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Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

i'm sorry, but a couple of us spoke the way we did because it's making us merritt grads look bad....someone spoke of hospitals not wanting merritt grads or how nobody wants a merritt nurse to care for them.........that is ridiculous.......there are mixed reviews about merritt and if you heard bad, you should have not applied at the school in the first place.....if the program was bad, NO ONE at ALL would be graduating.....i too, heard merritt was unorganized when i applied, although if i had not passed i wouldn't blame the school because of what i already heard about their reputation....and for those who are in the 2nd year....AND complaining...i'm not sure why you would stay in this program when some of the first year students are degrading the school you are going to graduate from......(the examples of students talking bad in the beginning of the message).....instead of everything being so negative......don't just speak with the people who failed....speak with previous graduates and those who have succeeded through the program....to speak poorly of the merritt graduates, and you were just attending this school?? i don't get it....if you were one of those 40 students in the class that were passing, i HIGHLY doubt you would be bad mouthing everything about the program!....again, i'm sorry for those who didn't make it....but i'm not going to be fond of people who bad mouth the school i proudly graduated from!

as for the pass rates....it doesn't matter how many people retained in the class...that is irrelevant...all that matters is the percentage of the class who passed! an if thats what your looking at, the number of students....then i suggest commuting to fresno city college where they had 300+ students take the nclex.....

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Posted by LIZA on 10/27/2008 at 10:26 AM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

HAHA...how funny that you're so mad you use vulgar language on here....for the public to see, of whom may be patients, other nurses, other hospital workers.....that is very unprofessional...second of all...my posting, i don't know how cocky that was when i was talking about how i failed and i'm not a straight A student, but i ended up passing........ im just proud of myself because i thought i would not make it and was very close to failing in the last semster!

this truly did happen with a lot of other classes...not just the new class.....and if you didn't know....merritt had a nclex pass rate of 52% about 5 years ago....and the pass rates kept on raising as the years passed by....if merritt was a bad school...i'm sure we wouldn't have that 50 something percent pass rate now...

Merritt College
2003/2004 2004/2005 2005/2006 2006/2007 2007/2008
# Taken/%Pass #Taken /%Pass #Taken /%Pass #Taken/%Pass #Taken /%Pass
21 / 52.38% -- 39 /79.49% -- 27 / 96.3% -- 35 / 85.71% -- 43/ 95.35%

it's kind of hard to read on here...but you can go on the brn website to see for yourself...http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/passrates.shtml

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Posted by LIZA on 10/23/2008 at 8:27 PM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

wow....haha...i'm in no way being cocky.....i'll just laugh this one off to those who are just talking major **** because i wouldn't want to work with a nurse like you anyways.......our class got to sign a contract because we stuck together as a class and made that nursing handbook our bible....just like the director had told us....we stuck together, showed them what they printed out for us...and there you go....and whoever said kaiser is not hiring merritt students...that is funny because the recruiter for kaiser came to our school in the last semester and about 4 or more of our classmates are working at kaiser oakland as we speak....a number of my classmates are also working at alta bates....

my friend was in the class of 2006, they had the same problem...but in a different class....students were talking about petitioning against the instructor, but when they passed the 3rd test....well what do ya know...everything was ok again...i've had my share of unfair practice in the program, but I didn't let it get the best of me....

i've been working in healthcare for 8 years! at the hospital, MD office and I know a lot of people who would have a merritt grad take care of them....besides we passed the nclex for a reason...so to say, you wouldn't have a merritt student take care of you, is ignorant! would it be better to have a chabot student who has a criminal record you don't know about be better, than a merritt student with a clean record...as long as the nurse is safe, thats all that matters! schooling/background, thats all bull...it's all about the person caring and being safe with the patient and mostly being able to pass the nclex and get the license!!....our class started with 80 and ended up with about 20-30 or so in the 2nd semester...nursing isn't for everyone! a lot of people trying to get into nursing are doing so because they get paid a lot and because they'll always have a job....OK...way to go! i wouldn't want a nurse like that to take care of me! i want someone that is safe, a patient advocate, and always puts the pt first, and a nurse who really cares about the patient! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PATIENTS! thats what nursing is.......and us merritt grads know that, so don't hate!

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Posted by LIZA on 10/23/2008 at 8:06 PM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

I think that Merritt just has the stigma of being a school with a "bad" nursing program...It's not at all...i stick by my class of 2008 folks! EVERYONE WHO WENT TO MERRITT HAD THE SAME ISSUES!!! except instead of complaining, WE WORKED HARDER AND IT MADE US TOUGHER! and I, myself am not a straight A student. Hecc I failed 2 tests in the last semester and came back strong with a 106/120 on the final...When you become a nurse in the hospital, not eveyone is gonna help you and be nice to you....That is what Merritt is....BOOT CAMP! ONLY THE STRONGEST SURVIVE and the complainers sit on the sideline complaining, when they should have spent they're time working harder! I'm not trying to knock the people who failed, but HONESTLY this has happened for all the past nursing classes....We had errors in our books, we didn't know what to study, we didn't even have those freaking simulators...So I'm not sure what the big deal is....A bunch of my classmates didn't make 75% on the first 3 tests in fundamentals, but signed a contract that after clinicals they would pass the final and have an overall 75%! A majority of those who signed the contract ended up PASSING! THEY WORKED HARD, instead of complaining....

Posted by LIZA on 10/22/2008 at 11:13 PM

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