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Re: “Was Rape the Motive? It Doesn't Add Up

No media has yet produced a single speck of credible factual evidence that there was any 12 year-old raped by Lovelle Mixon or anybody else. MIA is the alleged APB poster of the artist's rendering of a perp. It is incredible that a 12 year-old gets raped and police do not put out a community warning. It is incredible that a series of rapes occur and the police does not issue a public warning. We can't get details about the minor or her identity but we can get other facts, if they actually exist. Let's ask what date did this rape happen? Is there a police blotter report of rape of a minor on that date? What is the name of the officer who took the report? What is the artist's name who drew the poster? Where is a poster to be found that existed prior to the shootout? Who took the DNA sample? What lab did the DNA test? Who matched the lab results to the state database?

The rape DOES matter, if it happened, because rapists of small children (a 12 year-old would be Lisa Simpson's age from the cartoon series) get killed by their fellow inmates. Tree-jumpers are only slightly higher status than snitches in the joint. IF there was a rape it explains everything, that Lovelle Mixon committed "suicide by cop" rather than get yanked for a parole violation. Mixon then did everything possible to trigger robotic responses on the part of police to get them to kill him. "Suicide by cops" is a well-known syndrome, it happens a lot. If the rape story is true in every detail, it was an ARMED rape, and it identified Lovelle Mixon as being armed, a critically important detail needed to be known by any cop who comes in contact serving the arrest warrant for parole violation. There's a big difference between a parolee who failed to report and one raping kids with a semiautomatic handgun. There's something smells fishy that the armed and dangerous rape arrest warrant for Mixon was delayed.

If the rape never happened, there is no 12 year-old, there is no DNA sample (this is a police force that just fired 11 officers for lying and falsifying evidence for search warrants). In that case the killing of Mixon was still justified on other grounds -- he attacked and killed two traffic cops, which sicced the SWAT on him, but it tarnishes others in the department.

Lovelle Mixon had a false driver's license on him that day. He was actively evading parole and he knew he was already revoked for not reporting. It didn't take any rape charge to trigger him off, but it's not so easy to figure him out in that case -- there's no automatic death sentence waiting from fellow inmates back in the slam if he's not a tree-jumper. If still smells like suicide, holed up in a closet with the SWAT outside the apartment there could be no other end unless he surrendered, but he could have seen himself going out in a blaze of glory from an overall crappy life if there was no rape in the background. That rape makes all the difference in figuring out what Mixon was about and being ready next time. That's why that rape charge is important even though he is now dead.

Posted by Lion on 03/27/2009 at 2:52 PM

Re: “Were the Cop Killings Bound to Happen?

You keep trying to make this Oakland PD's fault. NYTs reported cousin Jermaine Mixon as eyewitnessing parolee Lovell Mixon with a handgun weeks earlier. Had Jermaine been law-abiding, Lovell Mixon would have been picked off quietly by properly alerted police long before the current police shootings. Cousin Jermaine also knew Mixon was pimping, a career which requires repeated rapes to condition unwilling females to prostitute unpaid for the pimp's profiting. No further crimes were needed to get Lovell off the streets back then. Uncle Mixon was on the cellphone with Lovell seconds before the first cops were gunned down. Sister Mixon was in the apartment with Lovell for two hours as police combed the blocks around the murders looking for him. Various Mixons knew about the assault rifle and guns available to Lovell. The fault is in the criminals and in their support group, not in the police and their support group. Try to get it straight.

Now you have some facts wrong above. A small percentage of people does the majority of the crimes. 90% of the rapes didn't get solved (yet), but 10% of them did, and that 10% involved the same rapists who did most of the other 90%. Rapists got caught and went to prison even though many of their other rapes were not solved or pinned on them. Lovell was suspected in five rapes but did who knows how many others not yet connected to him? Lovell's rapes got "solved" regardless of what the statistics say -- he won't be raping again any time soon, will he?

Support the police and then they can get the Lovell Mixons off the streets without gunplay. The man should have been wearing a cellphone-GPS ankle-bracelet 24/7 every second of his parole. He should have paid for it himself, not the taxpayers. It's not the OPD's fault he wasn't wearing one -- it's YOUR FAULT, for not mobilizing the public to make him wear one. You are the one who chose media as a career, so do your job and get the violence out the system by supporting the police earlier in the process, where it's non-violent. You waited until it blew up and you participated in delaying the non-violent solution which could have avoided violence. Look in the mirror, Mixon-supporter, and admit that it's your fault that five people died.

The issue is not cops & robbers, blacks v whites: the issue is that there is one sociopath like Lovell Mixon to every two dozen of the rest of us. Sometimes the sociopaths are wearing badges and sometimes they are shooting at badges but the total percentages never change, 4% conscienceless killers and 96% of us. It takes an iron fist to control the sociopaths, but heaven help us when the sociopaths control the iron fist (as in Mao, Stalin, Saddam, Cheney). Sociopaths who happen to be employed in the place where they can do the most mischief as newsmedia would like to fuzz up the issues so that sociopathy is not discriminated out, but hyper discrimination is exactly what is needed. There are sociopaths who need weeding out of OPD and there are sociopaths needed to be ripped out of the civilian neighborhoods. Let's not paint entire social groups as bad when every social group has its own 4% to deal with. Even 4% of newsmen are psycho nuts.

Posted by Lion on 03/25/2009 at 6:11 PM

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