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Re: “No Place to Go

Is It Bathrooms Or Evil Men Our Problem?

Parking Lots, Parking meters...
I once read that the common law of the land was this, that in order to have a license or permit for a parking lot in California, with a certain number of spaces, say for a University Federal Park, or State parks, and say publick government, private or city parking lots, all had to build with that parking lot a mandatory 24 hour restroom, and at least one was needed every year to get the parking lot permit renewal, same for gas stations.
Who bypassed that law goid nieghbor laws? Take thier houses.

Now ye rich men.
What is a legal above the board "mark up" on products sold or exchanged in Berkeley?
What is the nations mark up?
What is considered good nieghbor policy mark up? I0%? is that 10% mark up above board or fair in Gods eyes? Some say 35% is common practice. If it is common bussiness practice to mark up at 35% why hide it if you love your nieghbor?

If mark up is deceptive or hidden, what then is every bill of sale? Is it deception or a fraudulent sale? What if some bussiness man and his hireling wolf Garda is always found selling above a nieghborly mark up, say they always buy for 10.00 but say they paid 20.00 all the time a 100% mark up? Is that not deceptive, is it teaching or leading many in a bad way a perverted way of injustice?
Are the teaching us how to decieve? How is it not teaching everyone to walk in deception, and confusion?

And What if a bussiness owner lies about any mark up? Have they when it is not on the bill of sale? Is that practice perverse from love of nieghbor? Is that tresspassing God bringing all Gods wrath on cop and rich man who hired cops?

Bussiness men who love money the root of all evil, Do they now dictate by force with Garda? Is Garda the only ones who do oppression upon the weakest and poorest?
Did you warn and tell your child that bussness men are mostly all in love with money, the root of all evil. Is not that root Satan? Did you tell them busness men cannot help themselves they love money gave themselves to the god of lies, they are liars walking in the root of all evil? Will they your youth know not to be taken to the cleaners by rich men?

Where are the signs posted for love of strangers, passengers, the travelers, passerby's who pass through in Berkeley, the sign that warns all weak humble unawares passengers, be ware of the CITY OF BERKELEY, they are the most rebelious AGRESSIVE PAN HANDLERS Meter maids band of the wicked Roman Garda Gangs who WILL ROB YOUR WAGES OR TERRORIZE YOU TO ROB YOU OF YOUR HOUSE CAR, CART WAGON, HOUSE AND HOME AND PROPERTY, DID NOT THEY TAKE AN OATH TO PROTECT THOSE ROGHTS, BUT THEY TRESSPASS EVERY RIGHT? Are they not thieves, menstealers, terrorists defined in Ezekiel 32, 33 causing thier terror in the land of the living? Are they in Gods eyes free to be perverting JUSTICE, doing treason, RUNNING AGRESSIVE REBELLIONS near Gods children, near ministers in training, near the homeless or near your children?

How do they make laws, when they are agressive pan handling against pan handling, and decieve and lie by putting unconstitutional laws and codes and cause thier terror in the land of the living? Should evil doers rich men hirelings government paid for rule, all these thieves be using Pharaoh force against the children of God? If Pharaoh and the Multitude of Egypt with army did not live for they were crushed in the red sea, how have you all escaped, to terrorize Gods children in a God given city of refuge?

And what Will justice be for all those whome ye all have defrauded? How long will you do violence to God at his poor, and be found without God coming with vengeance? How many evil cities are still on the face of the earth who surpass the sins of Sodom and Gomorha? Can Berkeley build on fields of oppression, on poor peoples beat downs, thefts from the poor, stolen parks, and the shedding of innocent blood. Who can gain by blood money of a war on drugs, war on poverty, war on drunk drivers, war on the homeless, war on freedom to travel, war on freedom of parking, war on anyone who is found on our own streets we paid for, war on resting, war on sitting, war on body functions, war on freedom of travel, war on freedom of religion, war on freedom of speech, and war on the innocent. More and more War on all you snared and have taken to the cleaners, who might say so so you make war on them. Bussiness men are teaching evil, teaching perversions, theft, fraud, deception. Shall evil doers set snairs, and teach theft to the weak, then hire security, Garda, law enforcers who walk in a perpetual hatred, take Garda jobs to put pain take revenge not on the one they hate but the poor who fight not you back.
Havent you law enforcers alway taken up the Bully sword of fear, and have alway come out to put pain on those you corupted, perverted, ripped off, taught rebellion, made hate, directed the lead to theft, made all walk as you in deceptions?
Ye rich men now think they will administer the law that worketh death by Decapolis the cop police Garda and this is the love of God and loving your nieghbor? But ye know not that the law worketh death, condemnation, strife, the putting the law causes all law breaking, every lust, rebelions, deception, thefts, wrong doing, and shall evil come not upon you all who wield those swords upon tbe poor?

I also warn you all...
too banish every
"no publick bathroom" signs, or "bathrooms for customers only" signs.
Is it true those signs would also be against the publick health codes, and are those signs a notice to all, give us notice of a bussiness owners hatred of God and hate of love and hate of nieghbour?
That is a sign the food is cursed the sale is cursed, the products in that store have innocent blood shed on them,
They are separated as wheat or tares. Wheat or sheep would have a good nieghbor policy. As a young man in order to sale by building second street to main street traffic and have a store front or food restuarant adjucent we must provide a mandadory restroom? How did the rich become so destined for destruction in America God only knows? My God you all are crying out to God to ban you all from having bathrooms, and have more military menstealers, military food lines, just like your Roman Catholic Garda god you set over your Homeless JC Doprin. Is he Jesus but looks like Moses acts like Belly god teacher leader, worships the prais of himself or you get the beat down by his military god of forces.

This is a Christian Nation if you do not like the nation of love your nieghbor as your self, and love God with all your heart then leave, or God will destroy you from among his people.
And all who are in bed with J.C., Doprin shall feel the wrath of God he has been warned and all in bed with him again, touch not mine anointed and do my proohets ni harm, Jesus is so in all the poor. JC moses or pharaoh who thinketh he will have the preimenance, hypocrites, scribes pharasees, all have the greater damnation enjiy your tribulation.

Posted by Mark Terpening on 12/14/2015 at 8:17 PM

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