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Recent Comments

Re: “Perata Is Running for Mayor

Can't you jerk off to anything else????? That sh*t about his "high price defense" is so sick, how can you call yourself a journalist when you are sending the message that if he gets off it's only because he had good lawyers. Tell to to Don Seigleman and Ted Stevens. GO GET LAID, BOB, YOU'RE EMBARASSING YOURSELF.

Posted by Gin-gin on 03/31/2009 at 11:03 PM

Re: “AK-47s Are Already Illegal

For the love of God, Gammon, to what lengths will you go to attack Don Perata or even just mention his name?! There's plenty of big names screaming about the assault weapons but you only name Perata?! Your obsession has gotten totally creepy. What's next, a story on Wall Street's demise - and hey, I hear Don Perata once owned stock. Or, how about a story on the decline of the British pound and oh yeah, didn't Don Perata once eat fish and chips? Get a hobby. Get a girl. But seriously dude, get some help.

Posted by Gin-gin on 03/25/2009 at 11:21 AM

Re: “Don Perata's Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Naive? Try stupid, ill-informed and stupid.

Bobbie, you appear to be the ONLY person in the United States totally unaware that Bush administration Justice officials are STILL US ATTORNEYS. Why, as a reporter, are you unaware that the new Attorney General hasn't yet replaced anyone???? The fact is - you ARE aware. But you chose to say otherwise. You are using your column to not only act as mouthpiece for the FBI and the most perverted Justice Department in a generation, you are willing to outright LIE TO THE PUBLIC to make their case for them. All because you have a sick obsession with Don Perata. How many times are you going to beat off to this guy? How is it that media from right and left are overflowing with stories of politically bent investigations and prosecutions, the dots connecting to show this was CLEARLY a pattern under Bush, yet you think this is the way business should be done?

Maybe YOU don't mind what happened with the good ol' boys in Alabama happening in the Bay Area - but I do. I also have better things to do with however many millions the feds have spent. For God's sake, wasn't $40 million for Clinton's blowjob enough? The one office spent 5 years and a zillion dollars looking at Perata . They said they couldn't and wouldn't indict. Ok, move on. Let the money be spent on something else. I am NOT in favor of spending another 10 million bucks so Larry Brown can keep his freaking job.

What's really troubling here is that you keep acting as mouthpiece for the feds. Why? Because it's Perata they're after. If this investigation had happened to ANYONE ELSE, you'd have demanded law-abiding justice. But because you have a personal agenda with this particular individual, you defend the most perverted Justice Department in a generation. You need to turn in your press card. You are too biased to wear the mantle of journalist. I'm sending your columns with a note to the Society of Professional Journalists and ask that they investigate YOU.

Posted by Gin-gin on 03/11/2009 at 12:01 PM

Re: “Perata Feels Remorse - All the Way to the Bank

I think it's hilarious that you think less than $30,000 is a huge amount of money, let alone a huge enough amount of money to get a top politician to write or sign some bill he wouldn't have approved otherwise. You people are so lame it's laughable. You're also a bunch of assholes for hinting there's something wrong with Perata or anyone else for that matter "approving" more slots on Native Americans casinos. The notion of "sovereign nation" just doesn't translate to you pathetic liberals who are so eager to help every Mexican who comes here illegally to steal free health care and education services. But to allow the Indian to make their own busines own their own land is just to disgusting for you I guess. Like I say, lame assholes. Neither you or the politicians have any right to tell Indians what to do on their land, which by the way is their nation. Nobody is putting a gun to the heads of all those gamblers marching onto Indian land, which is the opposite of what happened to the Indians who white people forced OFF Indian land. You're so filled with hate for Perata you hate everything he does whether it's right or wrong. Helping Native Americans is never wrong so stuff your twisted hatred of politicians up your ass, we need every hand up for Indians we can get.

Posted by Gin-gin on 05/06/2007 at 12:31 AM

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