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Readers Say The Darndest Things: Goods & Services 

Reader Comments From 2009 Voting

Best Bakery
The pizza silly! — Shoie McGazerton

Cherry Corn Scones Baby!!! — Jon Freel

Bakesale Betty
Every weekend, Betty cures my hangover. Every weekend. — Chase

La Farine
Morning buns! — Patricia Wakida

Mariposa Bakery
Tasty wheat free brownies! — Benjamin Thompson

The cinnamon twists fly through my dreams and their Josephine cookies must be laced with crack. The tollhouse are perfect head-sized reproductions of every kid's dream cookie. One of their chocolate croissants is tempting me right now from a bag in the kitchen. — J. Crow Bolt

Best Bike Shop
Hank & Frank
It's like family! — Camille Gebert

Recycle Bicycle
Bikes are not disposable — crackheads know that, so do the kind and helpful proprietors of Recycle. — Margaret France

Wheels of Justice
Love how they donate trade-in bikes to charity. — Leslie Clavin

Best Bookstore
Black Oak
I love the used cookbook section! — Holly Le Du

Sob. — Margo Rivera-Weiss

Because it's still there. — Jenmy Holland

What bookstores?
They are all closing! — Kelly Tschantz

Best Camera Store
Looking Glass
Great selection, helpful staff. I'm not allowed in the bag-section without a chaperone. — Jon Frisch

Best Car Dealer
Hayward Toyota
My car dealer was hilarious. — Laura

Tip Top Bike Shop
bc they sell the extracycle "SUB". — Ken

Best Car Repair
Young's Automotive
He's cranky but he's good! — Conan Neutron

Art's Auto Repair in Berkeley
They are a great auto repair shop and they have also made a big commitment to operating in an environmentally sound manner. They've learned how to work on hybrids and electric vehicles and have installed a solar electric system on their roof. They're also certified 'green' by the Bay Area Green Business Program. — Pamela Evans

Best Cheeses
Is there any competition for this? Excellent service even when it's a madhouse. — Jonathan Darr

The Pasta Shop
Epoisse forever! — Theresa Nelson

Best Children's Store
Children's Fairyland gift shop
Imagination-driven. — C.J. Hirschfield

Dark Carnival
Okay, it's not all for kids. But that's what makes it the best children's store. — Kerrick

Depot for Creative Reuse
Okay, it's not a traditional toy store, but it's light years better than the tons of plastic crap available. — J. Crow Bolt

Rockridge Kids
All the crap you never knew you needed until you actually had a kid. Plus some of the fun stuff. — Erin

Up on San Pablo. Handmade wonders 'n' groovy screened Che Guevera tee's for tiny peeps. — La Mantia

Best East Bay Product
— Sahar Shirazi

— Terry Furry

Hookers and pot!
— Kelly D

Jazz musicians from the Berkeley Public School system
— Kevin Suto

— Samantha

— Jim Redens

— Elizabeth Overmyer

We have great therapists in the EB. — NP

— Gwynne Coffee

Best East Bay Winery
Hands down. — John

Best Facial
Face Value
Diane only uses the best organic products and has the cutest dog. — Lisa Harbus

La Nana
I look 5 years younger after one of their facials. — Soniaztaj

Best Farmer's Market
Lake Merritt
Whenever I go there, I'm reminded of everything that's right about Oakland. — Njeri Eaton

Old Oakland on Friday's
Big and cheap! — Camille Gebert

Best Furniture Store
The street dumpsters after Berkeley students move out.
Because they throw everything out! — Lucie

National Furniture Liquidators
It's crazy cheap, and mostly pretty quality stuff. Screw Swedish particle board, buy something that will last. — Aaron Scott

Best Hair Salon
Avenue Cuts
Great price, great fun, and Chrissy will talk baseball wit you. — Chris Kidd

Down at Lulu's
They make my hairs hipper. — Lena

Best Head Shop
Berkeley Hat
I know you mean pot store, but I had to give a shout out to the fabulous Berkeley Hat! — Don't Publish My Name

Best Lingerie
Panties from a stand in front of Mama Buzz during Oakland Art Murmur.
They were handmade. (I don't know if it was a one-shot deal, or if she will be back.). — Alexis Babayan

Best Manicures and Pedicure
Galaxy Nails on Claremont
You get a long neck and shoulder massage when you book a mani-pedi! heaven. — Cathy Curtis

Best New Business
Perfect location, delicious food, and actual small plates with small plate prices! Finally a real tapas restaurant in the East Bay! — Christa

Rhoda's Designs from the Heart
It's mine; if I don't vote for it ... — Rhoda Cataleta

Best Pet Store
Lucky Dog
They're local. Yes, they need a facelift. Bring them your business so they can afford one. — Lawrence Grown

Pet Food Express
Or, at least, that's my dog's favorite one to go to. — Adam Beck

Red Hound
Great staff and service and dog treats! — Rebekah Kaplan

Best Pharmacy
Now that Elephant's gone. — Jenmy Holland

Best Place to Buy a Messenger Bag
Montano Velo
(Stupid question by the way). — Morgan

Best Place to Buy a T-shirt
No one else in the room will be wearing the same shirt and they are the best! — Beth Bajuk

Looking Glass Photo
Think Negative; Film is not Dead. Need I say more? — Jon Freel

Best Pot Club
Are you kidding?
What's next, best NA meeting? — Willis Stork

Best Salvage Store
Ohmega Salvage
Less grunge, higher prices, but the best stuff goes there. — Lawrence Grown

Urban Ore
Like a scavenger hunt whenever you go. — Holly Le Du

Best Specialty Record Store
1-2-3-4 GO!!!!!!!
Where else am I going to get foam nobunny ears?? — Kevin

The Musical Offering in Berkeley
The best place to buy classical music recordings. — John C. Sulak

Best Used Clothing
Pretty Penny
Amazing selection, amazing prices, amazingly hot staff. — Emily Harrison

Best Veterinarian
Broadway Pet Hospital
They are compassionate and empathatic about the needs of pets. — P. Meredith

Grove Way Dr. Hackler
He saved my goat!! — Martin Morehouse

Best Vintage Clothing
Down At Lulu's
Cause they have records and a hair salon too! — Julia Nowak

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