Outdoor Dining 

Our guide to the best sunny eateries.

The following list is as comprehensive as possible, but no doubt there are venues we're not yet aware of. Please send updates to outdoordining@eastbayexpress.com or via postal mail to Outdoor Dining, c/o Stephen Buel, East Bay Express, 1335 Stanford Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608.


Asena Californian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Six tables seat 20 on side patio with flowers. 2508 Santa Clara Ave., 510-521-4100.

C'era Una Volta Italian; coffee, brunch, lunch, and deli counter; two tables on patio with umbrellas and potted plants. 1332 Park St., 510-769-4828. CeraUnaVolta.us

Julie's Coffee & Tea Garden Organic coffeehouse menu plus gourmet pizza and pastries; lunch and dinner. Garden patio with handmade benches and tables, fountains, flowers, herbs, and shrubbery. 1223 Park St., 510-865-2385. JuliesTea.com

The New Zealander Pub cuisine; lunch, dinner, late-night; brick garden patio with cement tables and benches, shaded by umbrellas. 1400 Webster St., 510-769-8555. The-NewZealander.com

Otaez Mexican; breakfast, lunch, dinner; bar. Tile patio in front with eight tables and umbrellas. 1619 Webster St., 510-521-9090. OtaezRestaurant.com

Sandwich Board Deli; lunch and dinner. Two benches in front with awning. 2412 Webb St., 510-521-3366.

Speisekammer German; brunch, lunch, and dinner; full bar with German beers on tap. Beer garden with picnic tables shaded by umbrellas. 2424 Lincoln Ave., 510-522-1300.

Tomatina Italian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. A rear patio features about five tables with umbrellas for shade. 1338 Park St., 510-521-1000. Tomatina.com

Tucker's Ice Cream Opened in 1941, now serves more than 33 flavors; lunch, dinner. Rear patio with greenery and a jacaranda tree. 1349 Park St., 510-522-4960.


Cherubini Coffee House Sandwiches, salads, soups, breakfast pastries, and bagels; lunch; beer, wine, and coffees. Large porch, back deck, and a wooden patio for creekside dining. 37 Alamo Sq. #A, 925-743-0824.

Xenia! Bistro California cuisine; lunch and dinner; eight sidewalk tables with umbrellas. 115 Alamo Plaza, 925-855-9000. XeniaBistro.com


Cafe Raj Indian and Pakistani cuisine; lunch, dinner, late-night; beer and wine. Sidewalk tables under an awning. 1158 Solano Ave., 510-524-5667. CafeRajOnline.com

Christopher's Nothing Fancy Cafe Mexican; lunch and dinner; beer, wine, and margaritas. Patio tables by a pond. 1019 San Pablo Ave., 510-526-1185.

Cugini Italian; pizza, meat, seafood; lunch, dinner; beer and wine. Sidewalk tables under umbrellas. 1556 Solano Ave., 510-558-9000.

Filippo's Pastaria Italian; lunch, dinner, weekend brunch; beer and wine. Alley tables under an awning. 2930 College Ave., 510-644-3848.

Fonda Solana Dinner, tapas; assorted tequilas; lunch, dinner, late night. Three front patios with heatlamp and awning, European-style glass doors. 1501 Solano Ave., 510-559-9006. FondaSolana.com

Jodie's Restaurant American; all-day breakfast, fried chicken Sat. and Sun.; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Two sidewalk tables. 902 Masonic Ave., 510-526-1109.

Nizza la Bella Italian; dinner; full bar. Enclosed, heated sidewalk cafe. 825-827 San Pablo Ave., 510-526-2552.

Ruen Pair Thai; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Outdoor patio seating. 1045 San Pablo Ave., 510-528-2375. RuenPair.com

Sam's Log Cabin American; breakfast and lunch. Organic eggs, coffee, catfish sticks, and Swedish pancakes served on a brick patio with redwoods and an herb garden. 945 San Pablo Ave., 510-558-0494.

Sophia Cafe Organic Mediterranean; lunch, dinner; two sidewalk tables with umbrellas. 1247 Solano Ave., 510-526-8663.

Sunny Side Cafe American; breakfast and lunch; some vegetarian and organic options. Six sidewalk tables with heaters. 1499 Solano Ave., 510-527-5383.


Schooner's Grille and Brewery American; lunch, dinner; full bar. Patio seats under umbrellas, outdoor seating for up to 75. 4250 Lone Tree Way, 925-776-1800


900 Grayson Restaurant. Fusion/Californian; breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Patio seating. 900 Grayson St., 510-704-9900. 900Grayson.com

Adagia Californian with southern Mediterranean influence; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Sunny garden patio in front with walkways, benches, and grass. Courtyard in back seats up to fifty at teak tables amid foliage, heaters, and elegant archways. 2700 Bancroft Way, 510-647-2300. AdagiaRestaurant.com

Bar & Ristorante Raphael Vegetarian/Italian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Front patio with tables, umbrellas, heatlamps, foliage. 2132 Center St., 510-644-9500. RistoranteRaphael.com

Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers American; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Three tables under umbrellas. 1591 Solano Ave., 510-526-8185. BarneysHamburgers.com

Berkeley Thai House Thai; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Wood deck with greenery and umbrellas. 2511 Channing Way, 510-843-7352.

Bistro Liaison French; lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; full bar. Limited outdoor seating, seven streetside tables with wide umbrellas. 1849 Shattuck Ave., 510-849-2155. LiaisonBistro.com

Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe Brazilian; lunch; six sidewalk tables. 2161 University Ave., 510-845-8011.

Cafe Cacao California cuisine, soups, salads, sandwiches, and cakes; breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Front patio tables. No full service outside. 914 Heinz Ave., 510-843-6000. CafeCacao.biz

Cafe Fanny French and Californian; breakfast and lunch; beer and wine. All tables outside on an outdoor patio partially shaded by an awning. 1603 San Pablo Ave., 510-524-5451.

Cafe Muse Raw and organic deli; breakfast and lunch; beer, wine, and sake; in garden adjacent to Berkeley Art Museum. 2625 Durant Ave., 510-548-4366.

Cafe Panini Coffeehouse menu with sandwiches and salads; breakfast and lunch; umbrella-shaded tables on brick patio nestled in Trumpetvine Court, next to Jupiter. 2115 Allston Way, 510-849-0405. Cafe-Panini.net

Cafe Rouge Mediterranean; lunch and dinner; full bar. Front sidewalk seating with tables shaded by umbrellas and awning. 1782 Fourth St., 510-525-1440. CafeRouge.net

Cafe Zeste Coffeehouse and bistro serving California-cuisine-style lunches (salads, sandwiches, grilled items); tables with umbrellas seat up to twenty next to the lawn in front of Strawberry Creek Design Center. Live music on Saturdays. 1250 Addison St., 510-704-9378.

Cesar Tapas; lunch, dinner; full bar. Front tables. 1515 Shattuck Ave., 510-883-0222. BarCesar.com

The Cheeseboard Collective Bread, cheese, pastries, and pizza; lunch and dinner. Two tables under awning. 1512 Shattuck Ave., 510-549-3055. CheeseboardCollective.coop

Dara Thai/Laotian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Patio with ten imported tables and antique-carved wooden statuary, some tree-shade. 1549 Shattuck Ave., 510-841-2002.

Eccolo Italian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Outdoor patio seating plus a sunroom. 1820 Fourth St., 510-644-0444. Eccolo.com

Ethiopia Restaurant Ethiopian; lunch and dinner. Large covered garden with ten tables. 2955 Telegraph Ave., 510-843-1992. EthiopiaRestaurant.com

Grégoire French; lunch, dinner, takeout. Two sidewalk tables shaded by an awning. 2109 Cedar St., 510-883-1893. GregoireRestaurant.com

Guerilla Cafe Cafe food, pastries, panini, and waffles; breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. DJ music on Sundays. Outdoor benches. 1620 Shattuck Ave., 510-845-2233. GuerillaCafe.com

Homemade Cafe Cafe food; breakfast and lunch; beer and wine; three tables shaded by awning. 2454 Sacramento St., 510-845-1940.

House of Curries Pakistani; lunch and dinner. Sidewalk tables. 2984 College Ave., 510-841-1688.

International House Cafe American coffeehouse; breakfast, lunch, and dinner; beer and wine. Sandwiches, coffee, pastries, and fresh juices served at ten tables on two patios overlooking Piedmont Avenue and campus. 2299 Piedmont Ave., 510-643-9932.

Jimmy Bean's Californian; breakfast and lunch; beer and wine. Storefront tables with umbrellas. 1290 Sixth St., 510-528-3435. JimmyBeans.com

Jupiter Californian/pub; lunch and dinner; salads and wood-fired pizzas served in two-level beer garden with ivy, trumpet vine, fire pit, heatlamps, and live music. 2181 Shattuck Ave., 510-843-8277. JupiterBeer.com

King Yen Restaurant Chinese; lunch and dinner; beer and wine; shaded patio. 2995 College Ave., 510-845-1286.

Kirin Chinese; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Enclosed back patio with awning and foliage, open on weekends. 1767 Solano Ave., 510-524-1677.

Le Bateau Ivre French; breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekend brunch; coffee, full bar. Two brick patios, fifteen tables with umbrellas. 2629 Telegraph Ave., 510-849-1100. LeBateauIvre.com

La Mediterranée Mediterranean; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Outdoor patio and awning festooned with flowers. 2936 College Ave., 510-540-7773. LaMediterranee.net

La Note French; brunch and lunch; beer and wine; rear patio with twenty tables, heatlamps, and quaint, provincial decor. 2377 Shattuck Ave., 510-843-1535. LaNoteRestaurant.com

O Chamé Japanese; lunch and dinner; beer, wine, and sake. Wooden patio with bamboo. 1830 Fourth St., 510-841-8783.

Paragon California cuisine; lunch and dinner; full bar. Wooden deck with a view of the bay. Claremont Resort and Spa, 41 Tunnel Rd., 510-549-8585. ClaremontResort.com/dining

Picante Taqueria Mexican, imported and locally grown ingredients; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Garden patios in back, sidewalk tables in front. 1328 Sixth St., 510-525-3121.

Raleigh's American; lunch and dinner; microbrew menu and full bar. Patio shaded by umbrellas, trees, and bougainvillea, plus a tiered deck. 2438 Telegraph Ave., 510-848-8652.

Rick and Ann's California cuisine; breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner; beer and wine. Covered patio with flower boxes. 2922 Domingo Ave., 510-649-8538. RickandAnns.com

Riva Cucina Northern Italian; lunch and dinner. Seating on outdoor piazza. 800 Heinz Ave., 510-851-7482. RivaCucina.com

Saul's Restaurant and Deli New York-style deli; breakfast, lunch, dinner; wine, beer, and some mixed drinks. Sidewalk tables, but no full service outside. 1475 Shattuck Ave., 510-848-3354.

Sea Breeze Market and Deli Seafood, sandwiches; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Deck chairs and tables with beach umbrellas on a patio. 598 University Ave., 510-486-0802.

Sea Salt Seafood; lunch, dinner, weekend brunch; patio seating. 2512 San Pablo Ave., 510-883-1720. SeaSaltRestaurant.com

Smokehouse Down-home greasy spoon with burgers, malts, and shakes; lunch, dinner, and late-night. Covered patio with picnic benches. 3115 Telegraph Ave., 510-845-3640.

Tacubaya Mexican; breakfast, brunch, and lunch; shared patio with Pasta Shop. Tables in front plaza. 1788 Fourth St., 510-525-5160.

Triple Rock American; lunch and dinner; microbrews and munchies. Seats about forty at picnic tables on an enclosed patio. 1920 Shattuck Ave., 510-843-2739. TripleRock.com

Uncommon Cafe Coffeehouse; breakfast and lunch. Patio with four umbrella-shaded tables enclosed in latticework fence. 2813 Seventh St., 510-845-5264. UncommonCafe.com

The Vault Coffeehouse with sandwiches and pastries; breakfast, brunch, lunch; beer and wine. Sidewalk tables. 3250 Adeline St., 510-595-9600.

Viva Taqueria Mexican; lunch and dinner; beer; tables under umbrellas. 2984 Russell St., 510-843-5565.

Wat Mongkolratanaram Thai Buddhist temple food; Sunday brunch only. Seating for more than a hundred in backyard. 1911 Russell St., 510-849-3419.


Nines American; lunch and dinner; full bar. Covered patio seats sixty; open patio seats eighty. 100 Summerset Dr. at the Brentwood Golf Club, 925-516-3413.


The Burrito Shop Mexican; lunch and dinner. Sidewalk tables. 3843 Castro Valley Blvd., 510-538-1157.

JD's Restaurant and Pies Diner; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Enclosed back patio with twelve tables and a fountain. 2837 Castro Valley Blvd., 510-886-6622.

Sunflower Chinese; lunch and dinner. Two tables on an enclosed side patio. 3483 Castro Valley Blvd., 510-881-2657.


Ed's Mudville Grill American; lunch, dinner, appetizers; beer and wine. Patio with trees, heatlamps, and a birdhouse. 6200 Center St., 925-673-0333.

La Veranda Cafe Italian; lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; beer and extensive wine selection. Large front patio holds three to four tables and faces downtown. Creek around back. 6201 Center St., 925-524-0011.


DJ's Bistro Czech and German; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Sidewalk tables under an awning. 1825 Sutter St., 925-825-3277.

Hot Basil Cafe Indian and Thai; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Storefront patio with palm trees. 790 Oak Grove Rd., 925-288-0000.

Luna Ristorante Italian; lunch and dinner. Two sidewalk tables with umbrellas. 2118 Willow Pass Rd., 100-B, 925-691-4080.

Memo's Cocina Mexicana Mexican; breakfast, lunch, and dinner; beer, wine, margaritas. Garden patio. 2118 Mount Diablo Blvd., 925-691-6200

La Tapatia Mexican; breakfast, lunch, dinner; full bar with assorted tequilas. Terracotta patio with flower pots and adjustable awning. 1802 Willow Pass Rd., 925-685-1985.


The Dead Fish Seafood, steaks, pasta, salads; lunch and dinner; full bar. Patio on bar side has a view of the Carquinez Bridge and Strait; restaurant patio has umbrellas and heaters. 20050 San Pablo Ave., 510-787-3323.

Nantucket Fresh seafood; lunch and dinner; full bar. Twelve to fourteen picnic tables, some open, some shaded with umbrellas and awning. At the foot of Port St. on the marina; waterfront dining, also with a magnificent view of the new bridge. 510-787-2233.


Blackhawk Grille California fusion; lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch; full bar. Double-tiered patio with seventeen tables, flowers, waterfalls, and a duck pond. 3540 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, 925-736-4295.

Bridges East-West; dinner; full bar. Fourteen grapevine-arbor-trellised tables beside a garden and large stone fountain; quiet, peaceful, and heated. 44 Church St., 925-820-7200.

Don Jose's Mexican; lunch and dinner; full bar. Side garden patio seats sixty. 3168 Danville Blvd., 925-743-8997.

Father Nature's Shed Californian; breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Patio with 25 tables shaded by large umbrellas. 172 E. Prospect Ave., 925-820-3160.

Faz Restaurant and Bar Mediterranean; lunch and dinner; full bar. Patio nestled in redwoods, with umbrellas, heaters, and a waterfall. Live music Thu.-Sat. 600 Hartz Ave., 925-838-1320.

Marcello's Italian; lunch and dinner. Candlelit patio with four to five tables, shrubbery, and stained-glass windows. 515 San Ramon Valley Blvd., 925-838-8144.

Masala Indian Fusion Indian; lunch and dinner. Side patio with umbrellas and heaters seats about twenty. 499 San Ramon Valley Blvd., 925-362-4900.

Patrick David's East-West; lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch; full bar. Covered patio with heatlamps shaded by roof, umbrellas, and foliage. In Danville Livery Mercantile, 416 Sycamore Valley Rd., 925-838-7611.

Piatti Mediterranean; lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; full bar. Patio seats sixty under heatlamps, umbrellas, and awning. 100 Sycamore Valley Rd., 925-838-2082.


Tandoori Chicken USA Indian fast food; lunch, dinner, and late-night. Seats twenty on front patio. 3850 San Pablo Dam Rd., 510-222-4737.


Arizmendi Bakery & Pizzeria Baked goods and lunch. Covered patio with four small tables and two open-air benches. Live music on Saturdays from 12:30-2:30 p.m. through September 1. 4301 San Pablo Ave., 510-547-0550.Arizmendi-Bakery.org

Asqew Grill Californian; lunch, dinner, and snacks; beer and wine. Seating for up to thirty under giant umbrellas on front patio. 5614 Bay St., 510-595-7471.

Bucci's Californian-Italian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Garden patio. Outdoor dining in warm weather. 6121 Hollis St., 510-547-4725.

Buckhorn Grill American; lunch and dinner. Terrace patio with retractable awning seats 25. 5614 Bay St., Ste. 238, 510-654-2996.

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza; lunch, dinner, brunch. Patio with heatlamps and eight tables enclosed by a guard rail. 5614 Bay St., Suite 244, 510-654-0750.

Manzanita Vegetarian and vegan; lunch and dinner. Patio with three tables under big green umbrellas. 1050 40th St., 510-985-8386.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro Chinese; lunch and dinner. Patio with heaters and four tables. 5633 Bay St., 510-879-0990.

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill Mexican; lunch and dinner. Terrace patio with fourteen tables. 5614 Bay St., Ste. 233, 510-420-0450, Rubios.com

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe American; breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night ($1 domestic beers after 9 p.m.). Thirty seats on a sidewalk patio shaded by umbrellas, plus a stylish waitstaff. 4081 Hollis St., 510-594-1221. RudysCantFailCafe.com

Semifreddi's Baked goods and light lunches, including sandwiches and chili. About a half-dozen tables under umbrellas. 4242 Hollis St., 510-596-9934. Semifreddis.com

Townhouse Bar and Grill American; lunch and dinner Mon-Fri., dinner only Sat.; full bar. Wooden-walled patio with fountain seats about fifty. 5862 Doyle St., 510-652-6151, TownhouseBarandGrill.com

Zao Noodle Bar Chinese; lunch and dinner. Small terrace patio with heatlamps and eight tables. 5614 Bay St., Ste. 234, 510-595-2888, ZaoNoodle.com


Casa Robles Mexican Restaurant Mexican; lunch and dinner. Sidewalk patio seats thirty. 494 Mowry Ave., 510-796-4750.

City Beach American grill; lunch and dinner. Patio with umbrellas. 4020 Technology Pl., 510-651-1660.

Classic Diner American; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sidewalk patio with umbrellas seats twenty. 39403 Fremont Blvd., 510-651-7241.


Camille's Sidewalk Cafe Coffeehouse with wraps, smoothies, and panini; breakfast and lunch; wireless Internet. Four sidewalk tables under umbrellas. 24375 Southland Dr., 510-783-8801.

Neumanali Californian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Seating for twenty or more on back patio with grapevine and flowers, fountain, umbrellas, and heatlamps. 742 B St., 510-583-9744, Neumanali.com


Kensington Bistro Californian; brunch, lunch, and dinner; beer and wine. Sidewalk tables under an awning and umbrellas. 1568 Oak View Ave., 510-525-1350.


Bistro at the Park American; lunch and dinner; full bar. Ten tables shaded by trees and umbrellas. 3287 Mount Diablo Blvd., 925-283-7108.

Bo's Barbecue Barbecue; lunch, dinner, catering; beer and wine. Niman Ranch meat and friendly service. Seven tables on a patio. 3422 Mount Diablo Blvd., 925-283-7133.

Chow American; breakfast, lunch, dinner; beer and wine. Encircling patio with large tables, shaded by awnings and umbrellas. 53 Lafayette Circle, 925-962-2469.

El Charro Mexican Dining Mexican; lunch and dinner; full bar. Patio with nineteen tables under umbrellas, surrounded by fountain and flowerbeds. 3339 Mt. Diablo Blvd., 925-283-2345.

La Finestra Ristorante Sicilian/Tuscan; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Two covered patios plus a fountain amid vegetable and herb gardens. 100 Lafayette Circle, Suite 101, 925-284-5282.

Giardino Italian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Nine tables with heaters seat 24 on the patio. 3406 Mount Diablo Blvd., 925-283-3869.

Postino Italian; lunch weekdays, dinner nightly; full bar. Thirteen tables with heaters on Tuscan-style patio laced with ivy. 3565 Mt Diablo Blvd., 925-299-8700.


Wente Vineyards Restaurant American/Californian; weekday lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; beer and extensive wine list served at dozens of patio tables overlooking vineyard. 5050 Arroyo Rd., 925-456-2450.


Haute Stuff Californian; lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner Thu. and Fri.; beer and wine. Five tables on a brick patio seat approximately twenty on sleepy one-way street. Sunny and shaded seating. 521 Main St., 925-229-0521.


Ranch House Cafe American; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tables on a patio. 1012 School St., 925-376-5127.

Ristorante Amoroma Italian; lunch and dinner. Enclosed patio with lemon trees, heat lamps, and jasmine in full bloom. 360 Park St., 925-377-7662.


Barclay's Restaurant and Pub Sandwiches and huge brew menu; lunch and dinner; full bar. Sunken patio with eight tables. 5940 College Ave., 510-654-1650.

Barney's Gourmet Burgers American diner; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Sturdy wood tables on an ivy-bedecked brick patio, shaded by trees. 4162 Piedmont Ave., 510-655-7180; 5819 College Ave., 510-601-0444, BarneysHamburgers.com

Bay Wolf Cafe and Restaurant Californian; lunch and dinner; beer and solid wine list. Eucalyptus-screened, heated veranda with removable windows seats forty. 3853 Piedmont Ave., 510-655-6004.

Blackberry Bistro Global fusion; breakfast and lunch; beer and wine. A few awning-shaded sidewalk tables. 4240 Park Blvd., 510-336-1088, BlackberryBistro.com

The Burrito Shop Mexican; lunch and dinner. Sidewalk tables. 5359 College Ave., 510-658-7646.

Caffe 817 Bistro; breakfast and lunch. Seven tables outside, some shaded. 817 Washington St., 510-271-7965.

Caffe Verbena Italian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Patio overlooking a Zen garden and downtown. In the Shorenstein Building atrium, 1111 Broadway, 510-465-9300.

Cafe Colucci Ethiopian and Eritrean; breakfast, lunch, and dinner; beer and wine. Four sidewalk tables under umbrellas. 6427 Telegraph Ave., 510-601-7999.

Cafe Rustica Italian, pizza; lunch and dinner; full bar. Four sidewalk tables in front with umbrellas; the upstairs Conga Lounge also has outdoor seating. 5422 College Ave., 510-654-1601, CafeRustica.com

Chez Simone French; lunch and dinner; full bar. Second-floor patio open depending on weather. 4125 Piedmont Ave., 510-655-1034.

Citron Californian; dinner; beer and wine. Wooden back patio with redwood beams overhead and trees and flowers about. Heatlamps. 5484 College Ave., 510- 653-5484.

Cock-a-doodle Cafe Sandwiches, crepes, and omelets; breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Seating available at sidewalk tables or on garden patio. 719 Washington St., 510-465-5400, CockadoodleCafe.com

Connie's Cantina Mexican; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Back patio with dazzling murals and space for up to 45. 3340 Grand Ave., 510-839-4986.

á Côté Californian; dinner; full bar. Italian-style setting with columns, fountain, herb garden, grapevines, and lemon and avocado trees. Retractable awnings and velvet curtains plus portable heaters. 5478 College Ave., 510-655-6469.

Crepevine Crepes and diner food; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night; beer and wine. Patio seating under a heated, covered roof. 5600 College Ave., 510-658-2026.

Cuckoo's Nest American/Mediterranean; breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; beer and wine. Front patio facing street with three large stone tables plus four sidewalk fold-ups with umbrellas. 247 Fourth St., 510-452-9414.

Cuvae Asian-American fusion; dinner. Streetside patio with umbrellas and heaters seats about thirty. 5299 College Ave., 510-655-1733, Cuvae.com

Doña Tomás Mexican; dinner; full bar. Brick patio with a fountain. Outdoor seating available seasonally. 5004 Telegraph Ave., 510-450-0522, DonaTomas.com

Dopo Pizzas, pasta, appetizers; lunch and dinner. Outdoor garden with four tables. 4293 Piedmont Ave., 510-652-3676.

Holy Land Mediterranean; lunch and dinner; beer. Sidewalk tables under a large blue awning. 677 Rand Ave., 510-272-0535. HolyLandRestaurant.com

Il Pescatore Italian; lunch, dinner, weekend brunch. Rear patio with seven tables and umbrellas. Jack London Sq., 510-465-2188. IlPescatoreRistorante.com

Ital Calabash Caribbean, vegetarian, and vegan; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Two picnic benches in front, shaded by umbrellas. 1405 Franklin St., 510-836-4825.

Italian Colors Italian; lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner daily; full bar. Patio with garden and large fountain offers seating for 42, most under awnings; view of the Oakland Hills. 2220 Mountain Blvd., 510-482-8094.

Jack's Bistro French/Spanish; breakfast, lunch, dinner; full bar. More than a dozen tables overlook the Oakland estuary amid the sights of Jack London Square. One Broadway, 510-444-7171.

Jesso's Seafood Cajun/Creole; lunch, dinner, late-night; live jazz Thu.-Sat., full bar. Seating for thirty on the sidewalk with umbrellas and heatlamps. 901 Washington St., 510-451-1561, Jessos.com

Lakeshore Cafe Sandwiches, burgers, and salads; breakfast and lunch; beer and wine. Enclosed, secluded patio in back, festooned with ivy, pillars, and fountain. 3257 Lakeshore Ave., 510-832-4374.

La Taza de Cafe Cuban and Latin American food and tapas; lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch; live entertainment Thu.-Sun. includes jazz and samba. Ample seating on back patio with outdoor fireplace. 3909 Grand Ave., 510-658-2373. LaTazadeCafe.com

Leaning Tower of Pizza Pizza; lunch and dinner. Two sidewalk tables. 498 Wesley Ave., 510-444-6824.

Lynn & Lu's Escapade Cafe American, super omelettes; breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Sidewalk tables plus an upstairs patio with ten tables. 3353 Grand Ave., 510-835-5705.

Mesob Ethiopian; lunch and dinner. Patio in front with four tables and umbrellas. 4301 Piedmont Ave., 510-428-1122.

Mimosa Cafe American/vegetarian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Two storefront tables. 462 Santa Clara Ave., 510-465-2948.

Nan Yang Burmese; lunch and dinner; large beer and wine list. Storefront patio of marble with five small tables. 6048 College Ave., 510-655-3298.

Nomad Cafe Californian; art and Internet cafe; breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Five to six tables under awnings; live music on Fri. and Sat. 6500 Shattuck Ave., 510-595-5344, NomadCafe.net

Oliveto Italian; breakfast, lunch, dinner; full bar. When the weather is nice, the downstairs walk-in cafe opens up four tables onto the street. 5655 College Ave., 510-547-5356, Oliveto.com

The Oyster Reef Seafood; lunch, dinner, late-night. Enclosed waterfront patio. 1000 Embarcadero, 510-836-2519.

Palapas Taco Bar Mexican; lunch and dinner. Five tables outside. 200 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 510-268-1700.

Pasta Pomodoro Italian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Nineteen tables with heatlamps and umbrellas. 5500 College Ave., 510-923-0900.

Pizzaiolo Wood-fired pizza; dinner. Seats in shared courtyard out back. 5008 Telegraph Ave, 510-652-4888. Pizzaiolo.com

Powderface Coffee and Beignets Coffeehouse; New Orleans-style beignets, smoothies, soups, and sandwiches; breakfast and lunch. Patio seating for up to thirty at tables with umbrellas. 3411 E. 12th St., Ste. 134, Fruitvale Village, 510-536-3223.

Quinn's Lighthouse Seafood; lunch and dinner; full bar. Up to thirty seats on a peanut-shell-strewn second-story deck, which surrounds the bar and offers views of the marina and estuary. 51 Embarcadero Cove, 510-536-2050.

Sabuy Sabuy Thai; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Nine tables in an enclosed garden courtyard with an orange tree and fountain. 5231 College Ave., 510-653-8587.

Señor Nero's Mexican; lunch and dinner. Twelve outdoor tables. 3601 Grand Ave., 510-444-4471.

Silk Road Lounge Asian fusion; lunch, happy hour, and dinner; live music on weekends. Three patio tables under umbrellas. 101 Broadway, 510-836-6600. SilkRoadLounge.com

Taqueria San Jose Mexican; lunch and dinner; beer. Eight tables on side patio with fountains, umbrellas, and trees. 3433 International Blvd., 510-533-5748.

T.J.'s Gingerbread House Louisiana/Cajun; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tables in semi-outdoor gazebo. 741 5th St., 510-444-7373.

Tropix Backyard Cafe Caribbean/Gulf Coast; lunch, dinner, brunch; beer and wine. Jamaican-themed patio with splashy colors, vines, and flowers holds ten tables with heatlamps, umbrellas, and an awning. 3814 Piedmont Ave., 510-653-2444.

Wasabi Japanese Bistro Japanese; lunch and dinner. Shaded patio seats forty. 1611 2nd Ave., 510-872-9376

Z Cafe and Bar Californian, Italian; weekday breakfast and lunch, Sunday brunch; beer, wine, and specialty cocktails. Several tables on patio with awning. 2735 Broadway, 510-663-2905. ZCafeandBar.com

Zza's Trattoria Italian; lunch Wed.-Fri., dinner daily; beer and wine. Large umbrella shades two sidewalk tables overlooking lake. 552 Grand Ave., 510-839-9124.


Alekos Cafe Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern; lunch and dinner. Four sidewalk tables. 2 Theater Sq., Suite 105, 925-254-5290.

Shelby's American; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Storefront tables lining a brick walkway in an outdoor shopping complex, with umbrellas and potted plants. 2 Theater Sq. (next to Orinda Theater), 925-254-9687.


Original Red Onion American diner; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Enclosed creekside patio seats forty. 2879 Pinole Valley Rd., 510-758-9462.

Pear Street Bistro Californian; brunch, lunch, and dinner; full bar. Side patio with heatlamps and shade, retro furniture, and live jazz on the weekends. 2395 San Pablo Ave., 510-741-8875. PearStreetBistro.com


Kinder's Custom Meats Combination meat market and barbecue shop; lunch. Two side patios with nine tables. 2227 Morello Ave., Pleasant Hill, 925-798-2333

Left Bank Brasserie French bistro; lunch and dinner; full bar. Nineteen tables amid heatlamps and fruit trees. 60 Crescent Dr., 925-288-1222.


Baci Restaurant Italian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Fifteen storefront tables on quaint street with umbrellas and trees. 500 Main St., 925-600-0600.

Barone's Restaurant Continental; lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner daily; full bar. Tented redwood deck with heaters seats about fifty. Courtyard in back with gazebo and lawn for private parties. Live music Fri. and Sat. 475 Saint John St., 925-426-0987

Blue Agave Club Mexican; lunch and dinner; full bar. Front garden patio holds about 35 tables under umbrellas, trees, and heatlamps. 625 Main St., 925-417-1224, BlueAgaveClub.com

Faz Wood-fired Mediterranean cuisine. Patio dining under big umbrellas seats 60. 5121 Hopyard Road, 925-460-0444. 600 Hartz Ave., Danville, 925-838-1320, FazRestaurants.com

Pleasanton Hotel American, barbecue; full bar; brunch, lunch, and dinner. Magnolia-shaded patio with large dance area. Sunday brunch outside. 855 Main St., 925-846-8106.

Red Smoke Grill American, barbecue; lunch and dinner. Patio with five tables under umbrellas. 4501 Hopyard Rd., 925-734-0307.

Stacey's Cafe American; lunch and dinner; full bar. Front and side patio with eleven tables under umbrellas festooned with roses. 310 Main St., Suite A, 925-461-3113.


Warehouse Cafe American; lunch and dinner; full bar with more than four hundred beers. Patio and deck overlooking the Carquinez Strait, with live music on Sundays. Bar service only outside. 5 Canyon Lake Dr., 510-787-1827.


Salute Ristorante Italian; lunch and dinner; full bar. An awning shades the nine tables on the wood patio in front; fountains, heatlamps, trellises with jasmine archway. 1900 Esplanade Dr., 510-215-0803.


Cornerstone Cafe Californian; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Mall sidewalk patio with umbrellas seats six. 600 Dutton Ave., 510-562-2535.

Horatio's American/seafood; lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch; full bar. Nine patio tables, some with umbrellas, semi-enclosed with glass, overhung with a trellis; heatlamps at night. Patio offers a sweeping view of the marina. 60 San Leandro Marina, 510-351-5556.

Joaquin Deli Eastern European deli; lunch. Patio with four tables under umbrellas. 275 Joaquin Ave., 510-895-3234.


Sam's Super Burger American diner; lunch, dinner. Three sidewalk tables with umbrellas and a side patio with two tables. 18401 Hesperian Blvd., 510-278-6339.


Bighorn Grill Steakhouse; lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner daily; full bar. Courtyard with tables shaded under cloth umbrellas, candle-lit, with heatlamps in the evening. 2410 San Ramon Valley Blvd., 925-838-5678.

Kilohana Grill Hawaiian; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Front patio with umbrellas. 1061-A Market Pl., 925-830-1144.

McNamara's Steak and Chop House Steakhouse; dinner; full bar. Five tables on covered front patio with fireplace and fountain. 7400 San Ramon Blvd., Dublin, 925-833-0995.

Mudd's Californian, all-organic; lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; full bar. Front, side, and back patios seating up to seventy; garden with cloth canopy. 10 Boardwalk, 925-837-9387.

Zachary's Pizza Pizza; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Six tables with heaters and umbrellas for shade. 3110 Crow Canyon Rd., San Ramon, 925-244-1222.


Babushka Restaurant and Deli Eastern European; lunch, dinner, brunch; beer and wine. Garden patio seating upon request; music and dancing at night. 1475 Newell Ave., 925-210-0779

Le Bistro French; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Two sidewalk tables under an awning. No wine service outside. 1606 N. Main St., 925-407-8000.

Breads of India Indian; lunch and dinner. Seven sidewalk tables. 1358 N. Main St., 925-256-7684.

The Cantina Mexican; lunch, dinner, brunch; full bar. Ten tables on back patio with creekside dining, nine more in front; both with trellises and umbrellas. 1470 N. Broadway, 925-946-1010.

Il Fornaio Italian; lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; full bar. Front patio with heatlamps and umbrellas holds fourteen tables bedecked with flora. 1430 Mt. Diablo Blvd., 925-296-0100, IlFornaio.com

La Fogata Mexican Grill and Bar Mexican; lunch and dinner; full bar. Twelve tables in front of restaurant on a covered patio with shade and ceiling fans. 1315 N. Main St., 925-934-8121.

Genova Delicatessen Italian deli with sandwiches, pastries, espresso, pasta, and sauces; lunch. Ten to twelve tables on sidewalk at each location. No bar service outside. 1105 S. California Blvd., 925-939-3838; 2064 Treat Blvd., 925-938-2888.

Kaiwa Sushi Japanese; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Two patio tables. 1534 Locust St., 925-274-9496.

Lark Creek Classic and contemporary American; lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch; full bar with sweeping wine list. Enclosed patios with retractable windows in front, plus a sidewalk patio. Heatlamps, glitzy lights, and a fountain nearby. 1360 Locust St., 925-256-1234.

Massimo Ristorante Italian; lunch and dinner; extensive wine list. Outdoor patio seating with heaters. Live piano jazz on Friday and Saturday nights. 1604 Locust Street. 925-932-1474, MassimoRistorante.com

Pomegranate Mediterranean; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Twelve storefront tables with umbrellas on a tree-lined patio. 1389-B N. Main St., 925-944-9292.

Prima Italian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Loggia with twelve tables overlooks the street; enclosed by glass doors, opened during good weather. 1522 N. Main St., 925-935-7780. PrimaRistorante.com

Pyramid Alehouse American; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Fifteen tables, benches, and bar seating in back with umbrellas and heatlamps; front patio seating for 24 under an awning. 1410 Locust St., 925-946-1520.

Rocco's Ristorante & Pizzeria Italian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Hand-thrown pizzas and a vintage mural inside; four sidewalk tables outside. 2909 Ygnacio Valley Rd., 925-947-6105. RoccosPizzeria.com

Skipolini's Pizza Pizza and salads; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Back patio seats up to 95 with a fountain and a covered kids' play area; patio features a mural and is surrounded by heaters, trees, and bushes. 1535 Giammona Dr., Walnut Creek, 925-280-1100.

Stanford's Californian; lunch and dinner; full bar. Three patios with eighteen tables under umbrellas, surrounded by flower-topped brick wall. 1300 S. Main St., 925-944-0895.

Taxi's Restaurant Burgers; lunch and dinner. Sidewalk patio with seven tables shaded by overhang. 1560 Newell Ave., 925-939-8294.

Tin's Tea House Chinese; brunch, lunch, and dinner; full bar. Ten to fifteen tables on front patio covered by a trellis; outdoor dining upon request. 1829 Mt. Diablo Blvd., 925-287-8288.

Tomatina Italian; lunch and dinner; beer and wine. Covered patio with glass roof opens onto the street and seats up to thirty. 1325 N. Main St., 925-930-9999.

Va de Vi Bistro and Wine Bar Asian/European fusion; lunch and dinner. Four sidewalk tables, plus lane and back patio (reservations required). 1511 Mount Diablo Blvd., 925-979-0100.

Walnut Creek Yacht Club Seafood; lunch and dinner; full bar. Heated deck with a nautical theme, plus retractable walls and ceiling. 1555 Bonanza St., 925-944-3474.

Zheng Long Country-style Chinese/multi-Asian; lunch and dinner; full beer and wine lists. Two creekside patios with greenery, screened roof, and heat lamps. 1448 S. Main St., 925-930-8088.


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