"Everyone has opinions. The best thing is to keep the uninformed, sophomoric, moronic ones to yourself."

A Ridiculous Idea
CALM's proposal ("The Cathedral Debate," October 17) to replace the 12th/14th St. tunnel with "pedestrian-activated stop-lights" is a disaster. Using that tunnel and ones under 7th Street I run from Grand Ave. to water's edge at Jack London Square and back without stopping. Veteran walkers know "button lights" are a joke. Miss by a second, you've got to wait out two full cycles -- two, three, in some areas even four minutes. Daily I see even walker-pushing elders or small children ignore the Don't Walk, challenging red-light jumpers along Grand Avenue.

The disaster is aesthetic as well. Consider the missed chance at the foot of Market St. where four lanes of traffic isolate what should have been a continuous, city-defining plaza in front of the Ferry Building. When I saw the first drawings of the cathedral's gardens lapping over the roadways to touch the lake, I was ecstatic. Whatever one thinks of the church or its architecture, covering rather than button-lighting the traffic is worth it. CALM will never get its 60 million. At best, or worst, they'll play spoiler and nothing will happen.

That said, I'd offset the cathedral to the south end of auditorium, even if it meant stilting part of it over the lagoon. Let the glass cathedral have a glass floor as well.
Frank Gaipa, Oakland

Everyone's a Cosmologist
First, this is a letter to both you and "derf" or "clerf" ("The City," October 17). I am not sure what the name is since it is illegible.

Second, I was unaware of any cross of steel found at ground zero. There was no mention of it from any media source that I know. If this is factual, please forward the source.

Third, it is curious that people who do not follow God or the teachings suddenly become cosmologists and philosophers, attributing misguided psychos' actions to God.

Fourth, humanity is given free will and the choice to either follow the way of God or their own self-willed and destructive behavior. This band of renegade wackos who attacked us, and their followers of any age, are a cancer on humanity. They are to be dealt with appropriately. Since derf/clerf is a Biblical scholar and cosmologist, I'm sure the King David approach won't be wasted on him/her.

Fifth, everyone has opinions. The best thing is to keep the uniformed/sophomoric/moronic ones to yourself.
Jon Nash, San Francisco

And Now, for Something Completely Different
I've lived in Richmond only a year, and got on Tom Butt's e-mail list as a way to get up to speed about local issues ("7 Days," October 17). Certainly, Tom's e-mails are opinion pieces, and I read them as such. They are also well-considered, well-written, timely information on a wide variety of issues relevant to Richmond residents and voters, particularly those of us who live in the beleaguered Iron Triangle area of industrial Richmond.

Whether or not Tom wins the mayoral election (and I hope he does), he is providing the only consistent source of cogent, platitude-free information, and in so doing is giving all who subscribe a highly valuable service. Those on the 7 Days staff who have any interest in Richmond would do well to get on the Tom Butt mailing list. Or, you could ask Kevin Reikes, the political consultant to candidate John Marquez, who is so quick to characterize the e-mail service as trivial, to furnish you with Marquez's (or any other candidates') analyses of local concerns. I'd be interested to see what you would get and how it would compare with the regular e-mail forum of a candidate who is not afraid to talk to Richmond citizens and commit to an actual opinion.
Kathy Rehak, Richmond

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
This is in regard to the article that came out in the Express two weeks ago (October 10) -- "Consider the Children" by Will Harper.

Mr. Rogers, the attorney for the Spiritual Rights Foundation, makes the statement that Bill Duby is not charismatic enough to be a cult leader. This signifies one of two things: Either Mr. Rogers has drank the Kool Aid, or he is simply repeating what his client (SRF) has told him to say.

The truth is that Bill Duby could not, ever, stop bragging about how much charisma he had to attract people, especially women, while the other men at SRF (who were dogs or pieces of doo doo) had no charisma whatsoever. This was the cornerstone of all his never-ending cock crowing, that went on and on ad nauseam.After the article came out in the Express, my children (yes, I am one of the unfortunate fathers who has children stuck in SRF), who have been severely brainwashed, called me on the phone. They had not talked to me in two to three years. They wanted to know why reporters were calling the church, why I was taking Mom to court; etc. Any sane person would agree that such questions would be not be foremost in the mind of a child. Then I was subjected to more Duby rhetoric, coming out of the mouths of my children, such as "I have a millionaire's lifestyle," "I have a good thing going here," etc. It was his tape playing in their heads, making their mouths say these words.

This just goes to show the cowardice of the people who would use your own kids against you while continuing this completely hypocritical and so-called religious-spiritual farce, i.e. that all of this is being done in the God/love/spirituality. I am certain that most readers will be able to make the connections, as we have heard the same kind of rhetoric in cults before.
Harpreet Sandhu, via the Internet


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