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Re: “City of Oakland Plans to Ban Homeless from Camping Around Lake Merritt

David Welsh:

Sorry, but Mahatma Ghandi died in 1948 - so not much was said by Ghandi in 2016. However, and perhaps amazingly, someone else used the same Ghandi quote and even said "A famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi springs to mind here." And, as amazingly, that was written on Sept. 15, 2016.


Alternatively, you did a cut and paste not knowing or caring how silly/shameless it looks.

BTW, the term White Elephant usually refers to a possession (think of an old knick knack in the house that is hopelessly out of style) that one wants to get rid of, perhaps at a White Elephant sale. "Elephant in the room" is often used to call out an item that no one wants to discuss.

Yes, I agree with you that homelessness is a terrible problem in our society. If it was easy to fix, it would be fixed by now. It is terribly complicated and a terrible problem.

I am not sure if I buy the comparison to prison expenses. I, personally, would rather keep murderers and other violent people off the streets, stopping them from further endangering all of us, at least as much as I would like the homeless to get more help. Who is imprisoned and for what crimes, etc. is also terribly complicated.

Regarding the Home Depot incident - take a walk (if you have no fear for your safety) or drive by the back of the Home Depot in Emeryville. It is a mess of tents and crap all over the place. Home Depot is trying to run a business and they, apparently, have focus on preventing the adjacent homeless encampment from spreading and encroaching on their parking lot. Do you really blame them for trying to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for their customers? Was it really such a terrible mistake, especially given the proximity of a large homeless encampment, for them to be concerned about someone sleeping a car in their lot?

So, the problems are well known, as was Ghandi. I don't have a solution but I do believe, as I said, this endeavor by the City is a start.

Posted by Michael Good on 09/13/2018 at 8:02 AM

Re: “City of Oakland Plans to Ban Homeless from Camping Around Lake Merritt

This is a start. Although hard for some to acknowledge - these encampments are public hazards - sanitation and safety. Another fire today!

Parks are for the sharing of beautiful outdoor space - not dirty, inhospitable campgrounds that decreases the use and enjoyment by the general public.

The argument about not enough shelters is rhetorical. When they are full, we can talk about it. I dont want go there - I would rather live in the park is not OK. We need to make progress in assisting the needy AND we need to follow the laws that enable a safe and clean community.

Posted by Michael Good on 09/11/2018 at 12:11 PM

Re: “Berkeley Police Officers Threaten to Resign and Disband SWAT Unit If Council Doesn't Allow Participation in Urban Shield

Darwin stirred things up by writing about the controversy. Sadly, the tradition continues - East Bay Express "News" is not news, not even close. No followup, no conclusion, no report out on how the Council dealt with the issue and what happened at the meeting. Fire it up and leave others to concern themselves with facts and conclusions. That ain't news - that is s**t stirring.

The facts of the matter - The council voted to go ahead with the training.

You are welcome.

Posted by Michael Good on 08/06/2018 at 5:34 PM

Re: “Protesters Mourn Nia Wilson and Rally in Opposition to the Broader Reality of Violence Against Black Bodies

I guess it sells newspapers (not that East Bay Express necessarily qualifies as one), but it seems DBG stokes the flames as best he can - he made sure to portray this killing as yet another racial hate crime.

"Although police say Cowell's motive is still unknown, the mood at yesterday's vigil and protest was that it was most likely a hate crime."

Sounds like Trump when he says "it might be this or it might be that" or "some people say" or "someone told me" and then says things to stir up his base of haters.

This killer, who sadly and sickeningly, committed this terrible act is schizophrenic and bipolar.

Mr. Allums certainly was the voice of reason here. Ironic that the crowd had little interest in listening to one so close to the victim and went off on their accusatory tirade because they "knew" the cause of this tragedy.

But this article is about insinuations and accusations first, investigative journalism perhaps later, facts much later. Good job, DBH, stir it up good.

Posted by Michael Good on 07/27/2018 at 3:03 PM

Re: “Berkeley Police Officers Threaten to Resign and Disband SWAT Unit If Council Doesn't Allow Participation in Urban Shield

Well, if it makes some feel better and superior by being reactive and threatening to fire those who threaten to quit, I would not want to get (too much) in the way of them. After all, they feel good and authoritarian.

If one tries to approach the threat of dismissal logically:

- grounds for dismissal do not include "threatening to quit"
- if they quite, then you can't fire them.

My view is that these people are needing and asking for training. They feel strongly enough about it that they put their careers, livelihoods and well being of their families at risk. This is not a trip to Disneyland and not a game. The memo from the City Manager seems well thought out, balanced and responsive to the criticism of the programs.

Lashing out and saying "fire the bums" is an approach - but not productive or actually actionable. Spending time and thought really hearing them is valuable. It does not translate to a call for violence - it does translate to increased professionalism and competence while in dangerous situations protecting the denizens of Berkeley.

Ironic that I am criticized for attempting to understand and failing to do so. My advocacy has been to strive to understand, rather reacting emotionally and vilifying these police professionals.

Posted by Michael Good on 07/24/2018 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Berkeley Police Officers Threaten to Resign and Disband SWAT Unit If Council Doesn't Allow Participation in Urban Shield

Liberals support unions, right? And a major, often used union tactic is a strike, right?

So, the next time a union strikes and essential services (e.g. hospital care) are curtailed, putting you at risk, you will support that, right?

So, what is really different?

1 the police are putting themselves at greater risk. Union members on strike temporarily quit their jobs. They get to come back to work and even get back pay.

2 the real issue is you dont like what they say they need to be effective. Or, you dont like police and this is an excuse to emote about and lash out. You complain about the tactic but that is hiding from the truth. Berkeley liberals turn into authoritarians (e,g. Fire them, we are in charge) as soon as a different view is brought to bear. Hypocrisy is ok if you label yourself a liberaral.

And, yes, they need military like skills. A SWAT cannot throw flowers at the terrorist/hostage taker/murderer and protect you that way. Sometimes, force is neeeded. With poor training, they can botch it. But, then someone will blame them for that.

Maybe, just maybe, they need and want training to have the right skills to keep you safe. Try listening and not telling them.

Posted by Michael Good on 07/24/2018 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Berkeley Police Officers Threaten to Resign and Disband SWAT Unit If Council Doesn't Allow Participation in Urban Shield

I do not think there is ambiguity in the reporting structure. But, It seems some decisions rights need(ed) more clarity.

Regardless, the brain trust at the council cannot order them not to quit. Rather than try to decide on the best training for these officers, they shoul stop, listen and try to understand - quitting their jobs is no small deal. Maybe they know better and the council should rely on their judgement and stop judging with political nonsensense clouding sound decision making.

Posted by Michael Good on 07/23/2018 at 3:20 PM

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