Letters for the Week of October 31, 2012 

Readers sound off on the Oakland Zoo, sex trafficking, Richmond's soda tax, and more.

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BART's claim that the new station in Livermore would attract 21,000 riders a day by 2035 is patently absurd. Here are the September 2012 daily ridership figures of BART's other end stations:

West Dublin Station: 2,952

Richmond Station: 4,046

Pittsburgh-Bay Point Station: 5,657

Millbrae Station: 6,412

Fremont Station: 8,356

San Francisco Airport: 7,151

Before deciding to approve a permanent new sales tax that would hit poor and working-class people the hardest, voters should take a close look at how — and on what — the estimated $7.7 billion raised over the next thirty years would be spent. Alameda County's public transit systems badly need upgrading. To achieve this objective will take a more thoughtful distribution of funds than that embodied in Measure B1.

Tom Rubin, David Schonbrunn, William Blackwell, Robert Feinbaum, Len Conly, Gerald Cauthen, Sherman Lewis and Ken Bukowski, various East Bay cities

"Ignacio's Big Gamble," Election 2012, 10/3

De La Fuente's Failures

I'm an Oakland voter and resident for twelve years, and I have to say I was indifferent to both Rebecca Kaplan and Ignacio De La Fuente. Then I thought, I wonder how much better De La Fuente's district has fared with him being on the council since 1992. And since I work in the Fruitvale, I only see more violence, and especially violence targeting Latina immigrants (robbery and rape), especially by the BART station. Then I remembered how it thoroughly shook me when his son got arrested for kidnapping, and serial rape, including that of an underage girl. Moreover, what was more disturbing was De La Fuente's statement afterward, where he questioned his own fathering, instead of taking a firm stance against violence, especially against women and girls — when politically he should have at least done so. I'm a Latina and I worked with both young Latinas and immigrant mothers in the Fruitvale, and I can say in 2012 this population feels more unsafe in his neighborhood than in any other in the city. Yes, resources are scarce, but there are always alternatives to organizing against these types of violence. 

I grew up in Chicago amidst the Gangster Disciple and Latin King territories. As the niece of a Chicago homicide detective, I have witnessed that what works is collaborations with schools, churches, neighborhood watch groups, after-school programs, and workforce development programs work — not more policing. Especially within the Latino community, which is already used to being suspect in the eyes of the law. I'm not a big Kaplan fan, but at least she isn't promoting things she can't deliver, like Mr. De La Fuente has for two decades on the city council. 

Claudia Gomez, Oakland


In our October 24 book preview, "To Live and Die in Oakland," we erroneously stated that author Mariah K. Young was born in Alameda; she was, in fact, born in San Leandro.

Our October 24 election story "School Closures Drive Races" erroneously stated that Oakland District 5 candidate Mike Hutchinson had worked at Lakeview Elementary. He had worked at Santa Fe Elementary. Both schools closed last year.

Our October 24 Bars, Clubs, and Coffeehouses story "From Grape to Glass" contained three errors: First, we erroneously said that DC Looney and Lisa Costa are married. Secondly, we misspelled Chris Brockway's last name. Finally, we neglected to mention that Dashe Cellars in Oakland and Edmunds St. John in Berkeley also make natural wines.

In another October 24 Bars, Clubs, and Coffeehouses story, "The Brews of Our Lives," we erroneously attributed a quote from Eric Thoreson to refer to the Aeropress as being "idiot-proof." He was actually referring to the Clever Dripper.

And in our October 24 Bars, Clubs, and Coffeehouses story "Thick, Sweet, and Strong," we got wrong the name of Imperial Tea Court.


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