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I spent 2 years begging on the streets of Paris and crying myself asleep under bridges due to that vile abomanation Elizabeth Gracen.

I am ill and long for death and a release from the pain and suffering all that stops me ending my life is a dream of seeing Gracen be sent to jail.

My life is hell and I have not known a day of happiness since Nov 8 th 2002 due to Gracen.

Gracen is still screwing Clinton now and He protects Gracen from prosecution.

I want only one thing in this world and that is for Gracen to rot in jail.

My life is hell at the moment I am in Dublin the fucking armpit of the world sitting in a homeless shelter I have been trying to get home to NYC for 4 years but Clinton has pulled strings at state to see that does not happen

Even last week more bullshit from State Yes Chris We have Your passport more sick games.

Dublin is hell people from Dublin turn vulgarity into an art form.


Everything is explained on my website   WWW.CHRISHEPBURN.COM

Clinton has pulled strings with major media outlets to kill this story that is why I am trying the smaller papers in the hope that somebody knows dirty words like ethics,morality and justice.

This is personal with Gracen and I know something is wrong with me for once thinking this woman was my soul mate.

All that woman ever loved was money.





How are you doing?

There are three stories I would like to do.

First I would like to do a story on E=MC2.

Einstein's famous equation. It is the equation for the atomic bomb. E=MC2, now can you go and make an atom bomb? I think not. But E=MC2 is saying something else also. Look at the C2. What does that do in the equation? The C2 is multiplying the M. The C2 tells how much matter and energy are involved. The C2 is the bomb part, but the C2 is not the most important part of the equation. The E=M part is what is really important, regardless of the amounts involved. Matter and energy are the same thing, that's what is really important. The E=M part of the equation is more important then the C2 part. So if matter and energy are the same thing, what is that stuff !

Yes, I would like to do a story on E=MC2.

Then I would like to do a story on space.

You know how most people believe space goes on forever?

Well what if that is wrong and space does not go on forever and space ends ?

Yes, I would like to do a story on space.

Then I would like to do a story on heaven.

You know how most people don't know what heaven is really like?

Yes, I would like to do a story on heaven.

If you are interested in my works, you may contact me at; robertlavelle777@yahoo.com

Robert Lavelle

2258 N. Clybourn

Chicago, Il  60614

Thank You

Robert Lavelle

The World Beagle

I would please like you to put my story in the Paper. I am only nine, but i write very very intresting stories, biographys , auto biographys, and fables.

As you would think "a nine year old" "how ridicules" But i am very intelegent for my age. I am just not good in multiplacation, that i can idmit. But if youd please read over my story and email me back ...so heres the story send back with corrections:

 The world Beagle!

 Chapter 1: listen

 One date in April there was a little undisruptive beagle out on the move to

Escape. The beagle couldn't escape because it was chained!

I think I went too far, so let me explain.

The beagle's name was Cue. Cue had wanted to have a day off of super modeling. Cue was tied up because his owner hired a dog sitter that thought that dogs were nastier than spit.

He wanted to dog nap Cue but he was going to wait until tomorrow

So the owner wouldn't come early to see him packing. Soon Cue got in the car to get dog napped, but Cue didn't know he was getting dog napped! But

Cue was very, very, very smart! So Cue soon discovered that he was getting dog napped! So Cue thought his only solution was to ...

JUMP     so Cue put three of his skates on and he only put on three because he needed to jump with one leg. Cue wasn't sure what to do

So he pushed the handle down and he flew out before he could even think about some where to go! Suddenly he started rushing under cars, and suddenly boom, he hit grass! Cue was so very scared! He thought and thought and soon before anyone could think any more a Persian cat, named Chloe came up to him! Cue thought he shouldn't mess with her, but Chloe messed with him!

Chloe went up and said in a short high voice" how are you lost, and may I join you?" Cue didn't know what to say so all he said was ...


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