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Re: “A Message from Black Elected Officials and Clergy on the Upcoming Oscar Grant Verdict

One more thing: The Black and poor communities of this city are ALL FOR NONVIOLENCE. You are preaching at the choir. We are tired of the violence we endure every day. Psychic violence as well as physical violence.

You talk about "beware of outside agitators who will lead Black youth into violence". I second that motion. I appeal to all Black youth to beware of outside agitators who will try to inflame people's emotions and get them to commit acts they otherwise would not. This is very timely and important, especially when you consider WHO the "outside agitators" are likely to be....

Outside Agitators. Forget about Berkeley anarchists, punk rockers, hip hop "wiggas" and "trustifarians". Let's talk about the REAL OUTSIDE AGITATORS. Now, don't take my word for it, do your own research: Just google "Toronto G20 Black Bloc police provocateurs". The Canadian police have been proven, this past week, to have dressed themselves up in black clothes and ski masks and busted out shop windows, burned dumpsters and staged attacks on their brother cops, in order to use it as an excuse to arrest, beat and gas actual activists and demonstrators. You think they won't do that in Oakland? I think that's exactly what their plan is. So watch out for "outside agitators", Black youth of Oakland!

Who is planning and preparing for violence? It's not the Black and poor communities of Oakland, who believe in peace and who in their dignity are hoping, praying and working for an end to the conditions that create urban violence.

Who is planning and preparing for violence? The greatest purveyors of violence in America, that group whose violence against Oscar Grant and Black youth in general created this crisis in the first place: the cops!

Posted by pitbull on 07/02/2010 at 7:59 AM

Re: “A Message from Black Elected Officials and Clergy on the Upcoming Oscar Grant Verdict

If these same Black elected officials would insist that half the amount of money that's being spent on the media scare tactics to ramp up riot fears so that cops can get an "overtime bonanza" out of this Mehserle verdict "preparation" and "response" (actually instigation and repression), would be spent on community needs every year, the social conditions that generate the "need" for such massive police expenditures would vanish in a few years!

In fact, most of these Black elected officials in the Democratic Party machine are as dependent on the white supremacy power structure as the police are! They'll never challenge it structurally. They need to perpetuate it so they can continue to pose themselves as "leaders" to the poverty-stricken communities they claim to represent and whose votes they need to stay in power, while in fact they are making bank selling out to San Francisco developers---selling out whole communities, allowing them to deteriorate and disintegrate into crime ridden cesspools so that when their true constituents, the landgrabbing developers decide the time is right to gentrify these areas, the property values will be as cheap as possible, and then they can just use their cops to sweep the Black and poor communities aside. That's the real agenda of these Black politicians. They know what they are doing, and they are well compensated for their work. Boots Riley got it right in "Fat Cats and Bigga Fish" by Oakland's own The Coup.

Need an example? Look at the selective enforcement of city "quality of life" ordinances going on right now in North Oakland (west of Telegraph, south of Stanford, north of 40th, east of the Emeryville border). Black and poor people are being harassed out of their historic neighborhoods by zoning and "quality of life" code enforcement officers, for such "infractions" as having a car, registered as "non-op", on their property. But just go about blocks east, to the trendy, yuppified "Temescal" district north of Telegraph, all the way up into Rockridge, and tell me how many cars you see in backyards, front yards, etc. These affluent mostly white areas are not being harassed by the city code enforcement for the same "infractions". This is in an area where Black families---former middle class homeowners---have been hardest hit by foreclosures resulting from the premeditated land grab of the sub-prime mortgage industry's collapse in 2008!

And presiding over this race- and class-based selective enforcement is the Black-led "Rainbow of Diversity" Oakland Democratic Party establishment!

So just shut up already with your "simmer down" talk. Social injustices you keep in motion and profit from have the people righteously riled up! You are responding to the wrong emergency. The real emergency is the social and economic conditions in the Black and poverty-stricken communities of Oakland.

You wanna us to "simmer down"? Do something about these social conditions. Get us some quality education and some real economic development. Some REAL JOBS, DECENT HOUSING, HEALTHCARE, SCHOOLS THAT TEACH KIDS THEY ARE SOMEBODY AND THAT ARE FUNDED ON AN EQUAL LEVEL WITH SCHOOLS IN ROCKRIDGE, MONTCLAIR AND PIEDMONT. Economic security is the best deterrent to crime and drug dealing! Give us community control of police. Require all OPD officers to live in Oakland and be demographically reflective of the communities they ostensibly "serve and protect", not some old rednecks from Tracy who consider us to be animals. That would be a start in the right direction. Until you start doing these kinds of things, the people are gonna see y'all for the sell-outs you are.

Posted by pitbull on 07/02/2010 at 7:01 AM

Re: “A Message from Black Elected Officials and Clergy on the Upcoming Oscar Grant Verdict

You said it, Sav3Oakland! Amen!

Posted by pitbull on 07/02/2010 at 6:21 AM

Re: “A Message from Black Elected Officials and Clergy on the Upcoming Oscar Grant Verdict

I think the Black clergy, and Minister Keith Muhammad in particular, should have thought twice before they decided to aid and abet the city and the cops in their Open Letter. Demonizing Black youth and the community at large in this way is counterproductive.

These community leaders deserve much credit for all the countless hours of work they have put in fighting for justice since Jan. 1, 2009, but this prediction of and warning against a coming "destruction in the community" only plays into the hands of the power structure that killed Oscar.

Knowingly or unwittingly, the Black clergy are providing cover for the riot cops and other pigs who will retaliate and intensify their brutalities against Black youth all over Oakland after the verdict is announced.

In their Open Letter, Black community leaders are endorsing the actions of the police in advance, giving them permission to conduct the onslaught they've been planning.*

* See here:
Oakland Cops Stage Riot to Prep for Oscar Grant Verdict

Posted by pitbull on 06/30/2010 at 2:20 PM

Re: “Martyrs, Martyrs Everywhere


Posted by Pit Bull on 09/26/2008 at 10:35 PM

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