Our Favorite Letters of 2007 

Readers comment on tree sitters, Paris Hilton, the Jeff Tedford conspiracy, Gum Arabic products, the next soda giant, RepubliCrats, gold for sale, toxic racism, the rogue behavior of Judas, mountain bikers, and much, much more.

Editor's note

Each year we compile some of the more memorable letters, phone calls, and press releases we received during the prior twelve months. In the interest of verisimilitude, all spelling, punctuation, and grammar are the writers' own.







Girl George

No Sport, No Athelete

Those bastards and hippie treetards just want to no sport, no athelete, they do not care for any of the athelete, or the school at all. Go to hell.


No Justice, No Piece

Blond Power Rally Rally + Party - people's park, Berkeley California
June 17 - Father's Day
Noon - 9pm
Free booze, etc. SUBSTANCES
NO FOOD. Free champagne from France

Jay Leno is NOT invited!!
Don't crucify Paris!! She is a martyr, like Jesus or Ghandi!! She is like Joan of Arc!! Change the name of the Sun to Paris Hilton!! This is NON-Negoitshable!

I will knock CAL and public-campus schools out of existence in CA. then the USA.

CAL persons of interest, observers, cops and crooks:

Did you see MIBII, 2002, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones? Here I have been sending out stuff like THIS, for several years, and YOU IGNORED ME! You might be like Big Dog Rose, satirized in MIB, and I didn't even know this, until I snapped on it. You apparently don't work out in MIB, Big Dog, if my reading of compound characterization suggestions is correct. But KJ and Steve #7 and their look are in, as of 2002.

Guess why the spaceworm that eats everything is called JEFF!

Because Tedford is illegally interested NOW, in 2007, he was then, in 2002, and he is trying to help the illegal University hide that NEITHER the obese power deals NOR the porcine interest hikes belong in the fees or the price hikes since 2001. Tedford might coach elsewhere for awhile, but HE GOES DOWN, WHEN THE SYSTEM GOES DOWN, for fraud.

REPEAT: Agent Smith is KAY and agent Jones seems to be JAY. #7, up.

The UNDER SIEGE movie from 1992 has also come about; Tommy Lee Jones lookalike Ron Rivera has taken the SD Chargers LV Coach job, note Tommy Lee getting his head shoved into the weapons system monitor by Steve Seagal, which may be an allusion to bro STEVE RIVERA, appearing to be notorious, later in the show, as in RIGHT NOW.

Anna Nicole has passed, 2/8/07, but note how in UNDER SIEGE, similar former Playmate Erica Elaniak loses her makeup and looks like Anna Nicole did, when she held baby Dannielynn, several months before demise. The times are ripe, for a deja vu resolution, of pictures, which we see on the news AND in the movies, in the way that a wave of debt rises to inundate the USA and the world, in 2008, known to me and of which I have warned many, to which no respondent replies.

Well then, community standards may not be funded, where they are undermined by illegal funding over time AND by border and jurisdiction corruption, under Catholic and Jewish organized crime, to violate establishment, commerce, and standing army clauses, and USCAs, with 18 U.S.C. 245, 371, 1505, and 2384 violations outstanding with contempt and conspiracy, with MANN ACT violations by all state line athletes like Stanford U, Service Academies and Armed Services, Catholic Universities, and by foreign students and faculty, which undermine our media standards and our laws, unreported though rampant at sedition and fraud, trying to appear innocent while stalking real estate.

The black theme at the Oscars worked for Chertoff, who saw Jim Carrey put out '23' the day before the awards, since Chertoff acted instead of performed, as DHS Secretary, hiding that the '23' phenomenon is of BOTH the 9/11/2001 and Israel's 60th, Yom HazMat, 5/8/2008, for the usury on drug wars, WTC, and the two illegal missions.

Don't get it, yet? You are down by 2008. If NOT, you may be SUED for allowing 2008 to get here, with no OO7 playmaking, by YOU AND YOU AND YOU, all at riot, or at 18 U.S.C 371, for removal or more charges.

Tedford seems to think he can leave his messy thugs at Bearinsider and other trash sites lying around, in contempt of process, before he gets his brand of kudzu to roaming up to the rim, yo. Fire UP, KJs: PC

11165.3 means Tedford is GONE, already. He neglected to report the fee flipping is FAT, even as regards TAYLOR TEDFORD, also at risk, illegally. So what part of you get to keep Tedford is real, doofusi?

Your Regents and UC staff have cooked Gray Davis' 15 fat power deals into the state, by undermining education so thoroughly, nobody in d-d-d-Bear chase noticed, that the 15 FED interest hikes just about finish what the 15 fat California deals started, cooking anti-value bubbles into everyone between the funding implosion here in the USA and the Chinese equity expansion. Davis announced to Lay et al he would tender 20 year deals starting Dec. 2000, through the May-June 2001 nuclear refurbishings of BOTH the PG&E and SoCalEd reactors. What's YOUR sorry excuse for thinking you get to have undergraduates in the thousands, at a campus, when you cross-contaminate in all directions, spreading your virulent form of Patty Hearst-media conditioning, so your hostage-charges seek their own $330K sabbaticals and vote for illegal superfunding of service districts simply because some of those illegally employ illegally interested media conditioning tankers, who need to move back to MEXICO? You let the standards go DOWN, see LSUSC on TV when you watch Sandler. What can be done for you, when I have already thrown the book at Bergdahl, Berglund, Birgie, the UC Attorney, the ADs since Gladstone, my USCA (student co-op), so THIS notice to UC Library of the now several since 2001 illegally submitted measures, propositions, and budget proposals is belated, after the law schools, business schools, journalism schools, the LOT?! And when I talk to librarians down here on the Stanford Peninsula (low-profile football over here), they all look stunned that I want a PC that I don't have to sign up for, on the darn hour, or get less time and get bumped.

Loibrarians have to get with a big picture book, or GOODBYE, to all the campus infrastructure!! FINALLY!! You ALL at the Louisianna Standards U-joint Skullmates Collage have failed, dismally, to note basic funding CANCER cooking since the 15 Davis deals, made worse since the 15 fat interest hikes, all ruining the favorable margins comparatively service-oriented businesses had, preventing big oil from re-tooling, but letting them FLIP all the energy costs, right onto us! I WAS going to try to join up with CAL football to get into Boalt, like Steve Levy only age 54, not as cool with Marv, but hey, my cousin is BHS polo coach, Cal grad BILL. Bill doesn't get paid, no matter what happens, since there is NEVER money for inner city off-sport coaches. But he better notice everybody's margin and BRAC just went too wild, or BHS is toast, when the taxpayers look at all the fires they start, where the teachers are now illegally interested, and you likely are as well, per SB 1313, that names every bureaucrat but ME as responsible for preventing injury to California youth, but SB 1313 injures me and every adult and every child, by naming illegally interested, apostate bureaucrats as responsible, when THEY ARE NOT, since SB 1313 was illegally enacted 1/1/04, preceeding Schwarzenegger's and the Chamber's illegal submission of Prop. 64, which DOOMS UC, for its neglect!! Get that Frog Birgie to work, or THROW BOOKS!! If you fail, the campus system is about to get tweaked into PCs, sorry about your activities, those are online, broadband media, or did you also miss PC Dolls (Doncha)? I wish I'd thought to write to YOU over the last, futile five years of misfortune and RICO and Unruh Act and STEP Act violations by CAL, but if you delete this, and no better'n Laura Bushwhackers come charging out throwing flaming volumes at the gub'ment, I will understand in a way that makes you LEARN not to dare the Bear!! I get it on, Librarians. I have S142192 past 180 days before State Supreme Court, about my beefs but also hard contempt, by MVWSD, MVPD, SCCo.DOC, in conjunction with removing the DA in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, for purge of contempt. When that hits or misses and winds up in USDC before I wanted it there, the campaign to remove illegal funding from illegally interested persons on tainted campuses gets GOING, right then! So communicate with me. Your price hikes AND fee hikes are illegal, since 2001. UC and the CSUs at CSI follies can not only get rolled BACK, but ROLLED UP, to hand over the refunds or go bankrupt!! So COMMUNICATE with ME. The Regents are negligent, ditto the Chancellors, the dorms, the IFC, all about to go the way of the campus drug dealer and HO, all of which we had in the 70s, but not by 2010. See the Boer-type State of Israel, cooked from the 1882 Euro-Zionist invasion, the year AFTER the Boers won war one with the UK? You don't get to run the economy AND get donations over THAT, after Mandela, kapish? The fork of the Fourth Crusade goes like THIS:

Christians ruin Judaism by degree, lampreying the messiah, which was fouled by Peter and Saul, trying in vain to forestall Jewish rebellion, not even staying alive to see the first rebellion in 66AD, but Christianity was not to celebrate a lawful Israel OR a colonial Judea, under ROME, without cooking up a military industrial complex version of Israel, to forment world war by the numbers, now at II and a half. Bad news is, the illegal nature of Christianity is not in many of YOUR books, is it. The Constantine era Christians saw the end of Judea, so they looked beyond Shovey the thug and his boys, to see the priests, temple police, medical school guys who take corpses out of doonated tombs, and THE ROMAN ARMY, join right up, Churchy says HE'S the bride of Christ, you aren't like THAT, are you. So you are NOT going to read up on joining the ROMAN Army, not even for SMU-biblio-bunny Laura.

What you ARE going to notice is Christian churches are now illegally interested in YOU and your real estate, cooked off margin, FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS. See Tedford? He is always off to getting sacked over that darned new stadium, right after Esquer from Stanford got a new baseball training area built, with fat Gray Davis-SLS-corruption and anti-value-inflation bubbles, COOKED RIGHT INTO IT, since 2001-2003.

Tedford is SO successful, he could tell the U what to do, but he is going at the stadium like he is Mini-Evil, you know, little Vernie with raps and character issues we all laugh at. Nathan Longshore is dark shadow over any punk process, since he is LDS-Mormon, like old Young, knowing our mind, we are parallel, often. Nathan and smart observers KNOW, the State of California cooked up a hidden tithing system, which the Mormons would not get away with, but look at the illegally proximate, review evading Catholic criminals, Wilson and Clinton deregulating, Davis doing us with 15 fat deals, and Schwarzenegger slamming it with illegally submitted Prop. 64, to remove our right to class action under unfair Business Practices Law, BP Code 17200-17208, cooking class sentences with that, and with illegally enacted AB 1313, SB 1313, and Prop. 64. Intent is established in 2004, so that all named and class enhancements are for VOID, just like when Jessica's illegal law made it to USDC and got DEAD, the UC AND CAL are negligent, letting the funds cook and the fees flip, to the American Idiot hostages who PAY and PAY and PAY, about to go broke, all the way. The system is about to go DOWN, so be plaintiffs with ME, since I am case manager and material witness, hey now. YOU could get me to be the best friend the stacks ever had, BUT YOU MUST ACT NOW, JOIN WITH ME, SUE THE STATE, not like the lousy UC dancing with the City of B and bonking lousy false controversies over 'environment,' FIVE FAT YEARS out of battle order, never a border war WON, before Israel-wars, drug wars, and WTA ravage YOUR FUNDS FLOWS, for FIVE YEARS of fat, Gray Davis power deals, for two years of killer, illegal INTEREST HIKES, so we pay for WAR AND PEACE, get neither, and the INTEREST goes up for our multi-WAR economy???!! No wonder you LIBRARIES and the campuses are going to FAIL, fo all the way down, if you don't run right for me and get some e-mails over here. You read all those books, line up all your stacks or whatever, and YOU (institutions) and everybody INCITED bin Laden to shift to financial targets, from EMBASSIES,

pre-9/11/2001=23=5/8/2008 Yom HazMat, or Israel's 60th, whichever BOOOOOOMS first. So howinheck are you going to keep dusty old book FUNDING, when you let BRAC cook without naming the fat Davis power deals as illegal cost source?! YOUR University including all the e-mails at the Regents and ADs and Chancellor's let the passed around COSTS cook, into what is like Ovarian Cancer (mom the fund-infrastructure can die!) for FIVE YEARS. What BOOKS are you cooking, which allow you to ignore reality, to fail at media, underneath the evil administrations I have futilely sought out, while running my contempt petition 180 days so ya better watch OUT, when I file for review!! I call shots! Note Jessica's illegally submitted LaLaLaw getting dead in USDC, the morning after. Review evaders rule us, and YOU. Your costly stacks are smoking, for all the book-cooking you let go on, FOR FIVE YEARS, like it was just Martha approaching, looking good with a pie, for all of us. Note that during the wars with UC, I was injured by the former CAL alumni zine, CAL Monthly, which printed Shattuck-streetwalker Alison apRoberts in 1990 AND AGAIN, in 2004, with an airy, non-scholarly push, to sell Barrington Hall, ILLEGALLY, by a fast-pitch vote by Fall Semester members of the USCA, Fall 1987, hindered by Daily CAL and Chronicle punk-journalism, for the unnecessary sale of wholly-owned, unattached BARRINGTON HALL, where Ron Dellums was once House Manager, where failed US Rep-LA primary candidate Marcy Winograd got herself corporate-media-profiled, see UGLY BETTY, from Marcy's hubby-Buddy, and YES HE IS quite Ugga-dog AND acting up, bad qualities in a labor attorney who cooked an illegal queenceria's worth into all his deals, since 2001. So Marcy found OUT, finally, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, maybe it's just me, since I am hella guitarist, but hey, the rest of the team is GREAT at CAL, if you do FOOTBALL or HOOP. Anyway, I took a little walk just to show you why you don't want to have to PAY HIDDEN COSTS, for anything, certainly not covert WHORES, who come back from Shattuck to cook Cal Monthly. I raved at the Chancellor, CAL Attorney, et al, until they de-mustered CAL Monthly and renamed it with new editors, to CALIFORNIA MAGAZINE.

Sorry to say, the ZINE, the SF Chronicle, and Daily CAL ALL printed fat propaganda and HID the 15 fat power deals AND the 15 fat interest hikes, so maybe the Jewish organized criminals are able to quash all usury information, and the Catholics simply IGNORE IT, and their d-ds diss anyone who tries to lapse, with dignity or agility. You keep stacks, in a cross-contaminated library, ignoring the accrual of causes, to run a smoke-alarm type media, and NOT LET YOU BACK IN, forever, until you smarten up, OK? Madam Librarian? Dudes?

This is pasted to a load of CAL and media goofoffs, who let the fat deals cook, for FIVE YEARS. So smell your own smoking trousers, eh!

Get HARD, Library, or you are for closing DOWN, when the BRAC-era savings RUN OUT, before the funding implosion you will NOT NOTICE, past your LOWERED STANDARDS, now five years ripe and making the comics mad!!

Meanwhile, the Fourth Crusade shows a PITCHFORK, as the Christian criminals roll up the Jews with a messiah who made a REAL MESS, stealing and telling his buddy to fink to the TEMPLE POLICE AND PRIESTS, or the ROmans would clean out ALL the hobos, kapish? The illegally incited ZIONISTS ignore good Jews, such as Tikkun, and any reasonable Jews, such as Women in Black, since reasonable might be meek enough to inspire Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to do the Men movie.

You are on BORROWED TIME, stack-minions. Doncha wish you made a play, FIVE YEARS or even FOUR YEARS, ago?!!

BG, CAL '73

Interview with Gavin Newsom's penis

Phone msg received 8/27:

Yes, uh, hi, uh, I was interested in knowing if you would be interested in an article in which Mayor Gavin Newsome's penis is interviewed. It starts out, uh, "We caught up with the mayor's penis as it was hastily withdrawn from a staffer," and it ends with him being inserted into a knot hole at a construction site. If you'd be interested, uh, phone Dr. Dick at [number withheld]. Bye for now!

Obesity is the Holy's Spirit's Temple!!

1 Corinthians Ch. 6; Vs-19&20-Obesity is the Holy's Spirit's Temple!!

To follow President Bush's Orders and support our fellow human beings, we should immediately recognize that the mass-produced sugar products are harming the citizens of America and providing continuing funding for the genocide in Southern Sudan and the attacks against American Heroes in Iraq.

All Americans should immediately stop using all Gum Arabic products, so here at the grassroots level, we can fight world terrorism and support American Heroes deployed around the world fighting for Democracy for all Humanity.

Note: There has been no Congressional exemption to allow American corporations to deal with a terrorist nation (Sudan = #6 Axis of Evil) for at least three years! To consume any Gum Arabic products provides material support to aid foreign insurgents/suicide bombs and a denial of the Holy Spirit!! (see above) America is owned/controlled by a mass murderer in Sudan!!

Gum Arabic users are mass murderers, rapists-traitors to America!!

Announcing the next Soda Giant

Fire Mountain Beverage Company
Symbol: FBVG.PK
Currently: $0.0175
Short Term Expected: $0.05 (+250%)
Long Term Target: $0.25

Look at past success of Drink companies
HANS opened at 10 cents and trades today @ $38 per share that's 300+ times return
This is a true Ground Floor opportunity
With a 5 Million-Market Cap this is a real Company, with real products Assets and Real Earnings.
Get in FBVG Don't get left out again!!

Plan for the Next Nonelection

You have seen the "scandal" in Fanny Mae the government controlled mortgage corporation. Campuses have instituted a license for "free speech." Business, Economics departments are teaching government control of business and markets. College presidents have become instruments of government policy. Your internet is daily monitored and sites contrary to government policy shut down.

There will be soon a government manipulated stock market crash. It will make the 2001 Bush and 1929 Coolidge crashes look tame. "Due to economic turmoil the 2008 elections will be delayed"-FOREVER!

The plan has been in place for more than 20 years. Heads of college departments have been placed to teach government control, as necessary, of all economic entities. The dictator knows best. K-12 education has been so denuded of content as to make the last 20 years of graduates economic slaves.

MediCare and the HMOs have been instructed to provide euthanasia to the elderly who are the sole remaining politically and economically capable cohort of citizens. The remainder are imbued with Fear, Ignorance and Poverty as planned. These younger populations are easily herded as cattle to the slaughter of dictatorship.

Our nation is now under the full economic control of Saudi Arabia and Communist China. They own the US Treasury outright. This was carefully planned. The RepubliCrat party stripped the nation of it's production capability. We are now a remittance nation of beggars.

Where control is not available over the process of war, the above processes can and are uniformly brought to bear on the conversion of any nation, through fear, into dictatorship. Lack of control is most often wielded through control of communication-propaganda. Most will not recall the last century's prime exhibit, Goebbels, Paul Joseph 1897-1945. Of course you will not be told of our 'Office OF War Information' which was the ""GOOD"" counterpart. The lies on both sides were EQUAL!

Note that all "Sunshine Laws" and other means of transparency in government are uniformly circumvented or ignored. As so many ""LAWS"", they are for the public consumption of those stupid and ignorant by training. Reality is abject dictatorship.

Mysticism, religion and (re)constructed history become the justification for power to overcome rational thought and action. Should this seem similar to the past 60 years of our nation, so be it!

The RepubliCrat party: with liberty for none and injustice for all.


Dear Sir, I am STEPHEN KOFFI a gold minner and I have 350kg of gold for sales. Please if interested do not hesitate to reply me urgently.

Best Regards

Stephen Koffi

God Loves Truth & Justice

The REASON WHY Opportunistic Express writers are among the most DETESTED DESPISED of the EARTH ... Simple—God Loves Truth & Justice ... Do You Know How far that Pollution Travels?? Robert H. was in Redding California * He Smelled The Money from General Chemical Oleum ... Nobody else up there Did ... He God $800 Because He Had a Richmond Address & Lied ... Joe DAVIS was in the West County JAIL up wind of the Chevron Fire & He's About To Be Paid a settlement along with many other cheaters ... Yet You Endorse Chris Thompson's Scatology & Kara Platoni's Misguided Liberalism ... Chevron Refining Has Been Operating Since 1900 So Everyone who moves Here Knows it's There. Most of the white People Have Been Pushed Out By the BLACKS, ASIANS & Mexicans. Muscled ASIDE By Their Violent offspring while You SOB ^ TOXIC RACISM ... P.S. All You Cry Babies in Oakland Frisco & Berkeley would not Travel one Foot in Your Car without the Fuel Refined in this CoCo County

Everything that I write in these letters is true

"Judas" was practicing prostitution in Barcelona (Spain), in 1970, and cannot to deny it because the father of her major daughter is one of the three villains that exploited her in the Cafeteria Nuria, where she was...working.

The Mafioso Poof is a regular guest of Spanish prisons, but never for a long time, because he has real goods friends (the VIPs).

The VIPs: I know very important things about them.

The Mafioso: A long time ago I throw to the garbaje a cargo of druggs.

"Judas": She has been bribed for VIPs and Mafioso (more than six million dollars), and collaborates with them with...enthusiasm.

All together are guilty: for accuse me of nonexistent offences.

VIPs and Mafiosos, besides, are accomplice of manipulate with their influences and money, the results of the analysis about an staphylococcus aureus infection.

I have the evidences, and I am going to present the accusation at foreigner courts.

I have presented the complain last June, with the proves at Spanish courts....they have been carefully filed.

Please, you reed the letters 2-3, and then you will realized, the rogue behaviour of "Judas."

I ask that you forgive me for the inconveniences, specially, if you receive these letters more of one time.

Yours faithfully


Then suddenly he punched me in the face!

Sunday, 9/23/07, at 12:30 PM I met a mountain biker just west of the 4-way intersection on the Panoramic Trail, in the natural area above the University of California, Berkeley (I think this is within the City Limits of Oakland, but it's University property, and the trail runs through Claremont Canyon Regional Park as well). He was riding with someone else, who came by later. As I usually do, I told him that he wasn't allowed to bring a bike there. He started threatening to beat me up, and "getting in my face." Then suddenly he punched me in the face! Twice. I ended up with a black eye and contusion on my forehead and cheek.

I reported this to the sergeant at UC's Sproul Hall (I didn't file an official report, because I can't afford to have my name and whereabouts made public, due to numerous threats, including death threats, from mountain bikers). He said I shouldn't say ANYTHING to them. I wonder (1) what is the value of free speech, if we can't exercise it? And (2) what good is a law, if it's never enforced?

The sergeant said that they couldn't patrol 24-hours, but would increase it "a little." I know it's expensive to patrol the trails. I don't think it's necessary. Almost all of the mountain bikers are "downhill" riders (with a full-face helmet, so it's impossible to know what they look like). They exit from their illegally-constructed trails onto the Jordan Trail, about 100 yards from the end, near the parking lot east of the Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area. A police officer stationed at the parking lot could catch them coming off the Jordan Trail.

The sergeant also said that someone else filed a report. That was probable the mountain biker, so they probably know who he is.

The next day, a car in my driveway had its right rear tire deflated, and my email address was subscribed to several sources of spam. Obviously, the mountain bikers don't want me talking about the harm that mountain biking does!

Bicycles have no place in natural areas! Mountain biking is one of the most destructive activities ever allowed in natural areas. It accelerates erosion, creates V-shaped ruts, kills small animals and plants on and next to the trail, endangers wildlife and other trail users, drives wildlife and other trail users out of the area, and (worst of all) teaches kids that the tough treatment of nature is okay (it's NOT!). Nor is mountain biking any more acceptable on dirt roads: the laws of physics and biology are IDENTICAL on dirt roads and trails.

The presence of large, fast-moving pieces of machinery such as bicycles has been driving hikers and equestrians off of the trails and hence out of the parks, all over the world. This has happened everywhere that bikes have been allowed on trails, such as in Chine Camp State Park in Marin Country, Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, and Briones Regional Park in Contra Costa County. In Briones, only a tiny fraction of the trails (two?) are closed to bikes (although mountain bikers ride there anyway).

Obama 2008

OBAMA 2008!
Global justice billions crave
Revolution now — the wave.
Fresh solutions far and wide
Peace procurement now — the tide.
On waves and tides of cosmic scale
audacity and hope now sail.
OBAMA 2008!

U. S. poverty must Go.
A conscientious overthrow.
The working poor, the down and out.
Revolution now — the shout.
Vote ones heart — evolve — transcend
the Wisdom Way to comprehend.

A living wage for one and all.
Resolution now — the call.
Civil rights again restore.
Revolution! — Just once more.
The Common Dream now full force
a visionary, gutsy course.
OBAMA 2008!

Universal health care, Yes!
Congress HAS it, are WE less?
Equal rights across the board.
Resolution now — the chord.
Americans, a lively blend,
pilot the progressive trend.

Peaceful revolution, Yes!
The human race to coalesce.
One Creator, over ALL.
One last chance to heed the Call—
Love's the lesson. Life's the school.
Peace On Earth. The Golden Rule.
Live the Lesson. Heal our Earth.
Transformation now. Rebirth!


Here is my Hillary file, culled from over 205+ books and other media


These tactics include the savage beating/almost murder of Gennifer Flower's neighbor (Gary Johnson – 6/26/92), criminal harassment campaigns on Kathleen Willey (1997-98 car vandalism, stole or killed her cat Bullseye, witness tampering), Liz Ward Gracen (who Bill probably raped [1983] while she was Miss America – harassed/threats, 1997), Gennifer Flowers (break-ins, threats, 1992), Sally Perdue (car vandalism, threats, 1992), Bobbie Ann Williams (break-in), Christy Zercher (a flight attendant, groped 1992, break-in, 1994), Patrick Knowlton (extreme harassment campaign Oct. 1995; witness tampering), Suzi Parker (a journalist harassed off Arkansas tainted prison blood scandal 1999, fearing for her life), Connie Hamzy (lying campaign, 1991) and Juanita Broaddrick (raped by Bill 1978, break-in and IRS audit when she went public in 1998). It is not a stretch to say that Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young may have organized the murder of their former contract employee Jerry Parks on 9/26/93 because he knew too much about the Clintons.

Hillary and Bill were well on the way to crucifying Monica Lewinsky as an unstable stalker, liar and fantasist - – and would have done so if Bill's semen had not be found on Monica's blue dress. Hillary's private eyes were already digging into Monica's past, when the real story was the Clintons' criminal track record.

Additionally, biographer Roger Morris describes a vicious sexual assault by Bill on a woman (around 1980) on p.238 in his book Parters in Power. Journalist Michael Isikoff details a extremely crude sexual advance by President Bill in 1996 on a lady married to a Democratic VIP on p.162 of his book Uncovering Clinton. Additionally, pervert Bill exposed himself to Paula Jones in May, 1991 and also to Carolyn Moffet in 1979.

Other Clinton dysfunctions include Bill's cocaine addiction as governor, Hillary's lesbianism and the fact that Chelsea is probably the seed of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton. Bill's only offspring is probably Danny Williams, the product of deadbeat dad Bill's orgies with (no condoms) drug-addicted street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams and her girlfriends back in 1983-84. Bill paid $200 to Gennifer Flowers so she could have an abortion in Jan., 1978, just 3 months before Bill's double rape of Juanita Broaddrick on 4-25-78. Bill severely bit Juanita's lip to disable her during the rapes. Also, Bill, brother Roger and best friend Dan Lasater were partying with high school girls and providing them cocaine when Bill was governor.

And, of course, there is Hillary's long and intense affair with Vince Foster who was her emotional husband while Bill was screwing everything in sight . Hillary has a long record of fomenting domestic violence with Bill. The Secret Service, fed up with this insanity, leaked to the press Hillary throwing a lamp at President Bill. Hillary has often thrown objects at victim Bill.

Hillary has used criminal tactics such as a secret police and illegal IRS audits to go after both political enemies and Bill's sex victims and girlfriends. It was probably Clintons' FBI who put a rotating harassment team of 25 people on Patrick Knowlton, a witness in the Vince Foster investigation, on October 26, 1995, and continuing for a week. What the Clintons did to Patrick Knowlton was Clinton street fascism as well as witness tampering.

This was a prelude to the intimidation campaign waged on Kathleen Willey in 1997-98 before her deposition in the Paula Jones case. Paula Jones who Bill exposed himself to, rape victim Juanita Broaddrick, probable rape victim Liz Ward Gracen, and mistress Gennifer Flowers all got audited by Clintons' IRS in the late 1990's.

Floyd Brown's offices were burglarized in 1992 and only his Clinton files were stolen. Brown's private phone conversations were illegally wiretapped by Hillary's goon Jack Palladino. Another one of Hillary's thugs, Anthony Pellicano is in jail in LA for the same kind goon tactics he did for the Clintons in 1992.

Clinton biographer Emmett Tyrrell also had his offices twice broken into and his NY apartment invaded once. The manuscript of Tyrrell's book Boy Clinton was stolen when he couriered it to Robert Novak for a blurb. Clintons thugs tried to intimidate 2 of Tyrrell's researchers in Little Rock.


Many people close to the Clintons describe Hillary as rude, vulgar and abusive , not just with staff and co-workers, but especially with Bill who she made a sport of ridiculing, according to L.D. Brown, Bill's favorite state trooper. Hillary is well known for making mean, vicious and personally degrading comments often towards people who work for and with her. She probably got that from her dad Hugh Rodham, a deeply disturbed man.

Hillary and Bill are sociopaths, not unlike serial killers such as Ted Bundy. Seemingly personable and normal while brown nosing wealthy contributors or opinion makers, Hillary and Bill have no regard for the integrity and well being of others. They disregard rules and lie with practiced ease, not feeling guilt or empathy for others.

Bill is the kind of guy who can rape your sister upstairs and then come down to the living room and tell you what a great book he has read about women's rights. Hillary is the kind of person who can be in the kitchen calling up a secret police to terrify your rape victim sister into silence, and then come out to the living room and ask what do you think about her latest speech on women's and children's rights.

Some of the goons that Hillary has used to cover up her and Bill's Jerry Springer lifestyle and criminal activity include Ivan Duda (1982), Jerry Parks (1980's), Jack Palladino (1992) and Anthony Pellicano (1990's). Pellicano is now in JAIL in Los Angeles for the same kind of thug intimidation tactics that Hillary hired him for. Also, Buddy Young, the head of Bill's trooper detail and who Bill made #2 at FEMA, is additionally a dangerous criminal that Hillary and Bill has employed in their black operations. Terry Lenzer is also someone Hillary has used extensively.

Please forward this information to your Democratic friends and co-workers and ask that they (and you) vote for and support John Edwards, Barack OBAMA, Bill Richardson or any other Democratic candidate, and NOT Hillary. The difference is Hillary will break your kneecap to get to the White House; the others will not.

Thank-you and have a great day!

RM, Clinton expert, Austin, TX

The 9/11 Followup!

In 1879 Albert Einstein was born. By 1905, 3 groundbreaking papers were published on: - Brownian motion - The photoelectric effect - Special relativity

In 1915 he published a paper on the theory of: - General relativity

It shot physics into a new era of light. By late November in 1920, a Grand Unified Theory of physical matter and energy had been completed, but in secret. How? Because the technology of the ruling class was years ahead of what the public knew. Electricity was actually first discovered in 1211. The first computer was invented in the 1541, and by 1858 the first gel drive was ready for mass production. Operations had already begun to have the memory for a supercomputer built in an underground base in Iceland before Einstein was born. So after 1920 the next step was to create the world in computer language and sell it to physics' greatest student - Mr. Stein. In 1923 an idea of how to convert metric tensors into binary to save memory by approximating any sort of shape was achieved. In 1926 the first piece of matter – a small drop of water – was turned into computer language. In 1927 the first human was uploaded in matrix code, being isolated in a small room and responding to various stimuli as predicted. Uploads are obtained firing photons of different wavelengths and recording the exact location of which photons come back to the emitter and where. By firing photons from satellites high above the atmosphere a 3D picture of reality was obtained in 1928 – the atmosphere, the surface and underground. Programmers approximated the solar system using similar methods along with the visible galaxy and the tectonic plates. Using general relativity's metric tensors a grouping system was arranged for all the pieces of matter; packaged into computer language and stored using the gel drives. The system boasted over a hundred years of upload and by new years 1932 not only was the world sold Mr. Einstein, a theory on the conservation of souls, like energy, was predicted proven in 2031, exactly 99 years later. How would anyone know the theory was correct? Because the planet "hackers" received confirmation as the human mind of Christ's mother registered as understanding His theory. Two is all it takes to be sure. So Bill Gates offered "his soldiers" Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord if they could win the war for his "son". 24,000,000 soldiers "from the future" were bred to reap the harvest of the planet. How do I know that? Because they all were me (you can all start screaming now ^^).

But if they were to strike, they would have to be quick and deadly. So they were trained to prepare for the largest 9/11 followup The Devil could ever create. Between 7:26AM and 3:13PM, EST, on September 13th of 2007 they will take the continent of North America by force, euthanizing all in their path with neurotoxin serum (mmm tasty). Resistors to lethal injections will be shot. At 7:26AM for 76 all tall buildings in North America will implode (nano-explosives kick fucking ass!) and all American vehicles and international airplanes will do the opposite of implode. The entrances to tall buildings will be sealed once my soldiers pass through a city, meaning if you try to hide in a tall building you're not going to like it. "This cleans up our continent" Bill Gates argues to his new Lord. If the world will not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and simply resort to calling me a madman in light of my ideas on the upload-ability of planets and all that mumbo jumbo about the nuke that never hit Texas and all my ramblings about this and that and my equation for being God that made absolutely no sense to the average reader I... uh... I will just have to bomb North America back into the abyssal cesspool from which it arose to prove it to them. (Yes Mr. Einstein is completely out of his element! Please remain calm; this is absolutely hilarious!) I wrote " Jesus Christ X " for my grad quote in 2003 and it is time for the world to start believing that the Bible means more than your average Leon's flyer because I am now ready to "X" this planet. People are rude, not environmental in their actions, snobbish, ignorant, lazy, envious, lustful, gluttonous and greedy. Well I shall go as far as to take even the seventh deadly sin upon myself as well – world: prepare for the wrath of God. You've seen my hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, famines, viral outbreaks and wars on TV. From the gates of Heaven I now bring you a continental 9/11 for North Americans of all ages. By December 25, 2007 the planet belongs to a newborn child who already will know more science than your average American university student and to our Mother Earth (she is 5 years old and she is so cute!). Welcome back to Heaven.

You see, my loving civilians, your souls will float towards the centre of the planet as attractions from developing neural matter on other continents slowly pull them in. Souls maintain a velocity with the space-time around them so by the time kingdoms arise in the Eastern world your souls should actually be in perfect position for contact with their newborns. What is a soul's attraction? It is just a simple acceleration a = k/d^2 where 'a' is the acceleration towards a fetal brain, k is a constant based on the size of the developing brain and d^2 is the distance from the brain squared. Like a marble, the soul has bits of "stuff" that are attracted to themselves and only the movement of the electrical pulses in the human brain is strong enough to overcome this attraction. Once the attraction to itself is overcome, the soul changes form so that it flows through the synaptic connections in the brain until death. Otherwise you would be no more conscious than a thermometer. After death it remains in a tiny ball and floats through space-time, completely undetectable. But when inside your brain it shows a small weight, 2.1 grams, and this apparent mass counteracts other souls from being attracted to the electrical impulses of a brain (so one soul per person)! Time is all relative to the observer, so what I'm saying here is that like in a library, when one chapter of your lifeline closes another always reopens, but it could be 5,000 years later.

Do you really think you won't be around in a 4-billion-year timeframe? My dear dear world, you can hate God, you can love God, He is just an equation and thus you must be a superior life form to an equation (this logic does not always apply in Hiroshima among other places. Yes, simulated atomic bomb drops and simulated radiation dispersion). So how does a computer manipulate the outcome of history? It has remote control over the programming of the "nanites" in all our brains – that is to say it decides whether we want coffee or tea for breakfast! Tiny bugs influence the electronegativity of action potentials in neurons by consuming and releasing ions. Kind of like a tiny robotic mosquito. Now neurotoxin is painless and feels slightly cold, like falling asleep. If you do not believe me then just ask the soldier administering it... have a nice trip!

And don't worry about missing movies because I'll show you all the movies ever made from the past and the future in huge underground cinemas and give you all the video games and music and books and theatre and opera and sports and swimming and free time and drugs and beautiful scenery and, of course, all your favourite monsters from D&D (wahaha) you ever needed. Life would be so boring without God to play with it, no? Don't miss the rapture please; it's quite a sexy event. So why blow everything up? Because my North American readers would just sit on their asses and watch TV with popcorn and milkshakes for company unless I force them to help out. It's only fair to the international world. Some of them spend their lives fearing bombs while we laugh at Oprah fearing she might lose weight.

I have been trying to get North Americans to warn you, international world, but they just don't listen to me because I keep getting locked up in these silly metal institutes! They didn't want to believe in Heaven anyways, they wanted to believe in fashion and 16-year-old horny girls with nice tits and football, and when people don't want to believe they turn their backs on something very important: faith. Now we are going to play a little game of The Lord of The Rings now... here are the rules - Europeans: you're up against about 13,000,000 surviving "Golums", after the 24,000,000 finish destroying the rest of the planet, raised in matrix simulation in Texas. Golum hates international hobbitsies who don't pray to him so get moving. I don't care if you have to swim the damn ocean to get to America. I kept warning people but no one understood what a 31,704,444 kg nuke in Texas meant... So we're going to have lots of raping and pillaging the villages on our world destruction tour! In case you didn't get the point, the U.S. Army is weapon of mass destruction and it is time you learned that it serves Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ. But what do I care if you get shot? I have been shot to death by a firing squad in 1879 after dying 473 times thanks to Satan... let me tell you, it's not that bad! OK, OK, I am being a little rude here... so I'll make you all a deal:

If you are not from North America and prayed to Jesus Christ or Mother Mary on a more or less regular basis (at least 3 prayers of more than 15 seconds time in your life to either one), we will euthanize you and your family for being respectful of your Gods, if you don't shoot at us. 48 seconds of your life could have saved you from pain or extensive worry (read John 3:16). Orphans and small children will be exempt from this test of faith and count as passing for euthanasia purposes. Unfortunately after you get this message it is already too late but there is another great deal at the end of this email. "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved." – John 3:17

Otherwise you come to America or you taste Uruk steel and good day to you sirs and mams. Let me now explain our little war on the Middle East to you all through a simple acronym: Ahmad - Adolf Hitler Muhammad After Death. When you religiously believe in a 14,000-year-old warlord as a prophet of God you're going to get war if you do not squeeze in a few prayers to Jesus Christ. But we're not racists, the US Army already mirked millions of white folks for believing in Hitler, too. Oh Bilbo... Of course that doesn't justify our actions but being computer programs sure as Hell does. You can't blame the computer for winning at chess but you sure can scream and shout about it. So first I raised an army from the past and I convinced them that they could all be God incarnate too. That is what Christ gives, a perfect interpretation of solipsist existence to anyone who bothered to ask me. Oh here's another good joke for you Lord of the Rings fans: U R UK? HAI, i'm Fred... care for gang bang? Just make sure if you didn't pass my test and live internationally you wear your favourite schoolgirl uniform and if you're cute we'll make death almost quick as a needle for you ^_~. Wahaha, enjoy Ender's Game!

FS, Jesus Christ X

Great American Truck Out

GREAT AMERICAN TRUCK OUT April 23 24 and 25 We invite truckers to participate in a national "Truck Out" A Boycott, on April 23 24 and 25, 2007 SURROUND YOUR STATE CAPITOL BLDG BUMPER TO BUMPER

The point is to shut down and surround every capital in every state with a convoy of trucks, cars and motorcycles to protest the corrupt plans our government has to destroy our trucking industry, and our nation.

www.saveamericafund.org for details

We urge all citizens to slow down traffic nation wide so that the media will have to report WHY we are doing it. It's to expose the corruption that is killing our trucking industry and America.

The media has deliberately kept its citizens in the dark about the plan to make The United States, Canada and Mexico into one country and to change our dollar to the Amero. It's called the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership, http://www.spp.gov). Look up Lou Dobbs and Amero on Google Video and see.

No gas on May 15

As far as I'm concerned the problem is:

gasoline prices aren't HIGH ENOUGH.

What this country needs is a whopper of an energy crisis.

Want to pay less? Stop driving.

wat up

ay wat up im a Norteno 4rm denver colorado u should do all us nuttys a favor n visit North high school

Ricky, Denver, CO

"Radiohead Rorschach"

I saw this article about 3 years ago and honestly - I hate Radiohead but didn't have time to write. When I was single, if I found out that a guy I was dating liked Radiohead - it was a deal breaker - they'd be tossed out on their ass. Now, I have been forced to sit in a cubicle due to overpopulation here at my office, and the other day, my ever-so-inconsiderate co-worker was playing his music for everyone to hear (as he is doing right now the jack ass). Annoying enough as it was, the songs for the most part were alright so I just tried to ignore it..UNTIL...all of the sudden I heard what sounded like some indie band with a lead singer being murdered or anally raped. The whines and the high pitched incessant howling and the weird f-ing "music" underneath it all almost drove me over the edge. So I patiently waited for the song to end - and just as soon as it did - another one started. Same program, whines and wails - whales mating sound better than this guy - and it went ON A ND ON. Finally I asked the guy, "hey man, wacha lisenin to?" he goes - all proud "it's the new radiohead". I immediately popped a xanax, mapquested the closest circut city and went and bought headphones. If not for the xanax, I might have gone to the closest pawn shop and picked up a stylish little M16 and took this whole place out...bowling for columbine style...and I blame Thom. I'm sure Marilyn Manson and Slayer would be supportive :)

TC, Los Angeles

Scofflaw Snackers

While waiting for my son to finish a summer camp outing at the science center on the hill above the Berkeley Campus, a lady approached me to inform me of the horrors on the UC campus; a small research reactor is spilling radiation into the environment. I laughed and then asked her how she got up the hill. She told me that she drove. I then began to scold her for belching all of that exhaust into the air that I breath. I informed her that I carpooled with another family for this trip.

You should go to a Sierra Club meeting and see how many people arrive as solo drivers.

T., San Jose

am the best

am the best 5awa and am beautiful ,cute and funny ....... am the best i say it again

I love sex too

I think you're a crazy bitch but I love sex too.

Some important news ...

The SCORE OF GOD. Maybe you should look into it, It could be fucking important ... perhaps you should appear to give a shit.

PB, Redondo Beach, CA

Controversial Author to Kill Jesus Easter Sunday / Claim Messiahmanship.

I present to you The Blasphemous Mind.

A website meant to kill Jesus at last.

Where B.C. becomes B.M. for our time.

Before Markx represents all things in past.

Jesus has now been dead two thousand years.

Lawrence Q? Markx shall now be Messiah.

A liberator who will make things clear.

Real life, not magic – abracadabra.

This dot com will question all things for truth.

No more religious brain washing allowed.

The Supper After Last is meant for you.

To eliminate all theories in doubt.

It's not publicity, it's blasphemy.

On Easter Sunday, you'll be blessing me.

Lawrence Q? MarkX, Aventura, Florida


After posting a record loss of 12.7 billion dollars in 2006, Ford Motor Company continues to squander shareholder money and alienate Middle American by aggressively promoting, condoning and supporting Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Gendered (GLBT) lifestyles.

Arthur Ally, president of the Timothy Plan www.timothyplan.com , America's Pro-Life/Pro-Family mutual fund group (which refuses to invest in Ford stock), said, "The fact that the leadership at Ford has turned its back on the majority of people who purchase their vehicles in order to promote a fringe agenda is unbelievable."

The pro-family organization, AFA, ( www.afa.net ), indicates a total of approximately 671,600 members have signed a www.BoycottFord.com pledge. The AFA has been urging Ford to simply forgo any further advertising or sponsorships promoting the Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender lifestyle and had thought the company would comply with their requests.

According to the Detroit News, "Ford denied it dropped sponsorship (of the GLAAD Media Awards) because of the AFA. The automaker also said that it continues to advertise in gay and lesbian publications."

The Ford position remains they are trying to get their message out to as many customers as possible, yet they refuse to advertise in Playboy and Penthouse – not because of numbers but because of content.

Art Ally applauds those participating in the boycott of Ford and contends there is a complimentary approach that may bring swifter and more dramatic results. "If every one of the 671,600 concerned citizens would simply divest of any Ford stock they may own, whether held directly or through their mutual fund(s), the company would surely get the message that their behavior has a cost," said Ally.

Barna www.barna.org Research suggests that 45% of all American adults are "born-again", and the Investment Company Institute www.ici.org suggests that one-half of all households in America own mutual funds.

"If Barna's and ICI's research holds true, approximately 40 million Christians invest over 4 trillion dollars in mutual funds. Once these Christians discover the collective power they can effectively have on corporate America, by voting with their investment dollars, companies like Ford will no longer blatantly disregard the concerns of their shareholders."

Ally concluded, "I believe you could see positive cultural change in America come from Wall Street long before it comes from the White House".

Introduce me to the Flipsyde

I am writing to you in regards of a article you wrote about a local hip-hop group called the "Flipsyde." The article appeared in the January 3, 2007 issue. I am a singer-songwriter who is trying to catch a break into this industry. According to your article the Flipsyde is in the studio working on a new album. I enclosed two songs with some "dynamite lyrics" in hopes that you can get this material to the group for review at best.

"Introduce Me to the Flipsyde" (hook):I'm young! I'm cruising!/ The Flipsyde ain't never losing/Inject me with your lust/So I can feel the rage/Your road kill bitch come 'M-Y' game/Introduce me to the Flipsyde/Introduce me to the Flipsyde/Introduce me to the Flipsyde

Adlibs: The Flipsyde the only way/If you're bored come play my game

Bridge: (Mic effect record in mono, between 2nd and 3rd verse)

Time to fill up with my philosophies/ Rich or poor you're the same to me/The Flipsyde we come in threes

DIC (the Urban Shiek), Martinez


ju no jhu god it ride

que mucuho bien

y una mas tortilla para mi




A New Money, A New Way, A Revolution

It is my understanding that we have entered a cycle of humanity in which highest shall be made lowest and last shall be made first.

This will begin in earnest when a group of people agrees that each one of them is earning, say, five Ma (this is what I call the new money) an hour, every hour, retroactive to first breath and continuing unto last breath.

Once this is set in motion, no one can stop it.

Never again will people be able to work other people to death. Why? Because money will be being "earned" in time instead of by labor!

What is the necessary labor and who is doing it?

The day will come when masses of people will be able to decide what work is to be done and how many hours a year they will labor at it.

Also, since only necessary products will be produced, this will free millions of people to do other things, such as spending more time with their elderly parents or their young children, or resting.

Obviously, this new money will eventually undermine the world's financial system, as millions and millions of people cease to accept "old money" as having any value.

Consequently, the Powers That Be will no longer have any power; as in: when the mountain crumbles those at the top have the farthest to fall.

We might even have peace on earth!

Thank you for your attention.

LM. Mount Vernon, WA

Invitation To Newsmedia To Publish True Iraq Story

To whom it may concern,

Would the US media consider doing a story on Saddam Hussein and a true expose on the Iraq War. Though this story should have been told back in 1990, it should be told today. What I am asking the media to do is to publish the truth of the Iraq War. This is something that no media organization has done.

I feel that if you put the truth in President Bush's face and in the face of people in his administration, they will refuse to own up to the truth of this Iraq War.

This (the truth) is something that you, the newsmedia, owe the people of Iraq and something that you must publish, on account of your pledge to God. Does truth matter in America? Is human life sacred? Should big politicians go around killing people, committing acts of intentional murder done under the color of law? What constitutes high treason? Do we go around murdering millions of people for the sake of oil?

The head of state of China is saying this to you. A man who believes in and respects God, trying to be as upright as he possibly can. A man who hopes one day to bring the worship of the true god back to China and see to western democracy and freedoms. Something, which the Bush administration has secretly fought against, something which the media has never published. Does truth matter or will America get away with sheer lies and the murder of 2.1 million innocent Iraqi people?

The truth was always in the face of those in the Bush administration, yet they chose murder and lies over the truth and obedience to godly standards of righteous and upright conduct in their carriage of US foreign affairs. How about the truth and an expose on a not so bright President Bush?

If you do not do this story, I feel, the Bush administration will want to have me dead and may quietly seek and promote my death (I will be murdered).

I am willing to do this story, because (1) I believe in the true god and (2) I find it highly offensive that any nation would go around committing acts of intentional murder, killing Hebrews, and get away unpunished with their acts of high crimes and treason. Committing intentional acts of murder under the color of law (fraudulently using the law for their own greedy and ignorant ends) not really realizing that they are killing, murdering, human beings, people, who have feelings and whose lives matter!

Sometimes, people, in high places of any nation, will see human life or lives in terms of numbers. What's a few thousand for the sake of oil company profits, when people (millions) are dying every day!

Justice MUST be served and governments can not go around acting criminally! 2.1 million lives being innocently taken is a major tragedy and a great crime that our nation has intentionally committed! Please, someone contact me and let's do this story!

Truth in the face of President George W. Bush and his administration?

It should be done and the truth should be told. For God's sake and for the sake of all of the innocent people in Iraq who died and did not know why they died; for the sake of truth and because America is a righteous nation. This story should be told, because of God's love for man that no man die in vain and that all people are acceptable in God's sight and all are permitted to come unto him and worship for their eternal salvation. Any man who chooses to stand in the way of God, disobeying God's laws, should be punished. Such large crimes can not go unpunished!

God is love and a hater of badness. This story should be told, so Americans will know why they are dying and what they are truly dying for!

Do people in the Bush administration want the truth to come out?

Why not do the story? Any takers?

HIM Yao Sui, Emperor of China and Son of Heaven (living in temporary exile in the United States of America), a humanitarian and peacemaker (world statesman); Chief Negotiator and Managing Partner, Lester D.K. Chow and Associates. Chief Independent Negotiator, Iraq War 1990-91.

After World war I those using control in the Untied States were board and ran

After World war I those using control in the Untied States were board and ran using control the roaring 20's as Britain and the US Treasury department manipulated the stock markets with the Secret Service keeping the elected officials in the dark to protect their operations and insuring that they remained under control. After they were exposed to the legislator who were unable to deal with them due to the Secret Service they set up funding in the US while cutting back their operations and moving them to Germany, creating the Nazi (nasal) party. The German government having identified Britain and the US Treasury as the prime players came up with the puppet flag of the twisted Jack to indicate dementia and were aware originally of the use of audio suggestion in the air, the use of a soft voice on the same frequencies as the radio broadcasts and had monitored for the use of the stepped resonating tubes punched through the ear canal not by using the then x rays which would show them at the time but by monitoring for the signals used to send to them. The British intelligence and US Treasury teams from the North eastern United States and Texas had developed the sinus bug during the 1920's which was glued at the time into the sinus cavity of a sedated person and acted as a signals repeater using a more secure encryption and which then used a weak signal to send to the stepped resonating tube so as to avoid detection by signals monitoring equipment which relied on a signature, being quite successful on Adolph Hitler for example with the improper use of audio-suggestion used during speaks to even add the appearance of emotion by inducing the physical tremors seen in old video. The US legislature's warning at the time after having gone through control removal was to use passive resistance to create the BATF, Britain pays with Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and stuck in with the US Treasury which collaborated with British intelligence.

In the US the German mess generated huge markets producing items for the military and even the repackaging of stock items originally produced by the military or by its military prison labor for sale by government contract back to the government as if new production.


World Liberty Bell / Christina M Vahlsing

Angels of Freedom,

Help Christina M. Vahlsing build the WORLD LIBERTY BELL! Make a $100 sponsorship; and we will engrave your name into the Bell's commemorative plaque.

Please pass this on to your Associates and Friends.

"If you want WORLD FREEDOM come ring the BELL!" ...and have fun with us to Promote and Educate WORLD FREEDOM.

Ms. Vahlsing is manufacturing a special beautiful "WORLD LIBERTY BELL" to symbolize World Unity and to promote Global Freedom. The "World Liberty Bell" will go on tour around the world in 2007; and we can ring it in each Country. Help build the WORLD LIBERTY BELL! Make a $100 sponsorship. To cast the World Liberty Bell: $250,000 is the expenditure. The "World Liberty Bell" will measure about 82" diameter (at the mouth of the bell) and will weigh about 12,650 lbs and cast to a musical note G. Attached to the Bell's apparatus will be a commemorative plaque; which in script / engrave every ones names that makes a $100 sponsorship per fifty characters.

To include your name on the World Liberty Bell commemorative plaque via the Internet go to:


Words to inspire World Freedom...

Freedom! Freedom! Liberty! Freedom!

What is freedom?...

What is freedom to you?...

To me freedom is living and sharing the earth with everyone; And respecting that my freedom ends where your freedom begins.

If you want to change the world;

You must first start with yourself.

Can we over come jealousy;

Can we over come hatred.

No one can bring your understanding to another but yourself.

No one can speak your words and convey your meanings but yourself.

Each of us is dissimilar;

Each of us is unique;

Each of us is odd to each other.

Each of us is unfamiliar to another until we can over come....

Over come some of our own challenges....

Can we over come deposition?

Can we over come fear?

Freedom is a given;

Is a natural right to you; as like all living things born onto this Earth.

Is your desire to protect freedom for yourself?

To stand strong to the challenges.

To defend...FREEDOM.

To practice...FREEDOM.

To custom yourself with others freedom.

And respecting that your freedom ends where my freedom begins.

Each of us is meant to be different; everyone is fallible.

We can not pretend freedom for ourselves and impact restrictions on others.

A majority can not vote out an individual's freedom.

Can you see freedom for you?

Can you inspire freedom to others?

Will you protect another's freedom?

Are you up and ready for the unforeseen challenges?

Can you over come and practice freedom here, now, today!

You have the power of understanding.

Grab Freedom!...Grip it!...Firmly, tight; and never let anyone take it from you.

When the world is free; there will be peace.

Written by Christina M. Vahlsing for the World Liberty Bell, Festival

Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!

"Conscious freedom brings physical peace!"

Christina M. Vahlsing / World Liberty Bell, Festival CHRISTINA M. VAHLSING Producer of the World Liberty Bell / Liberty Bell Festival, Albuquerque, NM


In searching: Is there anyone that can shed "Truth & Light" on the subject of worshipping "GOD" in spirit & truth. King James version or any version of the any Bible Anything inlighting better understanding. I have enough of the Terminology about "JESUS", the cross/sins of the world. Christianity and such like worshippers has nothing more than a theory on the subject. They have created a bigger dilemma to who/where/when/how. Every funeral the deceased is in heaven! Comeon now Maybe I have the wrong understanding about Sin. WAGES of SIN! "GOD" is too busy to hear everybody's prayer, and yet he can only hear us in Sunday morning service. Denominational or not churches only want to hear nothing but worldly moral situations, and to create better programs for solving there problems. Throw into the sermon a few scriptures. No have no true evidence to show any improvement in them. The knowledge of what been in the Bible (regardless which version) is compatible or not to today's technology. For asurety the word of "GOD" it will always abide for ever. Same yesterday/today/and for ever, and technology will be the thing of the past. The more we learn from technology the grimmer and costly is the Wages of Sin. And one thing I do know being more informed, that there is no verible of turning in "GOD"!

WA, Oakland


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