Letters for the week of September 15-21, 2004 

Your depiction of Scott Cory was inaccurate -- and watch your tongue. Last word on the Castro mural; plus, the wrath of a liberal-hater.

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"The Politics of 'Hyphy'," Close 2 tha Edge, 6/30

Tha bomb, fa sheezy
Whoever you are, Theresa from MySpace posted your Yay Area slang article. You stated the shit I've been thinking for years, and articulated it well. The 41510 has been the originator of the sickest linguistic creativity I've heard in any form of music, and it's about time somebody recognized it. Thanks for that.
Dan Buki, Sacramento

"Rock Opera of Ages," Music, 8/11

Not just a pretty face
Why must you take a cheap shot at Shania [Twain] and her husband? These two have great talent, and Shania is the nicest person I have ever met. Shania and her husband have been magic together, and it seems a little petty to bash Mutt, who has great talent and success in the business, and to insult Shania like that by saying she is riding him is uncalled for.

Shania was singing, writing songs, and playing guitar at age eight in clubs, She has proven her talent and drive. Mutt came to her and wanted to work with her. Both Mutt and Shania have shown class their whole careers and don't deserve this low type of bashing.
Kevin Wasy, Calgary, Alberta

"Bye Bye Bully," Bottom Feeder 8/25

bully for us!
Kudos to the Express and to writer Will Harper for shedding light on the "silent epidemic" of workplace bullying and the ground-breaking response of the Peralta Colleges' leadership under Chancellor Elihu Harris.

The word "bully" can elicit chuckles, as Harper implies, but psychological violence in the workplace is far from funny. It has devastated the lives and the health of innumerable targets. Despite the claims of the organizations representing local governments, targets (and their attorneys) know that current law in fact offers them virtually no protection at all from workplace abusers. As one attorney I know put it, "I have to tell potential clients all the time that it's not illegal for their boss to be a bastard."

The quote from the representative of the state Human Resources Association questioning whether there ought to be a law against psychological abuse in the workplace sounds just like: "I understand women's concern about how a wife-batterer might affect a marriage, but I do not agree that there should be laws against spousal abuse." Sadly, workplace research has shown that human resources departments usually side with brutal bosses against targeted employees, exacerbating the injury inflicted.

With training and education about the nature of workplace bullying, management has the chance to make workplaces safer, even if there is no law to compel them to do so. The Express and Peralta's leadership are both contributing to that education.
Bill Lepowsky, Laney College, Oakland

"All the Nudes That's Fit to Print," City of Warts, 8/25

But how do you really feel?
May you screw up royally. May you bring the full wrath of all armed men upon you. You sanctified pussies deserve a taste of the real world.

Bring it on, you useless pigs, bring it the fuck on. May your blood soak into the New York streets and may history forget you.

I spit on the souls of your aberrant children. The left is the human race's most foul and twisted manifestation of the species and is deserving of total eradication. The laws you protest, unfortunately, are the laws that protect your utterly worthless skins.

So all that an average citizen has left to protest that you even draw breath is to curse you and your seed until the howl of the left dying fills the earth.

Sweet shame it won't happen in my lifetime but I'm betting your freak children, grown in the twisted plague-filled wombs of the whores you fuck will have no lifetime at all -- which is what they deserve.

May you and yours eat your nightmares to the bone, you pussified bitch.
"F. You"

Thompson changed my life
Gee, I was all set to hitch to New York, put on a black bandanna and take off everything else, and start intimidating heavily armed police officers with my fingers. Then I read Chris Thompson's thoughtful, well-reasoned, respectful article. He brought up many points I'd never thought of before, and never heard in discussions with my friends and fellow protesters. Now I guess I'll smash my own leg instead of Starbucks' windows, and stay home knitting black sweaters with red, lopsided "A"s on them.

Or maybe Thompson and the Express have a subtler purpose. Maybe the idea is to undercut Fox' reporting of the protests by "scooping" them with accounts of things that haven't even happened yet. That won't work either. The media -- in its full spectrum -- will be happy to report on all kinds of excesses by protesters, whether they actually happen or not.

Of course, by the time anyone reads this letter -- assuming anyone ever does -- it will all be over but the shouting. And the blaming, and the credit-taking, and defense-fund-raising; and the analyzing, analyzing, analyzing. I hope some of the analysis has more depth to it than the Chris Thompson's article.
Eileen Berkun, Oakland


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