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You have seen the "scandal" in Fanny Mae the government controlled mortgage corporation. Campuses have instituted a license for "free speech." Business, Economics departments are teaching government control of business and markets. College presidents have become instruments of government policy. Your internet is daily monitored and sites contrary to government policy shut down.

There will be soon a government manipulated stock market crash. It will make the 2001 Bush and 1929 Coolidge crashes look tame. "Due to economic turmoil the 2008 elections will be delayed"-FOREVER!

The plan has been in place for more than 20 years. Heads of college departments have been placed to teach government control, as necessary, of all economic entities. The dictator knows best. K-12 education has been so denuded of content as to make the last 20 years of graduates economic slaves.

MediCare and the HMOs have been instructed to provide euthanasia to the elderly who are the sole remaining politically and economically capable cohort of citizens. The remainder are imbued with Fear, Ignorance and Poverty as planned. These younger populations are easily herded as cattle to the slaughter of dictatorship.

Our nation is now under the full economic control of Saudi Arabia and Communist China. They own the US Treasury outright. This was carefully planned. The RepubliCrat party stripped the nation of it's production capability. We are now a remittance nation of beggars.

Where control is not available over the process of war, the above processes can and are uniformly brought to bear on the conversion of any nation, through fear, into dictatorship. Lack of control is most often wielded through control of communication-propaganda. Most will not recall the last century's prime exhibit, Goebbels, Paul Joseph 1897-1945. Of course you will not be told of our 'Office OF War Information' which was the ""GOOD"" counterpart. The lies on both sides were EQUAL!

Note that all "Sunshine Laws" and other means of transparency in government are uniformly circumvented or ignored. As so many ""LAWS"", they are for the public consumption of those stupid and ignorant by training. Reality is abject dictatorship.

Mysticism, religion and (re)constructed history become the justification for power to overcome rational thought and action. Should this seem similar to the past 60 years of our nation, so be it!

The RepubliCrat party: with liberty for none and injustice for all.


Dear Sir, I am STEPHEN KOFFI a gold minner and I have 350kg of gold for sales. Please if interested do not hesitate to reply me urgently.

Best Regards

Stephen Koffi

God Loves Truth & Justice

The REASON WHY Opportunistic Express writers are among the most DETESTED DESPISED of the EARTH ... Simple—God Loves Truth & Justice ... Do You Know How far that Pollution Travels?? Robert H. was in Redding California * He Smelled The Money from General Chemical Oleum ... Nobody else up there Did ... He God $800 Because He Had a Richmond Address & Lied ... Joe DAVIS was in the West County JAIL up wind of the Chevron Fire & He's About To Be Paid a settlement along with many other cheaters ... Yet You Endorse Chris Thompson's Scatology & Kara Platoni's Misguided Liberalism ... Chevron Refining Has Been Operating Since 1900 So Everyone who moves Here Knows it's There. Most of the white People Have Been Pushed Out By the BLACKS, ASIANS & Mexicans. Muscled ASIDE By Their Violent offspring while You SOB ^ TOXIC RACISM ... P.S. All You Cry Babies in Oakland Frisco & Berkeley would not Travel one Foot in Your Car without the Fuel Refined in this CoCo County

Everything that I write in these letters is true

"Judas" was practicing prostitution in Barcelona (Spain), in 1970, and cannot to deny it because the father of her major daughter is one of the three villains that exploited her in the Cafeteria Nuria, where she was...working.

The Mafioso Poof is a regular guest of Spanish prisons, but never for a long time, because he has real goods friends (the VIPs).

The VIPs: I know very important things about them.

The Mafioso: A long time ago I throw to the garbaje a cargo of druggs.

"Judas": She has been bribed for VIPs and Mafioso (more than six million dollars), and collaborates with them with...enthusiasm.

All together are guilty: for accuse me of nonexistent offences.


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