Oppressors Have Become the Oppressed 

For the week of September 23-29, 2009.

How about those crumbling structures of the status quo? Civilization, along with civilized interaction, seems to be collapsing around us, but it's a breakdown that started way before Wilson, Williams, or West. In the wake of economic dissolve, we appear to have reached some sort of weird negative critical mass that's manifesting as an unbridled need to share opinions and then to mistake those opinions for facts. And because many of us are so indoctrinated by media propaganda machines, lots of us have confused the medium for the message and intensity for accuracy. The truth does not increase with vitriol and volume. And just because you like what someone says or how he or she says it, that doesn't mean what's being said is correct. One of the tasks we're facing as individuals, as well as members of the collective, is how to separate fact from fiction and truth from opinion so that we can make informed choices about what's next.

The planets offer a couple of clues about our current situation. (1) Since the spring, we've been under the influence of a Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction, and while this conjunction is generally considered to symbolize altruism, Chiron's presence signals both a deep wounding to those humanitarian inclinations, as well as the potential for great healing. Translation: Chiron is revealing selfish interests, and because Neptune can be called the Destroyer of Illusion, the extent to which we have ignored, denied, or rationalized self-interest seems impossible to ignore. But nowhere more impossible than on the issue of health care. Didn't Jesus heal the sick and feed the poor? And shouldn't that standard make the public option a given for every Christian? Period. But it's not just the Christian illusion that's being challenged by the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction. Where is the moral outrage of all religious traditions against the injustice of poverty wherever it is found?

(2) Since last September, we've also been under the influence of a Saturn/Uranus opposition, which represents the dissolution of the stagnant structures. From a political perspective, this opposition has turned the oppressors into the oppressed. Or as Bob Dylan once wrote, "The first ones now will later be last." Unfortunately, the newly oppressed are not adjusting well to their lowly position; they are revealing themselves to be the bullies they've always been. Aggressive crowds aimed at shouting down anyone who disagrees because the members of the crowd feel entitled to be angrier than anyone else. Well ... I'm classifying that as bullying. The deliberate intention to cause harm because you don't agree with someone's point of view and you're not interested in changing your own because you've been riled up by hate-mongering talk-show hosts who are feeding off of fear and ignorance ... yeah ... that's bullying. And this condition is and has been our status quo for quite some time. Is it stagnant? Not by a traditional definition. Does it serve? Only selfish interests.

Which brings us back to the notion that authentic altruism is possible, but only when we recognize each other as equally deserving of a good and healthy life regardless of race, gender, or religious or non-religious affiliation.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES You feel as if you are battling opponents, but the fight, real or imagined, has the potential to deplete your system. Instead of doing battle, stay focused and determined to accomplish your goals.

TAURUS Don't be surprised if an urge to break free from a restrictive professional situation motivates the need for sudden action. While I'm not advising you to act impetuously, I am suggesting you honor our need for change.

GEMINI While it may seem impossible to find a balance between personal and professional responsibilities, it isn't. But strong, as well as realistic boundaries are needed to resolve and alleviate the tension.

CANCER The struggle between tradition and revolution is always difficult, but for you radical breaks are often extremely painful. So rather than make dramatic moves, keep your process slow and steady.

LEO The solution you're seeking is likely to be found in your ability to step out of a polarized position and into an open-minded attitude that's willing to embrace a previously unconsidered viewpoint.

VIRGO A deep current of creativity inspires you. So whether your projects are personal or professional, spend as much time as necessary devoting yourself to self-expression.

LIBRA It's your season to transform and reform old patterns that no longer serve. Make solid "New Year" resolutions by sorting through what you want to leave behind and what continues to have value for the future.

SCORPIO As you see it, the tension between what is possible and what is probable is overwhelming. What you're not figuring into the equation is your ability to transform the situation.

SAGITTARIUS There is some money to be made, especially if you're willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Even though you're already working hard, a little extra effort could make the difference.

CAPRICORN While you are under a lot of pressure to deliver the "goods," it's important not to let that pressure turn into anxiety. All you can do is show up, stay present, and do what needs to be done.

AQUARIUS It's a conflict over values, and it is likely to be emotionally charged. Diffuse the intensity by your willingness to listen to the needs of others with an open heart and an open mind.

PISCES The urge to pull away may not be the wisest response to your current circumstances, so rather than withdraw, reach out to friends who can help with solid, thoughtful advice.


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