"Instead of welcoming more hate mail, how about really writing better and more interesting articles?"

A Reward Worth More Than Money

Thank you for the article about much-maligned McClymonds High School ("The Media Is the Message," October 31).

I should like to commend Ken Ikeda for his interest, initiative, and faith. His project motivates students to do well in all their subjects so that, with the right tools and his encouragement, they can prove their ability to excel.

With 22 years of experience teaching English at McClymonds, I feel qualified to tell Mr. Ikeda that whatever his present financial sacrifice, his reward will be far more gratifying than any amount of money.
Frances Whitney, Oakland

Actually, It Was Santa Rosa

In reviewing the movie The Man Who Wasn't There (November 7), Bill Gallo wrote, "there's no reason to stop laughing at the cruel jokes life plays against the Ed Cranes of the world," meaning the losers of the world. What makes you think, Mr. Gallo, that you aren't one of them? For example, you state that the movie is set in Santa Rita when in fact it's Petaluma. Not only does a sign announcing a talent show at the Petaluma High School take up the whole screen, but there are innumerable shots of a judge sitting at his bench with the seal of Sonoma County writ large on the wall over his head. Could you find your way out of a brown paper bag, Mr. Gallo?
Allan Marcus, via the Internet

Your Callousness Is Chilling

What about Hogan's Heroes ("Letters," November 7)? If you do not know the difference between a POW camp and a concentration camp, your ignorance is appalling; if you do know the difference, and still find concentration camps humorous, your callousness is chilling.
Kevin McFarren, via the Internet

Fonts and Focus

For the last batch of years, I read the East Bay Express cover to cover every week, pleased by the writing, the focus on East Bay events and music, and yes, even the classifieds. But over the past few months, well, I pass it by, every week, just as faithfully. You're just too stingy with your font sizes, to the point I can't even begin to speak to other changes in the design and focus that have been afoot.

Kim Torgerson, Oakland

This Is Not Podunk

I'm glad you are open enough to criticism that you have been printing all the other letters about how much the quality of the East Bay Express has devolved in the last two months.

Instead of welcoming more hate mail, how about really writing better and more interesting articles?

There are interesting people, organizations, events, folks with opinions to interview, and countless interesting professors at the universities around here, visiting musicians, authors, speakers, many of whom would love to air their views.

You've got enough advertisers to actually pay writers' salaries and to cover research overhead.

We are not a podunk town, we are a cultural and intellectual center.

If everyone thinks your quality has dropped in the last few months (and I agree with them), how about improving the quality?
Robert Berend, via the Internet

Message: we care

To Nick ("Letters," October 31): Why don't you move back to where you came from and leave the "freaks" be? Why the hell did you move here?

If you paid attention you would have noticed some things. People in Berkeley care. They care about the environment, other people, causes ... you know, things you have no inkling whatsoever.

One thing that people need right now is guidance, and Ralfee Finn's astrology column offers that. Who are you to judge how people find it?

Ralfee Finn is a woman, you asshole. If you really read and had comprehended what you read, you would have noticed that small detail and also the fact you came off as a total lowbrow jerk. Maybe it is just too difficult for you to think. Poor thing.

Do us all a favor (and since people in Berkeley have a heart, this means you too), jump in your gas-guzzling SUV that takes up two of our precious parking spaces, and get the hell back to the suburban town that spawned you.

By the way, Tea for the Tillerman was an album by Cat Stevens, dummy.

At least Pink Man has a talent and something better to do with his time than picking on a column.

P.S. There are more of us than you!

Angelique Gibbons, Berzerkely

I'm Keeping My Unicycle

Welcome Nick ("Letters," October 31),

How Berkeley can you be? Just moved here, huh? Your letter is as stupid as you think Ralfee's column is. Lucky for me I didn't read it hoping for "good horoscope." I believe Ralfee is a woman, at least I thought so when she took some time off to have a kid, so the visual of "ruffled shirt and codpiece" is odd. Where did you say you're from?

Anyway, thanks for bringing hate radio to the Letters page.
L. Miller, Berkeley


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