Letters for the week of January 4-10, 2006 

Armageddon, aliens, the CIA, outsourcing, and unwelcome spying unite our special year-end collection of 2005's most memorable letters.

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Subject: Pplease send mr some amount of money
please iwant you to send me some amount of money for my aducation thank you.
richard adu, accra ghana

The news from Severodvinsk
My name is Oksana Beregovskaya. I am from small town Severodvinsk in Russia. We are in trouble!!! My town is situated near toxic factory. Ecological situation in our town is terrible. 30% of population is ill with cancer! My mother died when I was 5. My father (he is 55 years old now) drinks a lot and often beats me and sometimes even tries to rape. I am a 2-nd year student in SIoIR (Severodvinsk Institute of Informatics and Radioelectronics). I am studing only on "excellent" and "good" marks. Please!!!! people!!!! HELP me to leave this forsaken of God place!!!! Every cent can help me to realize my dream!!!! If you have ability to help me, please donate some dollars to my e-gold account: 1907407.

P.S. There is my semi-er0tic photo in the attach.Thank you very much.

The Arafat fortune
I am Mrs. Suha Arafat, the wife of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader. Since his death and even prior to the announcement, I have been subject to physical and psychological torture by the present leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the new Prime Minister. You must have heard over the media reports and the Internet on the discovery of some fund in my husband secret bank account and companies and the allegations of some huge sums of money deposited by my husband in my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up to the corrupt Palestine Government. In fact the total sum allegedly discovered by the Government so far is in the tune of about $6.5 Billion Dollars. And they are not relenting on their effort to make me poor for life.

I have deposited the sum of 21 million dollars with a Security financial firm. I shall be grateful if you could receive this fund into your bank account for safe keeping and Investment opportunity. This arrangement will be known to you and I alone and all our correspondence should be strictly on email alone because our government has tapped all my lines and are monitoring all my moves. If you are willing to assist for our mutual benefits, we will have to negotiate on your Percentage share of the $21,000,000 that will be kept in your position for a while and invested in your name for my trust pending when my Daughter, Zahwa, will come off age and take full responsibility of her Family Estate/inheritance. Please, if you are honest, I am going to entrust more funds in your care as this is one of the legacy we keep for our children.
Suha Arafat

Subject: Victim of police sponsored gang-stalking
I have been gang-stalked, harrassed and terrorized for in excess of the past 15 months. I have been stalked by vehicle, on foot, followed into buildings, tailgated, brighted, run off the road and fired on twice. There has also been at least one overt attempt to kill me by use of a staged traffic accident., on the 5 freeway.

I have been able to determine that this gang is "police sponsored." They call themselves the "Raiders" and or "Lakers," and use appropriate vehicle iconography. They also drive vehicles that either are or "appear" to be police "UC" units. They often have out-of-state plates, run cold-plated or without plates at all. They "appear" to be some kind of vigilante group being used by the LAPD, LASD, LAFD and other agencies, to perform unlawful domestic surveillance and to dispense direct justice. They are very prolific and extremely dangerous. I have been stalked across state lines numerous times and there is a multi-agency component involved.

I have a great deal of photographic evidence. I believe I have enough to identify the group(s) involved and to convince you that they are engaging in behavior that is directed towards me. I would like help in analyzing who and what I'm up against and in forming strategies to fight back. My primary goals are to dismantle this group, put the people in jail who have done this to me and to make sure it never happens again to myself or anyone else.

Pay special attention to the images. I feel certain some will turn your stomach.

PS., My intent in emailing you is to inform Media, Prosecutors and other relevant organizations across the nation, so that these groups can be detected, and appropriate prosecution strategies developed. This is an Orwellian nightmare that has spread across the country and is very well established.

PPS., These tactics are intended to cause mental breakdown. This is intended as a covert DEATH SENTENCE.
John Wakefield

Fun with Press Releases

Subject: Wondercon guest list -- amended -- Paris Hilton not attending
The WonderCon media alert sent this morning incorrectly listed Paris Hilton as a WonderCon guest. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.
Rose Anne Raphael

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