Letters for the week of June 30-July 6, 2004 

Irate El Cerrito taxpayers, contrite Oakland court official, and perhaps the last of the passionate anti-Semitism letters.

"Will Landlord Kill Hospital Over Money?" City of Warts, 5/26

One hospital is enough
Sorry, Chris. I live in El Cerrito and I voted NO on the measure. Creating another "public" hospital is not going to make a damn bit of difference. Something like 75 percent of people treated at Tenet had no insurance. The bills are not paid, or at best, paid only in part. The hospital gets stuck with the rest.

Now we are expected to provide another hospital for the uninsured. Who will pay the bill? We will, if this measure passes. The district will need more and more money to cover unpaid bills and expenses. Where is that money going to come from? We already have a county hospital in Martinez. The uninsured can go there. I am already paying for that hospital, and I am not going to pay for another.
Scott Dillard, El Cerrito

"Pixar's Iron Curtain," East Side Story, 6/2

Take down these errors
I would like to commend your publication for Justin Berton's well-written and entertaining story on Pixar. There are two tiny errors I wish to point out.

1. It is Hollis STREET, not AVENUE.

2. The unnamed Reaganesque speaker paraphrasing Reagan's Berlin Wall speech uttered "TEAR down this wall," not "TAKE down this wall."

Oh, and while I'm at it, Lois the Pie Queen is in Oakland, not Emeryville, as your restaurant listing suggests.
Frank Grimes Jr., Emeryville

"The Molesters' Hero," Feature, 8/20/03

Please, stop the hate
While searching the Web to see if my father had died yet, I came across this article on Mr. Najera. I had mixed feelings about the article.

As you probably don't know, I was one of the daughters in the case Mr. Najera presented to the US Supreme Court. Yes, although I feel revictimized by the court's decision, I hold no animosity against Mr. Najera. If I understand the law system correctly, Mr. Najera does not pick and choose the cases he wants. The state assigns them to him. Our laws are here to protect us, and as much as we want them to go our way they don't always work that way.

I lived with anger for a long time and I appeal to all involved to stop harboring anger and resentment; that's what the perpetrators want you to do. Yes, it happened, but there's nothing we can do about it now. Our God is a loving, forgiving God, and he knows who they are. Turn it over to him and he will see that justice is served. Do not waste another minute of your life hating. I pray for peace; here in the US and in the Middle East. Please, stop the hate. Life is too short to be revictimizing yourselves. Please.
Margaret Vaughan, Gulfport, Mississippi

"Adding Insult to Injury," Cityside, 5/26

Working to improve service
I am writing in response to an article by reporter Kara Platoni. The article involved the Berkeley Traffic Division of the Superior Court in Alameda County and three case studies of persons who have encountered difficulty resolving their various traffic violations.

As court executive officer, one of my highest priorities has been to improve customer service at each of the seven courthouse locations serving the public in Alameda County. One particular goal has been to make our courts more accessible to the public. For example, those who have traffic matters are able to pay fines online via our Web site or in person at six of our seven court locations. I was, therefore, surprised by what the case studies seemed to reveal about our traffic court process in Berkeley.

Based upon further research into these cases, I have found that in two of three instances the individuals themselves bore responsibility for both the delay in their cases and the consequences that followed. The third case seems to have taken place elsewhere, for there is no record of a traffic proceeding in Alameda County for the person named. Without dwelling on the specifics of each case, I would like to take the opportunity to help inform your readers of the importance of diligently pursuing their legal matters -- even minor traffic violations.


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