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Re: “Dellums Deserves Credit for Steep Crime Drop

How in the world do you figure that this absent mayor deserves any credit? what a laughable statement, i'm guessing the author lives in berkeley or elsewhere. remember this mayors response to the spate of takeover roberies? he advised us, kind of scolded us, as a city to take more responsibility. great leadership. He has fought and attempted to block the increases in the police force. He is hands down the worst mayor oakland has had in a century. The changes that Jerry Brown put in to motion are only now taking effect that have caused these changes. Bringing homebuyers and tax revenue into downtown and west oakland, encouraging larger police forces on par with other large cities. Absentee Dellums has had nothing to do with these things and has only tried to roll them back.
As upsetting as it is to some, another obvious factor is the gentrification of oakland. people buying homes and caring about their neighborhoods and their neighbors well-being has casued this turnaround.
Give credit where credit is due, even if it pains you.

Posted by lightseeker on 03/27/2010 at 9:54 AM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

exposing myself as a bigot? that's pretty funny.
but your right, it's too much. i feel the need to expose the ridiculousness that is marcel and i should just let him continue with that on his own.

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Posted by lightseeker on 11/25/2009 at 7:36 PM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

The Eternal Victim: Marcel in his own words:…

here is an incident where an officer stops an unregistered old truck with no tags after midnight whose operator has no license. most of us have been pulled over down here, especially if we're circling around a block or driving an illegal vehicle. as you can read, in marcels' world this stop constituted an attack, meant to dehumanize a strong black leader of the community who is feared by the police, who according to marcel are "looking for trouble" when they patrol this neighborhood.
we get to see in this article the vindictive nature of mr. Jack as he promises to unleash a torrent of angry black justice on this officer for doing his job, and is "seeking damages from the city".
as if the free grant money and donations and free rent and tax credits weren't enough, it seems this genius entrepreneur has yet another productive revenue stream - suing the city for a perceived slight.
am I to believe that this clown is a strong community leader? seems more like a scared little boy with daddy issues who has yet to become a man. try registering your truck and you won't get a ticket. or pay your rent and you won't get evicted. or pay your taxes and you won't lose your properties. quit crying about this stuff that we all go through every day. what in the world makes you think you're better than everybody else?

Posted by lightseeker on 11/25/2009 at 7:25 AM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

seedplanter - explain to me how the recordings of BlackDot meetings available online are dissimilar to a klan meeting. the speaker advocates the killing and imprisonment of anyone of the white race based solely on race. how is that not exactly the same as a klan meeting or a taliban meeting? would your "adult conversation on race" with me explain how one form of race-hatred is justified while one is despicable? you can save it because i think they're identical and equally despicable and have no place in my neighborhood.

and are we really to believe that you think someone, with intimate knowledge of the disagreements between Max and Marcel, knew how to access Marcel's personal email account, parked outside his house or something (sorry, Rick Holliday's house) and sent this email at 2am to frame marcel? i guess i'm asking who are you trying to convince with this bizarre extrapolation? the facts are all around you, you can't escape the light my friend. and unfortunately marcel can't take back years of similar antics of intimidation, bullying, and threats as a way to have his rent subsidized, projects funded, artwork shown, etc, etc.

Posted by lightseeker on 11/22/2009 at 7:58 PM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

hey seedplanter, it seems like the years of history in this neighborhood do more to prove that Marcel is disreputable scoundrel far more than any news story.
even though villagebottomssupporter claims to know nothing about the Friedman Foundation, some quick research will reveal all the private, separate from public handout, funding that Marcel has received to the tune of tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars for "community develepoment" over the years. you can even find grants written by marcel and his significant-other for these funds and compare them to the effect that they've had in terms of their stated goals. hint- complete failure.
some of these supporters have written pages with details about the BlackDot's WEP address and who the victim is politically associated with,etc. - still no word on where the money went or how the community has benefited in any way. still waiting. from a neighborhood perspective, i've seen nothing.
i eat locally grown food all week from my own garden or my neighbors garden or city slicker. none of us needed 150thousand dollars to make that happen. i'm pretty sure that the 150thousand was needed to bail out the previous failed endeavours of this "activist", hence the anger and retaliation, i think even Marcel is beginning to see how completely he has failed with his PLAN. imagine if you had been living large on free money for years, buying property with it, living large on Park Blvd., your only 'job' is to battle gentrification in someone else's 'hood, then have it suddenly taken away by someone you hate(whitey). knowing marcel i can see how this pushed him to this kind of despicable behavior. just like when Yusef Bey lashed out when Chauncey Bailey was about to publicly expose his similar scam.
i find it funny that villagebottomsupporter mentions the walking tours. on one of the youtube videos of extremely racially provacative meetings at the BlackDot, marcel is heard promoting these very tours, promising patrons to show them "which [homes] we own and which ones they own". ominous words, as the next speaker details killing whites and putting the rest of them in reservations. i can only presume the "they" is white people and i'm forced to wonder, who needs a tour of their own neighborhood to know who lives where? and how do the hispanic, asian, indian, middle eastern homes fit into this? there is an extreme 'us vs. them' mentality perpetuated by the BlackDot and Marcel, saying that BlackDot meetings are open to all is like saying a Klan rally is open to all. of course you could show up and listen to how it's your fault that more blacks can't afford to live here or that, even though you've lived here for decades, you should move somewhere else because you don't really fit into the PLAN. you might feel uncomfortable also when the people in attendance laugh at clap at mention of "honkeys with they hackie-saks and they frisbees".
this isn't the first news story about the bottoms and marcel. in articles over the years, marcel has reffered to himself as "being at war" (presumably with white people), and quoting his racially charged language like "if i were white i would hate myself". do a cursory google search of Marcel Diallo or BlackDot and you can find this all for yourselves. we know the truth. there are recordings, quotes, first hand accounts of how marcel's agenda to eradicate white people from the neighborhood has effected this community. the fact that his endeavors have failed so consistently is a testament to how little his energy is appreciated here.

Posted by lightseeker on 11/22/2009 at 8:49 AM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

villagebottomssupporter -
inflammatory comments? marcel is the mayor of inflammatory comments. i'm simply asking questions which still go unanswered by you.
where'd all the money go and how does anything you do benefit the community? and please don't confuse your narrow, personal agenda with the health of the community.
I'm telling you my experience as of longtime member of this community. i have yet to see any change affected on this neighborhood by mr. jack or his PLAN, and my opinion is that he has affected my neighborhood in a negative way since his arrival. I've been personally told by mr. jack that my friends and i should "challenge" any white people we see in the neighborhood. this confused me because several of my neighbors are white and have lived here for like 25 years, and this was like a week after marcel moved into the neighborhood. since then i've seen and heard him, personally myself, use racial slurs freely and often, disrespect longtime elders of the neighborhood, speak threateningly to neighbors, and attempt to intimidate not only white homeowners but black homeowners considering selling or hispanic homeowners who hadn't yet acknowledged that this is a black neighborhood. the guy's a jerk and a clown, i hope i can bid on some of his properties and turn them into useful venues that are so badly needed here. venues open to all, with love for the city and all the brothers and sisters who live here.
there's no room in my neighborhood for marcel's hatred and negativity. especially now that he's going so far as to attack and defame people who oppose him. we don't need another yusef bey in oakland.

Posted by lightseeker on 11/20/2009 at 8:09 AM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

right right this is all about me .
you have not offered one tangible thing that has come from this taxpayer investment to improve this community. I am the community. you can't talk about the community as if it doesn't include me. i'm not white, but marcel did comment on my race the first time we met. and i don't fear or care much at all about whatever plan you have. i've been hearing the plan from back in the east oakland blackdot days and i've seen how well you implement the plan.
you say you are tired of how people view your plan for the community, but we are the community, and your plan to come into this neighborhood, play activist and get grant money to buy yourself property, this does not affect change in my neighborhood, so many of us agree. when you start saying that i should leave here if i don't get your plan, or leave here because i see your efforts as self-absorbed and a scam, i'm gonna judge you harshly on your plan for my neighborhood. when your plan disrupts and divides the community that already exists here, i'm gonna judge you harshly on your plan for my neighborhood.
you ask me what i do? i work for oakland unified, doing work for communities throughout the city. you ask me why i'm not out watering your tomatoes it's because frankly i think marcel and his group of folks are usually a bunch of clowns stuck in their egos most of whom don't even live here. I'll water my neighbors beautiful garden, or my own trees and garden and share tea thru the fence.
my neighbors and i already have this community that you seek, sorry if that doesn't vibe with what you think should be going on here.

Posted by lightseeker on 11/19/2009 at 10:03 PM

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