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Re: “Dan Savage: Sexuality and the Neurodiverse

What led you to conclude that the couple is not worried about new boyfriend ruining their wedding?

Ruin is in the eyes of the beholder. BRIDE and her fianc may know the limit of bad behavior that would be non-ruining, but do they really know the new, immature boyfriend well enough that they aren't worried that he will exceed that limit?

Au contraire, if just the thought of Best Man having to endure new boyfriend's drama causes the couple enough discomfort that they are seeking avoidance, wouldn't witnessing it first-hand be likely to cause much more discomfortenough to ruin the wedding?

Seeking avoidance on Best Man's behalf may just be a way to avoid telling Best Man that they think his new boyfriend will ruin the wedding. Also, Best Man becomes the scapegoat when things go awry.

Posted by Pete Pereira on 12/15/2017 at 4:20 AM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

No surprise here. Birds of a feather flock together and Trump & Kalanick are identical twinsin thought at least.

The Village Idiot made it to the White House by doling out tit-for-tat answers to everyday problems that may sound reasonable in principle, do long as one doesn't go looking for further details.

On being told that people were crossing the border illegally, a four year old's solution would likely be to build a wall. Air Force One costs too much? Cancel it! The F-35 costs too much? Put out a bid to convert F-18s to F-35s! Russia is building up its nuclear stockpile? Build ours up too. Terrorists might come here disguised as political refugees? Stop all entry from Muslim countries (excrpt the ones where I run a hotel). The list goes on and on.

Coming from a 4-year old barely capable of recognizing cause-effect relationships and just beginning to comprehend how one action can negate another, those impulsive, 120-character, simplistic solutions would evoke a chuckle for their navet.

Coming from the POTUS those same answers not only expose a lack of fundamental knowledge that a 70-year old adult is expected to know (i.e. ignorance) but also an inability to consider second order or multiple effects of an action (incompetence), especially when the link is not physixally visible or if the effect occurs remotely or is substantially delayed.

The latter revelation should be alarming simply because the POTUS doesn't get to say, "Oops, I got my lines mixed up! Let's re-do that shot. Take two!" la pre-taped TV show mode.

Likewise, Kalanick'a simplistic business model of being the dispatcher / communications service of random taxicabs (and a man-in-the-middle money grabber) ran into trouble when he began calling it a car service minus cars and drivers.

A few years ago, he was embarrassed by having the practical realities of the world revealed to him by city administrators, effectively exposing his failure to envision the evolution of the business including consequent issues. A half-drunk Kalanick went off on a rant at a speaking event in which he indicated to the guests that he should retaliate against his critics by blackmailing them with data Uber had collected from their trips!

Such an impulsive resort to unethjcal behavior might be rare even from a peon uneducated in ethics and lacking knowledge of more appropriate means of dealing with detractors. Coming from the Founder/CEO, his tirade merely revealed him as an immature kid whose half-baked, ultra-simplistic idea for a business model had gotten thus far merely on the backing and applause of equally short-sighted and greedy pundits on Wall Street.

Kalanick's thin-skinned handling of criticism, especially when it reveals incompetence, is remarkably similar to Trump's. Likewise some of Trump's aides. At least Kalanick doesn't tweet out his responses at 3:00 AM.

Keeping the birds in a holding pattern by withholding a landing clearance may be a good thing until their plans are clarified and show more maturity.

Posted by Pete Pereira on 02/01/2017 at 8:07 PM

Re: “Oakland Police Underage Sex Scandal Involves Cop Who Possibly Killed His Wife

@Len Raphael. When the Legislative branch of government colludes with the Executive branch to act in a manner or to produce an outcome that is contrary to the people's wishes, that rock solid three-legged stool the Founding Fathers devised effectively is left teetering on one leg.

The police union should be cut off at the knees in the Executive branch shake up after the PD members' suicide, firings and suspensions. It may have been a blessing in disguise that the Council bureaucratically maneuvered to prevent the PD oversight initiative from even being conceived. With the investigation results coming to light now, perhaps the Mayor can invoke some emergency clauses to establish citizens' oversight.

It is surprising that after being under Federal oversight for so many years there is still no oversight by citizens. The Founding Fathers set up the system of government; then in hindsight clarified that the people could overthrow that government if it went rogue, violently if necessary--using a militia comprised of people bearing arms; and finally, they left us with a warning to ALWAYS watch the government like a hawk, because POWER CORRUPTS!

All that... 240 YEARS AGO!!!

And we STILL aren't monitoring the government adequately. Apparently the legislature has been in bed with the police for centuries! Where have the people been? Asleep? At least now they know which members of the Council to give the boot at the next election. If they don't, they have only themselves to blame.

Posted by Pete Pereira on 09/15/2016 at 7:53 AM

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