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"Mollie" LEARY, Holly Ridge, NC

I Have Your Shades and It's Summer

Whats up man. We met at the ruby room. I think you were kinda hittin on my girl ( we still together) but nonethe less we kicked it. ended up bacvk at your pad wide eyed with grand ideas. Are you really a slug? (the two guys with me as well as my gf lillie and myself went to ucsc. I actually miored in journalism with aspirations to do what you. ( To this day I wish I had kept on top of my writing game). the day will come and I will have something to say. Amyway, due to the grand ideas and observations of the world, I damn near insisted that I trade you my knife for your shades. I have never worn them except that night! they are sweet. Even if you dont hve the knife any longer, I would like to return your shades. Keep up thee good work and hit me up if you feel loike it. peace

Jonathan Biebl, Oakland

Non-Polluting Energy Source

For over 10 years I have written letters to politicians, magazines, newspapers, etc., informing them that I have developed a non-polluting energy source that has a tremendous power gain. It would be, in my opinion, much, much cheaper than gas & the ideal source of energy for cars in the future.

Todate, I have not received any replys. Perhaps, when gasoline is twenty dollars a gallon, some one will check out my non-polluting power gain energy source. Only time will tell.

If you are interested, contact W.C. Wright – C.S. (707) 422-1538.

W.C. Wright

Please Don't Be Annoyed

Please dont be annoyed with my mail to you more especially as we did not know each other previously.

The fact is that i am holed up here in dakar-senegal with 19.5 million american dollars, and i am faced with the problem of taking it out of here as it is not safe here, i was wondering if you could help me out, note also that this money rightly beleongs to me and there is nothing to fear about, why i neeed your help is because the law here does not warant me to handle such amount of money.

please note also that i wish you could also help me in the investment of this money, i need your urgent reply, then i will give you more explanations  and how we are going to share this money we are going to discuss then.

Please do not betray me, if you are not interested please delet this mail and forget about it.

May God bless you as i wait for your mail.

Musa Ibih

New Era


This is a transitional time, an evolutionary one that has been anticipated for humanity, but this is not commonly recognized. We have opened a new era, one that allows us to access more of one's divinity. Over the last two thousand years, humanity's chakras have opened; this is a transformation similar to what caterpillars undergo. Now we can do as Noah did and heed our inner guidance. Inner guidance can be verified with the use of kinesiology. Thoughts sometimes do not mean what is initially assumed. Co-creating offers humanity hope since options that may not be considered and options that if pursued that are highly harmful can be identified. Co-creating could offer us evolutionary possibilities; this could include forming an equalitarian world government, as it could offer us information from our soul about how to heal, even learning how to heal the earth is possible. Myths can be exposed, as can hidden principles, even the two unidentified elements for the Perio!

dic Table of Elements could be identified.

Mercury in one's teeth can hinder this communication, as can one's beliefs. Learning to listen to one's soul takes practice.

Phillip Palmer, Denver

An Auschwitz in the United States?

The controversial bust (by sculptor Robert Arneson) of the murdered San Francisco Mayor George Moscone (I knew Mr. Moscone) was used to deflect attention from the architecture of the Moscone Convention Center, which was designed for and its intended to be used as a gas chamber.

(Peruse the San Francisco papers for the week of the convention center opening.)

Only those who know that what I am saying is true will "know for certain" that it is not. No one else can.

Who were the friends of Dan White? (the Mayor's assassin) Why is this man dead?

War can cause people to hate life itself and be determined to destroy it in a slaughtering way.

Ask three Europeans (one, English, Joan Ellison; one, French, Anne Marie Thielen; one, Italian, Elio Benvenuto), who lived through and survived the Second World War, came to the United States afterwards and, eventually, settled in for lengthy stays at the San Francisco Art Commission. (The Commission's Civic Design Committee has much more to do with architecture than it does with art.)

Where there are three there must be many.

Imagine the ways, after decades of preparation, in which the San Francisco Peninsula can be completely sealed off from the outside world and its citizenry compromised. (chemical fumes?)

Will this be accompanied by a disablement of the nation's electric power grid? (If this happens, then, I presume, we will be beyond the pale.)

I also think that a light needs to be shined on St. Louis, Missouri.

And, as well, on the Princeton Forrestal Center.

What hasn't been done to secure the chemical plants throughout the United States, I ask?

What brought about the reappearance of the Moscone Bust in the Public Eye on November 3, 1992, Presidential Election Day? – The death of Robert Arneson.

(I used to be the one who said, "There are no coincidences." No, I am one who says, "There are no accidents.")

Thank you for your attention.

Mr. Leland Mellott, Mt. Vernon, VA



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