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Readers sound off on Birthers, MC Hammer, Iron Maiden, and iPads.

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When he is sufficiently well-enough to continue with the show; only then can the strong hunting binoculars be brought to the eyes to feast upon lightning glimpses of things such as the Shiva trance dancing of tall, lanky, blonde bombshell Janick Gers. As difficult as it is to choose from one moment to the next just who to watch, one must ultimately decide, and in so doing, make the sacrifice of missing, for example, the handsome Steve Harris re-adjust his settings while propping up a long beautiful leg on the monitors.

It is, however, possible, to observe the stage, the big screen or one's personal telescope, high atop the pavilions' hillside, thereby taking in even more of the event all at the same time. It is not to be enjoyed selfishly either, but must, of necessity flow out to all living beings in the parking lot, the bathrooms, the hot dog stand and on the bus or BART. Even one's dog should receive a special treat for waiting in the car for you.

One needs also to extend compassion towards those who post themselves near the gates brandishing Bibles and openly condemning heavy metal. What is wrong? Have they never heard Bruce's beautiful angelic voice singing "Revelations"? These nay-sayers need to be reminded that their very own country darling, Carrie Underwood, sang "Jesus, take the wheel" while draped in a thigh-length lampshade and stood on four inch stilettos (fire engine red, at that!) No metal heads were to be found, even though it would have been surely justified, standing by the stadium fringes chanting "Jeezus, take the heels!"

No, we know where our affections and aims lie. We are one in heart, spirit and mind. The Maiden its world of Irons are here to stay, awaiting the return of the metal gods in some future yet to be decided, time and place.

Tao Matthews, Oakland

Granny Growers Unite

"Hey, I'm a Grandma"

Re:  (Disclaimer: keep all edible marijuana products away from pets, kids, and grandmas.)

Granny growers unite!

by the way, does anyone know how I might sell 2 lbs of organic bud-butter that I made recently?  It's one oz organicacally grown baby buds to 1 lb organic locally produced butter. Should have some value to someone.....


granny grower, Kayla

Humanity's Next Cycle

In October 1981, we entered Humanity's Next Cycle. We have entered the Age Of Woman. Last will be made first, highest will be made lowest. The life of every poor person on this earth is of infinite value. No door will be closed to a poor person. No poorperson will be in a locked room. There will be peace in this world.

Leland Mellott

Seeking Advice

I have always wanted an iPad and thought I would wait a few months from release date before getting one. However, I have now learnt that the current iPad only has 256MB of RAM memory. This concerns me a lot as the new iPhone 4 has double (512MB). It concerns me as I currently have an iPhone 3G which doesnt function on iOS 4 and I do not want to have an obsolete iPad in 18 months.

I have bought a zenithink Andriod 2.2 Tablet PC I dont want to wait until this time next year for iPad 2, but I dont want to buy an iPad now if a new one is coming out around December 2010/January 2011.

For those who have yet to buy but plan to, what are your advice?

Buy Now? Or Wait?



Terrible News

unfortunately, some terrible news:

he's back!!!!

downtown los angeles april 25th

lock up your local priest!

hug your bible!

press your crucifix to your heart!

get down under your bed & pray!!!!

the STORM is coming..


next up: 

rare exquisite HEXENTRUPP merchandise 

& more Bastian Damascus in the flesh!



instead of checking on your friends 

current bathroom-status on facebook & twitter again, 

invest ten minutes in this: 


but be careful, 

you might learn something important for once!

but no worri≠≠es, 

your computer will not explode..

Linus Raudsepp

I Am One Person That Loves Secret

hello sir ,can i do this urgent programm with you over my private life?

am too tired of royal life and will like to start afresh anywhere, however this will be a reality only if you can keep and know how to keep secret because i am one person that loves secret.

i am Fred Peters a nephew to Hassan Gaddafi the grand-son of Gaddafi, i am 20 years old and wish to solicit your help in securing valuable and cash which i intend to relocate for my private life considering the prevailling circumstances in our nation.

please i will need your urgent assistance to invest this huge amount for me at which i will count and depend on your sincerity and honesty for a viable investment for me.

i will be willing to see to the financing of the delivery of all packages to your country if i hear from you as well as your detail plan for inevesting this funds if i consider my sadd experience with a Chineese early last month.


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