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Re: “Is Oakland Animal Services Killing Too Many Dogs?

You were OBVIOUSLY one of the "quiet people" Ian, as a former volunteer who hasn't been at OAS for (XX) months/years, how can you know what is currently happening? It's so easy to criticize from the outside, to just look at numbers -- but if you're not there how can you have any idea what that means and how can you offer "meaningful criticism"?

Your plan did not quite work as planned! If anything, thanks, the shelter will only get better--

I personally know plenty of loyal volunteers that would LOVE to have the opportunity to speak about the wonderful things oas has done. And if you or anyone considers the shelter such a "high kill" place, then maybe you should start your own rescue and take take all the dogs that need out, I would love to see you handle tough dogs--we are talking about a city shelter, not a rescue that only takes 5 or so dogs--tell me, Ian, where should we send all those dogs? Do you want people to adopt less from us? You want MORE euthanasia? Less donations? Is that what you want, I'm sure all the animals thank you for that.. including the rabbits! Great JOB!

Posted by pooka99 on 07/09/2010 at 11:27 AM

Re: “Is Oakland Animal Services Killing Too Many Dogs?

Rather than Badrap leaving the shelter reflecting poorly on OAS, I actually believe that it actually more of an indicator of who Badrap really is- publicity-hungry, self-promoters....albeit very successful ones.


Bay Area rescue that denies helping dogs, claims they "saved" animals from a bust, how many other dogs does oas get from busts? Many!! Do you hear BadRap talk about those? Of course not, yet the media comes around and BadRap is RIGHT THERE...... that's a resource I know oas tried to keep, but unfortunately their priority is not about the shelter but more about getting known.

If you have all these great ideas, where are you? Why are you not helping a shelter in need? It's so great to get your feed back and all but where are you helping in all this? All i see if negativity, yet i don't see you saying anything about the animals? I mean how can a person who isn't involved at the shelter know the truth? Or claim they do? How do you know that we don't have grant programs? Did you know that currently there is a dog that the shelter will and is paying for heart surgery? If the shelter "killed" like nothing why spend THOUSANDS for one dog?

Posted by pooka99 on 07/08/2010 at 3:24 PM

Re: “Is Oakland Animal Services Killing Too Many Dogs?

Sounds like you rather give the animal to a person that will abuse? beat? burn? starve? rather then let it get injected by something that takes pain away within seconds? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

That's very ethical of you! My question to to you is, why give money to shelters that don't need it? Obviously they have the income, resource to save all these lives, yet the shelters that actually NEED the money shouldn't have it? Makes no sense! it's a law to give animals to ANYONE?

Very smart! Truly smart! Gosh, I guess if you volunteer at oas, makes you evil! Sorry to waste my time taking animals out and making sure they get the attention they need---I"m so evil! If I volunteer, trust me, it wouldn't be to be in any "evil" environment! It would be to step up and HELP! Like people should do, instead of focusing on the negative side of this.

Posted by pooka99 on 07/08/2010 at 10:34 AM

Re: “Is Oakland Animal Services Killing Too Many Dogs?

What shelter has such a big rabbit program? Kongs for every single animal? Trailer that can be used for scared dogs that need some quiet time? Not a lot of Municipal shelters offer that!

yes, a lot of people see as Euthanasia a "bad" thing--wouldn't you rather have THAT then an animal suffer in someone's yard? Abused? beat? tortured? Wouldn't you rather know that it left in a quick and fast way?

Instead of writing and criticizing and bashing a CITY shelter, maybe they should pull resources and rescue themselves! Why complain so much and not do anything about it? Why hate on a shelter to this extent? If the animals need us, why waste your time blabbling and not step it up? Help out! People claim that rescue's can help? where are they? Are they offering to the shelter to take animals? What about the animals that go to other shelters? I read recently that 30 small dogs left the shelter to another shelter that had room for them. Now, if oas did not care about any animal, then why allow them to leave? Why not "kill" them all without saying a word? I know of several rescue's that love that shelter--

BadRap claims that they solved the pit bull problem, hmm, I can guarantee you that 60% of our dogs are pit bulls from abused, neglected homes. Where are they? Why do they only help when the media steps in? Why is it that they are known as a "bay area" pit bull rescue, yet go to other states and help? I don't get it?

People want to say that maybe it's the management, that's an issue, would any one like to have that job? Figure out how to solve the problem of 100's of animals being dumped at a shelter? If you can answer that question, then maybe you should consider doing something about it! I know that I love animals more than anything, but I sure can say that I rather see an animal be put to sleep then go kennel crazy for a year! What happens if rescue doesn't want this particular dog? What if the dog is hard to manage? Wouldn't it be best that the dog ends it's misery in a humane way, rather than it sit for a year in a kennel? What if no one wants to foster? WHAT if the dog starts biting people, is depressed? WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Can someone answer that, have a solution? If people are complaining so much, then why not do something about it?????????

I personally know shelters that kill WAY more animals than that! It's a municipal city shelter we are talking about, not a rescue organization! I'm sure that animals wouldn't be put down if rescues, or other orgs would step in and help out! If a shelter ONLY fits 120 dogs or so, what happens when 30 dogs get surrendered in ONE day? Should the staff members take them home? Should we dump them outside and hope they make it alive on the streets? Tell me, what would be best? All animals get taken to oas! No matter what kind of animal--I adopted a rabbit from oas, they have a great bunny program, what CITY shelter has this? Where can someone go and get educated about rabbits? I know the volunteers did a wonderful job helping me, Michelle, who is a great volunteer helped ME adopt MY rabbit--she was so helpful! The bunnies have runs, which shelter has this? What shelter has a rooster and a chicken that lives with them? I am sure this rooster could have been "killed" in another shelter...

OOH yea, let's talk about pit bulls--I visited ESPCA recently, why is it, that I saw not a SINGLE pit bull in any of the wards? Why is it that oas gets jammed packed with pits but spca doesn't? Has anyone questioned that shelter?

I"m a HUGE animal activist, I love animals with all my heart, would do anything! But this is ridiculous and people should seriously get a reality check before they waste anyone's time claiming "they" know the truth! I may not know the truth, but what I do know, is that in fact I respect that place and would never want to be in their shoes!

Posted by pooka99 on 07/08/2010 at 8:39 AM

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