Minimum Wage in Hayward to Rise to $15 in July, Seven Days, Feb. 12

When Machines Are Cheaper Than People ...

Mr. Tavares' article on the Hayward minimum wage lacks economic understanding. The following statement is misleading: "But workers at such businesses will still receive a $2 an hour bump in pay to $14, starting on July 1."

What he does not count are the number of workers who will lose their jobs because of the higher wage. McDonalds and other fast food restaurants are implementing automated ordering, eliminating the need for order clerks. You raise the wage, then free people respond by conserving on labor and increasing technology. The end result of this unfortunate increase in the minimum wage is that fewer entry-level people will find jobs available to them. A first job at a low wage can lead to a higher paying job later on. That is the cycle of labor economics for those who are motivated. The same is true for the EBE. You deliver your paper to various places. As the cost of delivery increases, you cut back on delivery and go more towards online delivery. Your lower level employees are reduced in order to save costs.

Jerry Udinsky

A Neglected Beat Pioneer, Arts Feature, Jan. 8

Poet Bob Kaufman's Amazing Transformation

I had the extreme good fortune of participating in a poetry marathon at the Rainbow Sign in Berkeley in 1975. Poetry was read continuously for 145 hours in an attempt to set a world record. I was there when Bob Kaufman was led in on a leash by his, I believe, ex-wife. She explained that he was prone to wander off, as I recall. He was wiry and very disheveled. But when he was placed front and center with a microphone in his hand, an amazing transformation took place. He became the great Beat/Street/Jazz poet and orator, displaying an eloquence that staggers me to this day. I was able to speak with him and get his autograph on my bound booklet of poems. The Berkeley Barb published a piece on the Rainbow Sign's poetry marathon. The author mentions the fact that Ferlinghetti made an appearance, but makes no mention of Bob Kaufman, Original King Of The Beats. Here is the link to the piece: http://revolution.berkeley.edu/record-longest-continuous-poetry-reading-rainbow-sign/


Thursday's Briefing: Safeway Workers May Go on Strike; Defendant in Nia Wilson Murder Trial Admits to Crime, Blog, Feb. 13

BART Has Gone to Seed

A man was beaten, possibly with a bike lock, while on board a BART train that was travelling toward the Lake Merritt station. BART has become like a free for all. I ride daily between West Oakland and Downtown Berkeley, and it's just getting worse. Every day, literally EVERY DAY, I watch people either jump over the fare gates, or just casually walk through the un-fared gates. If BART would just enforce the fare rules, MANY of the on-board problems would stop. The cars are filthy, the stations aren't much better, it's really a shame.

Chet Henry

Alameda Council Turns Left, News, April 17, 2019

So Has Alameda

This marks the death of a great American city. Sadly, Alameda had already been dead for years. It started before Paul Rolleri was appointed as police chief, although he definitely made things worse. Alameda hasn't been a nice town in at least 10-15 years. Give it 20 more years of progressive rule and it'll look just like Oakland, a crime ravaged dump full of boarded up buildings covered in graffiti with bums scattered out in the streets, trash everywhere, potholes, violence, etc.


Homeless Crackdown by Caltrans Sparks Dialogue in Berkeley, News, Oct. 9

We Are All Equal

Housing is a human right that doesn't end at our borders. All taxes must be raised 200 percent today for anyone making over 20K a year every year until everyone who comes here has free housing, free food, the best free college education, and free medical with dental and vision. All full coverage. Outlaw private payers. Increase taxes to 89 percent for those earning over $40K/yr! Lawyers should sue every government agency that doesn't put all their energies towards homelessness. BTW, clean fashionable clothing is also a right that we must furnish every homeless person! Legalize all drugs and sex in public and nudity, as homeless often have no other choice. Also, empty all the prisons as they are inhumane. Sure, this will all cost over $200K-300K a year per homeless person if you are going to do it right! Go Bernie 2020! Communism rules! If we invite the world's poor here and provide them with everything, including the right to vote, it will be heaven here on earth. Tax the rich, anyone who owns a home or a car, as the government will know what is best. Go communism! Everyone is equal and should live equally in the housing, eating the same food. We are all equal.


Monday's Briefing: Schaaf Recommends Interim City Administrator; Delivers State of the City Address, Blog, Feb. 10

Don't Fall For the A's Howard Terminal Ruse

Oakland residents want the new A's ballpark at the Coliseum site because it is clearly the most economically and logistically superior location, despite the A's Dave Kaval's pretty pictures and continual dialogue selling MLB's desire for the Howard Terminal site. MLB's goal is to appease national advertisers' desire for a money shot of the Bay Bridge. Oakland residents are not buying the fake move. This is a local land use decision, not a call for companies like Budweiser. The Coliseum site has direct public transit, freeway, and train access to the ball park. The City and ultimately Oakland residents have over the last 25 years financed, assembled and acquired land for the purposes of building a new stadium. Oakland politicians have invested public money for Hegenberger Road street and BART improvements. To walk away from those decisions and investments would be the ultimate example of fiscal irresponsibility by Oakland politicians. The Howard Terminal site has no public transit access, poor vehicular access, and the conversation about thousands of fans riding gondolas over railroad tracks and I-880 during the evening commute is laughable. In addition, a ballpark at Howard Terminal will disrupt Port operations (trucks), the biggest economic engine that Oakland has. The reason non-Oakland residents prefer Howard Terminal is their desire to not have to go to East Oakland. MLB and those non-residents should not be the ones driving this decision. Mayor Schaaf and the City Council should see through the fog and listen to the people. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no confidence that they will.




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