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I feel that if you put the truth in President Bush's face and in the face of people in his administration, they will refuse to own up to the truth of this Iraq War.

This (the truth) is something that you, the newsmedia, owe the people of Iraq and something that you must publish, on account of your pledge to God. Does truth matter in America? Is human life sacred? Should big politicians go around killing people, committing acts of intentional murder done under the color of law? What constitutes high treason? Do we go around murdering millions of people for the sake of oil?

The head of state of China is saying this to you. A man who believes in and respects God, trying to be as upright as he possibly can. A man who hopes one day to bring the worship of the true god back to China and see to western democracy and freedoms. Something, which the Bush administration has secretly fought against, something which the media has never published. Does truth matter or will America get away with sheer lies and the murder of 2.1 million innocent Iraqi people?

The truth was always in the face of those in the Bush administration, yet they chose murder and lies over the truth and obedience to godly standards of righteous and upright conduct in their carriage of US foreign affairs. How about the truth and an expose on a not so bright President Bush?

If you do not do this story, I feel, the Bush administration will want to have me dead and may quietly seek and promote my death (I will be murdered).

I am willing to do this story, because (1) I believe in the true god and (2) I find it highly offensive that any nation would go around committing acts of intentional murder, killing Hebrews, and get away unpunished with their acts of high crimes and treason. Committing intentional acts of murder under the color of law (fraudulently using the law for their own greedy and ignorant ends) not really realizing that they are killing, murdering, human beings, people, who have feelings and whose lives matter!

Sometimes, people, in high places of any nation, will see human life or lives in terms of numbers. What's a few thousand for the sake of oil company profits, when people (millions) are dying every day!

Justice MUST be served and governments can not go around acting criminally! 2.1 million lives being innocently taken is a major tragedy and a great crime that our nation has intentionally committed! Please, someone contact me and let's do this story!

Truth in the face of President George W. Bush and his administration?

It should be done and the truth should be told. For God's sake and for the sake of all of the innocent people in Iraq who died and did not know why they died; for the sake of truth and because America is a righteous nation. This story should be told, because of God's love for man that no man die in vain and that all people are acceptable in God's sight and all are permitted to come unto him and worship for their eternal salvation. Any man who chooses to stand in the way of God, disobeying God's laws, should be punished. Such large crimes can not go unpunished!

God is love and a hater of badness. This story should be told, so Americans will know why they are dying and what they are truly dying for!

Do people in the Bush administration want the truth to come out?

Why not do the story? Any takers?

HIM Yao Sui, Emperor of China and Son of Heaven (living in temporary exile in the United States of America), a humanitarian and peacemaker (world statesman); Chief Negotiator and Managing Partner, Lester D.K. Chow and Associates. Chief Independent Negotiator, Iraq War 1990-91.

After World war I those using control in the Untied States were board and ran

After World war I those using control in the Untied States were board and ran using control the roaring 20's as Britain and the US Treasury department manipulated the stock markets with the Secret Service keeping the elected officials in the dark to protect their operations and insuring that they remained under control. After they were exposed to the legislator who were unable to deal with them due to the Secret Service they set up funding in the US while cutting back their operations and moving them to Germany, creating the Nazi (nasal) party. The German government having identified Britain and the US Treasury as the prime players came up with the puppet flag of the twisted Jack to indicate dementia and were aware originally of the use of audio suggestion in the air, the use of a soft voice on the same frequencies as the radio broadcasts and had monitored for the use of the stepped resonating tubes punched through the ear canal not by using the then x rays which would show them at the time but by monitoring for the signals used to send to them. The British intelligence and US Treasury teams from the North eastern United States and Texas had developed the sinus bug during the 1920's which was glued at the time into the sinus cavity of a sedated person and acted as a signals repeater using a more secure encryption and which then used a weak signal to send to the stepped resonating tube so as to avoid detection by signals monitoring equipment which relied on a signature, being quite successful on Adolph Hitler for example with the improper use of audio-suggestion used during speaks to even add the appearance of emotion by inducing the physical tremors seen in old video. The US legislature's warning at the time after having gone through control removal was to use passive resistance to create the BATF, Britain pays with Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and stuck in with the US Treasury which collaborated with British intelligence.

In the US the German mess generated huge markets producing items for the military and even the repackaging of stock items originally produced by the military or by its military prison labor for sale by government contract back to the government as if new production.


World Liberty Bell / Christina M Vahlsing

Angels of Freedom,

Help Christina M. Vahlsing build the WORLD LIBERTY BELL! Make a $100 sponsorship; and we will engrave your name into the Bell's commemorative plaque.

Please pass this on to your Associates and Friends.


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