Letters for the week of January 4-10, 2006 

Armageddon, aliens, the CIA, outsourcing, and unwelcome spying unite our special year-end collection of 2005's most memorable letters.

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Super-duper large
I am manufacturing a special BELL for this World Unity event to promote Global Freedom. So that this Bell can go on tour around the world and we can ring it in each Country. Attached will be a commemorative plaque; which would inscript everyone's names (Individuals, Businesses, Countries, etc.) that supports Freedom and World Liberty. To include your name on the World Liberty Bell plaque; Inscribed / Engraved per fifty characters and font size cost:

Super Large...$3000.00
Super-Duper Large...$4000.00
Mega Large...$6500.00
Mammoth Large...$9000.00
Enormous Large...$11500.00
Gargantuan Large...$14000.00
Colossal Large...$20000.00
Gigantic Large...$25000.00
"If you want WORLD FREEDOM come ring the BELL!"
Christina M. Vahlsing, Liberty Bell Festival, Albuquerque

Do you even exist?
I guess it would have been hard for you to be there if your Omnipresent. I guess it would have been equally hard to have helped those who starved to death if you are Almighty. After all, how much more would your father feed them? That is what you said isn't it? If you didn't see this comming, that would be because your All Seeing, being Omnipresent and all. But you wouldn't know because your All Knowing. Do you even exist. It's not my fault I don't believe in you. I'm not the one who said you were ALL these things. That must be the truth about emptiness though.
Mr. Donald Sterling, Marietta, Ohio

Rhymes for the times
Emotions run high and confidence fades low
Only you can decide which way you will go
We are all born into this mess
Let's try to understand it and not regress
Knowledge and action is how you can begin
To mould your own reality
Smile, nod, and grin
At the possibilities for a beautiful world
For all the people
Black, white, straight or curled

By Rickshaw

Making breeding
Excuse me for the disturbance I am a young man who comes by small word to ask for your assistance because I has for them much needs, I would like to make breeding but I have needs for a departure in financial means which I do not lay out I comes by small word to ask for forgiveness to you if you can help me on my plan because I is nothing to live since the attack in our country but uncle rejects me because I is nothing and is on you only whom I could hope to make breeding to be able to depend on myself to found a family later for I will forward to you but plane when you answer me.
seri gnoleba, France

Thought crime
I am an American Citizen who has been subjected to criminal abuse at the hands of the F.B.I. since 1994. Their crimes include thought reading, physical torture, verbal abuse broadcast at me and a take-over of my dreams at my expense. Because I became aware of my abuse by their verbal broadcasting of my thoughts to me, their scripted taped responses, the comments of the Agents on shift in response to my thoughts -- or to augment their abuse, and dream manipulations, I have followed their agenda pretty much since it's conception.

Until recently, information on the method has been kept secret. The August 5th edition of Newsweek has an article that explains the manipulation of sound waves to isolate a target to hear what others around them cannot. Time reported October 12, 2002 "There are experimental -- and controversial -- sensors that analyze a suspect's brain waves and determine what he knows and what he doesn't." The article goes on to say that in a case involving Terry Harrington, in March 2001 a district judge rejected Mr. Harrington's petition to accept brain fingerprinting as evidence of his innocence, ruling that brain fingerprinting, while admissible, had not been through scientific peer review and would not have changed the outcome.

These two technologies are weaker versions of the technologies that allow the broadcasting virtually word for word of my thoughts to me that the F.B.I. has and is using. My guess is that the F.B.I. is introducing these technologies in court cases so that legal precedents can be established to be used to support the introduction of thought reading in criminal investigations and trials.

To create a state of mind in a person during an investigation is a display of force unjustified under the presumption of innocence that involuntarily compels subservience to law enforcement authority without reasonable cause or due process. "The sanctity of the privacy of one's own thoughts to use as counsel to oneself" -- that's my saying.
Kathleen T. Heckman, Sacramento

I love to sing
hello my name is becky and i was wondering how i might be able to get a gig i love to sing and would love to sing for the bay area
becky, Livermore

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