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Week of June 8, 2001

Excess Wealth: Curse of the Working Class
TO THE EDITOR:Thanks to Chris Thompson for his article on the East Bay economy ("Cityside," May 18). A part of me has been hoping for a full-scale meltdown, one in which my wife and I keep our jobs while everyone else gets the boot, and we snag a larger house a little bit up the hill for a 1996 price. Oh well.

One part did stick in my craw. It's the liberal mantra of people ("janitors and landscapers") not getting new economy jobs and salary because some horrible nonprogressive force has "deprived" them of the proper education. Please give me the dropout rates in East Bay high schools and tell me how that's forced upon people.

Somebody famous once said "everybody's responsible for their own education" and in the end I think it's true. Besides, I'd wager that half of those landscapers and janitors were born in Mexico and didn't go much further than sixth grade, usually because that's how things work down south. And though it may not be easy here, they might think it's better than what they could get back home, and if they play their cards right, their kids will go a lot further and end up in more pleasant circumstances.

And please, let's banish the "working-class" label. In this country my impression is that the rich folks (not me, unfortunately) are the ones working the most hours. It's just something I've observed.
Phil Broaddus

Bonfire of the Inanities
TO THE EDITOR:Thanks for the story on Roland De La Rosa and The Movie Image ("Cinema, Verily," June 1). De La Rosa is a true hero of culture who runs the best video store in the Bay Area (and that includes Le Video, which is about as far away from anything in space--if not in time--as the Surf Theater of blessed memory)!

If this was a real-time confab with Mr. De La Rosa, I would have one question and one request:

Why isn't Robert Altman's Three Women on video?

And: Would he organize a bonfire of all Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movies except for American Gigolo?
Eric Essman

CORRECTION:In a letter to the editor by Bob Arnold responding to Jennifer Barrios' story on the future of Golden Gate Fields (May 18) a phrase was inadvertantly dropped in typesetting. In it the writer was attempting to credit Citizens for the Albany Shoreline for the passage of Albany's controversial Measure C. We regret the error.


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