Letters for the week of January 4-10, 2006 

Armageddon, aliens, the CIA, outsourcing, and unwelcome spying unite our special year-end collection of 2005's most memorable letters.

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The CIA and me
While I was in the U.S., I have been shown documents proving that Dictator Mubarak stole from Egyptian public money. Therefore, I tried to run for president of Egypt in Oct 1999. I started to prepare myself for presidency three and a half years prior to the election. Unfortunately, CIA interference and severe harassment has obliged me to discontinue my campaign. The CIA tried twice to assassinate me thereafter in Dec 1996 and in May 1997. If the CIA had left me alone, the events of Sept 11 wouldn't have occurred. I can prove that to Congress MPs in the American embassy in Cairo upon request. President Bush sends foreign aid over a billion dollars every year to Egypt. The American Tax-payer shouldn't finance corruption in Egypt any more. Please, tell your senators and House representatives to stop sending more foreign aid to Egypt until Dictator Mubarak returns all the money he has stolen from the Egyptian public money to the Egyptian people. Egyptian people hate Dictator Mubarak so much. Only a civil war can remove corrupt Dictator Mubarak from power.
Muhammad-Munir Fahmy

Important vital message of national security
The president, congress, and the federal law-enforcemrnt authorities should stop trying to take Social Security from the American Citizens who are unaware of the fact the benefit of Social Security is one of their guaranteed civil rights -- another little government secret like Roswell that the US Government keeps from the American People. Instead the Federal Government should stop this illegal hacking activity which is an invasion of privacy that the US Cosnstitution guarantees to each and every American Citizen. If the American Citizens only knew how easily the law-enforcement authorities could fuck-them-over any time they were in the mood to do so through their personal computer with an Internet connection, every single American Citizen would stop using the Internet altogether.
Champion of the American Peoples' Civil Rights

Rhymes for the times
Morality created legality
Reality creates necessity
From prosperity to fatality
It's all part of life's recipe

By Rickshaw

Democratic Party's lament
Rehnquist is dead.
Who gives a shit?
We're losing the country
Bit by bit.

George Banks, Oakland

How outsourcing works

Your interest in tents
We have learned from the Internet that you are interested in tents. We have been in the tent manufacturing business for many years and are currently in the process of expanding and customer base. We are quite excited about contacting you and the potential for establishing friendly business relations with you as well as sharing the mutual benefits. We specialize in high quality, high performance tents offered to our cutomers at competitive prices. We would be interested in receiving more information from you so we could submit a suitable offer to you.
Richard Zheng, marketing director, JXTRADE, HaiCang Xia Men China

Kosher imports and exports
We have large scale phytochemistry plant both GMP and KOSHER certified. Our import and export department is experenced in this field for years. We can provide you various nutritional supplement with quality and competitive price. Please visit our website for further information. Your favarable reply will be highly appreciated. I'm sorry for my E-mail if it disturbed you.
Mr. Dong

Subject: self introduction of Foshan Cupid sanitary ware manufactory
Dear Sirs : Through the courtesy of internet, we have learned that the sanitary ware is be within the scope of your trade activities. We are the manufacture of the "Cupid" brand sanitary ware, our factory engages in the products of various artistic toughened glass washbasins, faceplates, stainless steel/solid wood brackets and bathroom cabinets. The main technologies that we apply include: hot melting, casting, hot bending, double glass, water transfer, variegation, crystal aggregation, polishing and temper etc. All kinds of our products are good sellers and worth commendation for their excellent quality. Its products are the first choice to many star-leveled hotels, first class offices and elegant homes, suitable for different designing and decorating styles. Please contact with us:
Foshan city, Guangdong province

Please help if you can

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