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... plastic, who's plastic. What's plastic ....

In physics and materials science, plasticity is a property of a material to undergo a non-reversible change of shape in response to an applied force. For example, a solid piece of metal or plastic being bent or pounded into a new shape displays plasticity as permanent changes occur within the material itself. By contrast, a permanent crease in a sheet of paper or a re-shaping of wet clay is due to a rearrangement of separate fibers or particles. In engineering, the transition from elastic behavior to plastic behavior is called yield. We want a Wall. and we won't accept anything less.

She's plastic ...

We heard a comment on TV that hasn't sat well with us since we heard it. A guest commented that ... " America is an economy...". Be beg to differ, and we give as proof to the contrary our work and efforts to enhance the future of this country.

America — The United States of America — is not an economy. The businesses the world has come to know as representing America: flourish: in the American People's presence.

America is not an economy. America is a People, Under God, Indivisible, who believe in Liberty and Justice for all.

America is a People; and I call as witnesses the millions, yea, billions who will eat and have clean water to drink today because of the heart of the American People, not our businesses.

America is not an economy, America is a People. And We the People run this country ... not our businesses, nor our government, nor our filthy rich citizens ...

We the People are America — The United States of America -

We want a WALL !!!

We are not about to allow some spoiled, snot nosed, brats; living behind a shield that WE provide for them; who would have never known about the Illegal Criminal Alien Invasion threat if WE hadn't TOLD THEM ... dictate to us what our level of safety and security should be.

As we said before ... we support the candidate who committs to building a WALL along our border ...

We want a Wall and we are ready to FIGHT FOR IT. Comprend'e !!

The Immigration laws we have now are fine. Enforce them. There's no need to make a list of new Immigration Laws that will only be ignored like these we have.

Enforce the laws we have before even thinking of changing them.

M.E Goodwin, Los Angeles

When I Take Over

The truth about which everyone whispers in elitist professional and lowly common circles and that no one dares audibly to articulate is that the medical and legal mongers and the chiefs and executives of the oil cartels and some few others have become extortionist and parasitic on the whole society and the wars and other "police actions" are but atrocious distractions from the social and economic requisites for the legitimate government's and nation's (the people's) continued existence.

When I take over ...

Full Employment Full Pay Full Benefits Human Rights Civil Rights Social Rights Economic Rights Legitimate Government Peace Goodwill and Universal Economy.

I promise.

John Richardson Meadows, Seaside, CA

Amy Winehouse and Hillary Have a Lot in Common

Amy Winehouse is addicted to drugs.

Bill is (was) addicted to Sex.

Hillary is addicted to Power.

Hillary is showing once again that she will DO or SAY anything to get power.

The American voter needs to have an "intervention" with Hillary.

Amy Winehouse and Hillary have a lot in common. Amy Winehouse is addicted to drugs. Hillary is addicted to power. If you have every had any direct dealing with someone who is addicted to cocaine or some drug — and I have — what you will quickly find out is what fantastic lies these people will tell in order to get money to fund their addiction. They will steal things out of your house or rob your bank account or take your bicycle and pawn it for money. Desperation and fantastic lying are 2 traits all drug addicts have.

The same goes for Hillary and her power addiction. Hillary will literally DO or SAY anything to feed her power addiction. Even if it destroys herself, her "family," her party or her country in the process. Hillary and Bill are both bitterly unhappy people, and ethical ciphers, or else they would not behave like this.

A good example of the Clintons' willing to do anything to get ahead — no matter how evil, crooked or illegal — was the near death beating of Gary Johnson on 6-26-92. Gary Johnson, a neighbor of Gennifer Flowers, had videotapes of Bill often going into Gennifer's condominium at the Quapaw Towers in Little Rock.

By 1982 Hillary was hiring Little Rock private investigator Ivan Duda to find out who Bill was screwing so she could put the lid on any political problems. Any normal person — which Hillary is not — any woman with some level of self esteem would have left Bill 36 years ago because his serial sexual betrayals were rampant even before they got married. Instead Hillary was hiring PIs to follow Bill, not for reasons of love, but because of her power addiction and madness.


Please forward this information to your Democratic friends and co-workers and ask that they (and you) vote for and support John Edwards, Barack OBAMA, Bill Richardson or any other Democratic candidate, and NOT Hillary. The difference is Hillary will break your kneecap to get to the White House; the others will not.

Thank-you and have a great day!

Robert Morrow, Austin, TX


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