptcy puts everyone into the hands of lawyers and the banksters, the ones who've created our economic societal crisis. I have a hard time trusting this process. Could WBAI/Pacifica not go back to the court with a plan to sell the bandwith and settle this chump change debt to the appropriately named "Empire" corpse?

After all this is done the entire organization needs to be reorganized into independent self-maintaining entities with local indigenous control so this doesn't happen again. The stations need to be locally functional stations serving and directed by listeners and Pacifica should be the archive and library of resources that it is. Multiple layers of managing legaleze trap doors serves the control mechanisms of authoritarians who currently rule the world. It's time to relocalize to egalitarian self-sustaining systems and jettison the obsolete shell of authoritarianist structures.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 12/30/2017 at 11:34 AM

Re: “How City Hall Crushed Occupy Oakland

I won't go into the absurd comment above about OO folks participating at OSF. It's completely wacko and does not dignify response.

But, Darwin... please. "It never became anything more than a clusterfuck of the Bay Area activist lefts usual suspects." Really? This comment is just as wacko. We were there. The leading folks, the young people who had the skills and intent to model direct democracy general assemblies and model egalitarian community (including feeding homeless every day), were not the usual anything in the Bay Area. And from what i have seen, they have moved on to live lives modeled on principles of sustainable living, both privately and publicly. Of course there were many Bay Area activists there, that were working before and after for many of the same objectives, that still exist today. But why call them "suspects" as if they are criminals or losers or whatever diss makes others feel superior?

If there is ultimately anything that stopped OO as well as Occupy at every other city, it is the unwillingness for the masses, siting behind their Blue Pill TV minds, to admit their compliance to self-administering ecocide sold to them by 1% Empire. That they are not yet mentally prepared to abandon the luxury and conveniences of consumer culture that war empire sells them and take over policy decisions with direct democracy. That real community means mutual aid for all or none. That a truly meaningful life means spending more time participating in self-organizing localized sustainability with neighbors, than Neo-serfing some 1%er's profit pyramid scheme.

It probably didn't help matters that mayor Quan's authority complex was jilted by not being allowed to jump in front of the speaking queue. But the worst player, aside from Politic1%an PoLice is probably the one with all the peer powerwash, the Media. They did their very best to paint every event after the Quan huff-up, as violent, illegal, filthy, public health problem, etc., making it impossible for anyone behind the screens of not being there, to empathize with the difficulty of confronting a system rigged to crush any presence of egalitarian community asserting a self-governing presence against 1% empire. As is nearly every against-the-system protest that makes airtime.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 05/25/2017 at 12:13 PM

Re: “Will Oakland Become First U.S. City To Ditch Wall Street And Establish A Public Bank?

The real issue here is that municipalities, regions, states and even the nation establish Public Banks to serve the needs of the 99%. The usual pro-business anti-socialist, pro-capitalists protect their pyramid scheme turf because they stand to loose their privilege to wealth and may have to actually compete with talent equally enabled. The US banking system is a private system enforced by a government controlled by Bankster1%. This is why we now face crisis upon crisis as the 1% just cannot get the idea that a truly free market enabled to EVERYONE equally policed by the people's government can establish a fair system with nominal loan and savings interest for EVERYONE. Money is the property of the people, created through OUR authority allowing banks to manufacture it 10x+ held assets. It is now time we assume this authority for the 99%, under the scrutiny of the people for people. The profits are rolled back into more loans and savings interest securing the Public Commons with a future.

Oh and now we must hear the whining R1%CH and their sycophant wanna bees protecting profit turf with the usual ungrounded fear-mongering and cries of "socialism". Socialism? Like fully self-funded SS and Medicare (no matter what they say this is a fact)? Yes... and let's get on it!

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 03/31/2017 at 9:04 PM

Re: “Protest Trump's Inauguration in Oakland, But Please Don't Be Violent

Been reading the comments flowing in and glad to see support for the rights of people to be protected from police violence vs the rights of Commerce to do as it pleases without protest, disruption or inconvenience of any kind.

As per George Lakoff's theory, society is broken into two factions. Those who want equality, an egalitarian society, and those who like authoritarianism. The egalitarians love freedom, equality, openness and sharing. The other loves order, control, and the certainty of uninterrupted business as usual by whoever is in power of authority... usually themselves.

I am glad to a part of those seeking equality and justice for all. We will continue to speak out and disrupt the status quo non-violently while the Praetorian Guard of the 1% tries to crush us with distortions, lies, trickery, confusion and gibberish meant to keep themselves as overlord. Like tRUMP has done. Bon apptit America!

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 01/14/2017 at 8:47 PM

Re: “Protest Trump's Inauguration in Oakland, But Please Don't Be Violent

To the Lord of the Flies children who want to ignore every logical argument for why people protest against an oppressive system design to benefit privileged people... If you don't want protest then work towards creating a governing system that provides for the social needs of humanity rather than the expediency of commerce. As an example...

"Until and unless you are willing to accept responsibility for these actions,..."

... like the Giants World Series win and the massive smashy smashy and burning buses and vandalism that ensued...

"you will lack the credibility necessary to take your comments seriously....."

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 01/11/2017 at 8:01 PM

Re: “Protest Trump's Inauguration in Oakland, But Please Don't Be Violent

No, the real children here are the people in this society who believe property, in this case windows, commercial building facades, dumpsters, newstands and police vehicles, are more important and sacrosanct than human beings, the lives of real persons. They have not evolved into adults who care more about the social needs of humanity than the unfettered engines of commerce. They ignore the violence perpetrated by racism, classism, wealth inequality and the police hired to protect commerce and the property interests of the 1%. And they ignore simple facts clearly presented and assert back mean selfish opinions.

Clearly Brooks states: "At nearly every protest, the police attacked protesters with tear gas, concussion grenades, and rubber bullets." This my dear friends is VIOLENCE. Deadly force of harm aimed at human beings. By Police.

"And some independent protesters engaged in property destruction." Property destruction is vandalism and vandalism is not physical harm to a human being. And yes she clearly says that "independent" protesters do what they are going to do. ADTP or any organized group does not exist as a police force of other people. That is the job of the police and they need to do their jobs without harming or provoking human beings.

I have personally seen at demonstrations in downtown Oakland where OPD literally moved aside from being in front of storefronts to seemingly allow people to break windows or spray graffiti. All they had to do to stop this was to line up in front of the buildings and just stand there, as they sometimes do. OPD is never seriously injured (except a cut or paint splattered) while protesters hit, end up in the hospital. It's as if OPD wants there to be vandalism and they provoke it with unprovoked (I can't tell you how many times I have seen this happen) weaponry use. Or back off and let stuff happen. Makes for good headlines against all protest and makes good propaganda fodder for the entitled 1% who own our society.

And again, MLK makes the clear point commenters here want to ignore because it is the heart of the issue and embarrasses their selfish position:

"These conditions [protested] are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention ... a riot is the language of the unheard."

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 01/11/2017 at 5:46 PM

Re: “Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Hit in Face with Pie at Event, Assaults Protester in 'Bloody' Scene

Downtown Sacramento looks like a depression era ghost town, KJ rigged up taxpayers to fork up a quarter billion dollars for a privately owned basketball team and the rednecks are crawling out of the woodwork to praise a beating from the crook that took the City of Sacramento to the poorhouse? The 1% just sit back and howl at you fools and wait for you to come and kiss their feet while they beat you senseless. Get a clue.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 09/22/2016 at 9:41 PM

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