Letters for the week of January 4-10, 2006 

Armageddon, aliens, the CIA, outsourcing, and unwelcome spying unite our special year-end collection of 2005's most memorable letters.

Editor's note
Each year we compile some of the more memorable letters, phone calls, and press releases we received during the prior twelve months. In the interest of verisimilitude, all spelling, punctuation, and grammar are the writers' own.

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I want to get published -- the God guy
You published my link once. I thank you for that. My Web site is new and improved and mentions no names now, so you would not get in trouble making a feature story out of it. www.geocities .com/cdbowman1 I prove I am God. Out of a poll, 50 people believed it and 120 did not. Please publish my link as a main story.
Charles Bowman, Austin, Texas

Rhymes for the times
If you want to play
There's always a price to pay
The choice is yours to go or stay
Just remember there's always a price to play
When opportunity knocks
Will you still be in your socks?
Or in some new shoes straight from the boss
Are you a chicken or are you a fox?
Does your watch roll or just tic-toc?
The choice is yours to go or stay
Just remember there's always a price to play

By Rickshaw

Simple and clear
No one in this world knows more than I just how gibberishly inane the following thoughts make me appear. In less than two years another 9/11 will be effectuated. Nuclear so as to generate optimum terror? It will be followed by exceedingly widespread power outages covering, minimally, the contiguous United States (as well as Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Mexico and most of Europe. Then, the terrible slaughter of hundreds of millions of people begins. Gas chambers of humongous size have been reconstituted. (Think: Convention Center) This is the coming around of the going around in the turning wheel of things. (Think: Second World War)


Although I feel that this plan, which has now been in existence for some sixty years, will be foiled (it has been advertised all around the world, by me) and the plotters apprehended, at the same time I realize that, if they succeed in reaching a certain moment/point, it will be too late. The unspeakably cruel reality is that they are protected by the extraordinary unthinkability of what they are up to, while I am made foolish again and again and again by writing about this. Is it better that I be dismissed than that I be right? By the way, I have been locked out of all FBI Field Office websites, as was expected! To continue, every individual on this planet, who is claiming that these are The End Times, is a world-destroying MONSTER. Every Christian who kills is a CHRIST KILLER. Every other killer is this in other words.


A dream: A man is interrogating me about JESUS of Galilee. A third man is present. The dream ends immediately after I say, "He killed no one." Unlike his followers. Not so his followers. There was a man named JESUS (from Mexico), who, in his Task Of Dying, saved me and kept me in this world. He died on Good Friday 1986. Coincidentally, the man who played JESUS in "The Passion Of The Christ" also resides at Mount Vernon, Washington. (What percentage of the profits from that movie was given to the poor?)


I draw your attention to www.eonymous.com, where, I believe, there are threads of thoughts adequate in number and kind and sufficiently coherently arranged so that they almost complete for the reader the cloth I am weaving.
Mr. Leland Mellott, Mount Vernon, Washington

No funn
Where can go to play pinball in the Bay Area? The games now days are not as funn as when I would play pinball, Ms. pack-man etc....
Shalabutay, Oakland

Suggested title: "Pinochet -- hero of our hemisphere"
America should congratulate and thank the people of Chile for giving us the greatest hero of the Western Hemisphere during the latter part of the 20th century in the form of General Augusto Pinochet who saved Chile in 1973 by ousting marxist dictator Salvador Allende in the most brilliant military preservation of a nations constitution and freedom in our time during a period of unprecedented communist turmoil and brutality in Chile. Had General Pinochet not acted when he did to save Chile, the people of Chile today would be languishing in a vast prison state and never again would be heard the muse. It greatly saddens me to see news of the attacks now being heaped on this great warrior and savior of Chile, and benefactor of our hemisphere, by Chilean officials who apparently have no integrity, souls, or morality.
Ed Nemechek, Landers

Too abnormal for Belarus
Priviet! Do you reviewing demos? We too young and live in too hole-country, we can never record normal album, especially with music that we play -- it's too abnormal for people here. Can you make review on us? We play instrumental music, and we have 10 mp3 recorded with very not bad quality. We from Belarus (country near Russia) and called Moya, if it matter.

More evidence of the truth of 9/11 from a Ph.D
All you have to do is "watch" the video of the buildings fall and it was clearly a controlled demolition. Furthermore, Columbia University's geology department in upper Manhattan registered unusual seismic activity 10 seconds BEFORE the building fell and Manhattan does NOT have earth quakes. Reports of changes in Insurance coverage a week or two before the event also suggest it was planned. But the clincher for me was the fact that the 2nd tower hit was hit with a glancing blow (the plane nearly missed the building -- giving new meaning to hitting the broadside of a barn or the inability to do so, sic) and 1/2 of the jet fuel exploded AWAY from the building and therefore had little or no impact on creating heat to melt the building core -- YET this building fell first before the first building that sustained a full impact and was burning for 30 minutes longer. NOW EXPLAIN THAT.
Jack Markuszka, Ph.D.

The ultimate hypocrisy
In the last year, as the pope degenerated further into diseased unconsciousness, desperately trying by any means to prolong his own life, how many other lives had he caused to shorten? He has been a wonderful example of hypocrisy, following in the true church's tradition of condemning any new advance in science, which could prolong life, and yet he did not hesitate to use all possible medical treatment for himself, which only yesterday was condemned by his predecessors. The inquisition that burned midwives as witches in the 1500s would have condemned the dead pontiff for his hospitalisation as surely as the dead pontiff condemned tomorrow's stem cell medicine. The Vatican hindered medicine every step of the way, right from its inception. And yet the hypocrite did everything he could to benefit from medicine to prolong his own life!

If the pope is really infallible, then his decree should be valid forever and today's pope should not benefit from the medicine that his predecessors condemned. Either that, or the pope is not infallible. Let the diseased church die with the pope and give the keys of the Vatican stolen from St Peter to its rightful owner, His Holiness Rael, the true messenger of the Elohim, the extra-terrestrials who created all life on earth, who were mystified as god.

For further information please contact our press office.

Social Security shows Bush's Nazism & nationalization
Social security reform should be opposed, in favor of the libertarian solution: end the scam and its Nazi numbering. The biggest outrage is ignored: that Americans are numbered as infants for lifetime surveillance. National numbering was imposed in 1935, as the USA followed the path of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis). The federal government was growing massively and attempting to nationalize the economy in many ways. Government was taking over schools and imposing segregation by law and teaching racism as official policy. After German Nazism fell, the USA's government schools continued segregation and racism, stopping in the 1960's. The USA also continued its Nazi numbering, with no stopping. Today, the USA numbers babies, and government schools demand the numbers for enrollment, and the numbers track homes, workplaces, incomes, finances, and more, for life. Social Security is now the cornerstone of the USA's police state.
Rex Curry, attorney at law, Tampa

Subject: Hello Lil' Jon
i'm french and i love your music crunk j'aime tou vos featuring et j'espere que vous continurer a faire de la tres bonne music et qui c garder peu etre contact

Subject: Pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are not alone in the universe
Late last spring, astronomers announced the discovery of a new earth-like planet outside our solar system. With this and other recent discoveries, astronomers are getting closer to answering the age-old question of whether or not there is life on other planets. Since 1954, the Unarius Academy of Science has provided factual and scientific information verifying the existence of human beings on other terrestrial planets and the far-reaching, positive effects that will result from contacts with these extraterrestrials.

Every year people from all over the globe participate in the Interplanetary Conclave of Light, a three-day event held in El Cajon, California, to celebrate and advance that we are not alone in the universe and to welcome the contact and arrival of humankind from other earth worlds. Ruth Norman, cosmic visionary and cofounder of Unarius, initiated the Conclave in 1980 to awaken and enlighten people to the reality that humankind exists throughout the universe and to acknowledge the tremendous, positive global changes that will result from contacts with extraterrestrials -- the Space Brothers, as she called them. Throughout the Conclave event, attendees will learn more about the Space Brothers, advanced beings who reside on 32 planets of an Interplanetary Confederation. Norman mentally contacted these planetary leaders in the early 1970s. Planet Earth has been invited to become the 33rd linking member of this galactic "united nations," whose purpose is the betterment of humankind throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.
Unarius Educational Foundation

Super-duper large
I am manufacturing a special BELL for this World Unity event to promote Global Freedom. So that this Bell can go on tour around the world and we can ring it in each Country. Attached will be a commemorative plaque; which would inscript everyone's names (Individuals, Businesses, Countries, etc.) that supports Freedom and World Liberty. To include your name on the World Liberty Bell plaque; Inscribed / Engraved per fifty characters and font size cost:

Super Large...$3000.00
Super-Duper Large...$4000.00
Mega Large...$6500.00
Mammoth Large...$9000.00
Enormous Large...$11500.00
Gargantuan Large...$14000.00
Colossal Large...$20000.00
Gigantic Large...$25000.00
"If you want WORLD FREEDOM come ring the BELL!"
Christina M. Vahlsing, Liberty Bell Festival, Albuquerque

Do you even exist?
I guess it would have been hard for you to be there if your Omnipresent. I guess it would have been equally hard to have helped those who starved to death if you are Almighty. After all, how much more would your father feed them? That is what you said isn't it? If you didn't see this comming, that would be because your All Seeing, being Omnipresent and all. But you wouldn't know because your All Knowing. Do you even exist. It's not my fault I don't believe in you. I'm not the one who said you were ALL these things. That must be the truth about emptiness though.
Mr. Donald Sterling, Marietta, Ohio

Rhymes for the times
Emotions run high and confidence fades low
Only you can decide which way you will go
We are all born into this mess
Let's try to understand it and not regress
Knowledge and action is how you can begin
To mould your own reality
Smile, nod, and grin
At the possibilities for a beautiful world
For all the people
Black, white, straight or curled

By Rickshaw

Making breeding
Excuse me for the disturbance I am a young man who comes by small word to ask for your assistance because I has for them much needs, I would like to make breeding but I have needs for a departure in financial means which I do not lay out I comes by small word to ask for forgiveness to you if you can help me on my plan because I is nothing to live since the attack in our country but uncle rejects me because I is nothing and is on you only whom I could hope to make breeding to be able to depend on myself to found a family later for I will forward to you but plane when you answer me.
seri gnoleba, France

Thought crime
I am an American Citizen who has been subjected to criminal abuse at the hands of the F.B.I. since 1994. Their crimes include thought reading, physical torture, verbal abuse broadcast at me and a take-over of my dreams at my expense. Because I became aware of my abuse by their verbal broadcasting of my thoughts to me, their scripted taped responses, the comments of the Agents on shift in response to my thoughts -- or to augment their abuse, and dream manipulations, I have followed their agenda pretty much since it's conception.

Until recently, information on the method has been kept secret. The August 5th edition of Newsweek has an article that explains the manipulation of sound waves to isolate a target to hear what others around them cannot. Time reported October 12, 2002 "There are experimental -- and controversial -- sensors that analyze a suspect's brain waves and determine what he knows and what he doesn't." The article goes on to say that in a case involving Terry Harrington, in March 2001 a district judge rejected Mr. Harrington's petition to accept brain fingerprinting as evidence of his innocence, ruling that brain fingerprinting, while admissible, had not been through scientific peer review and would not have changed the outcome.

These two technologies are weaker versions of the technologies that allow the broadcasting virtually word for word of my thoughts to me that the F.B.I. has and is using. My guess is that the F.B.I. is introducing these technologies in court cases so that legal precedents can be established to be used to support the introduction of thought reading in criminal investigations and trials.

To create a state of mind in a person during an investigation is a display of force unjustified under the presumption of innocence that involuntarily compels subservience to law enforcement authority without reasonable cause or due process. "The sanctity of the privacy of one's own thoughts to use as counsel to oneself" -- that's my saying.
Kathleen T. Heckman, Sacramento

I love to sing
hello my name is becky and i was wondering how i might be able to get a gig i love to sing and would love to sing for the bay area
becky, Livermore

The CIA and me
While I was in the U.S., I have been shown documents proving that Dictator Mubarak stole from Egyptian public money. Therefore, I tried to run for president of Egypt in Oct 1999. I started to prepare myself for presidency three and a half years prior to the election. Unfortunately, CIA interference and severe harassment has obliged me to discontinue my campaign. The CIA tried twice to assassinate me thereafter in Dec 1996 and in May 1997. If the CIA had left me alone, the events of Sept 11 wouldn't have occurred. I can prove that to Congress MPs in the American embassy in Cairo upon request. President Bush sends foreign aid over a billion dollars every year to Egypt. The American Tax-payer shouldn't finance corruption in Egypt any more. Please, tell your senators and House representatives to stop sending more foreign aid to Egypt until Dictator Mubarak returns all the money he has stolen from the Egyptian public money to the Egyptian people. Egyptian people hate Dictator Mubarak so much. Only a civil war can remove corrupt Dictator Mubarak from power.
Muhammad-Munir Fahmy

Important vital message of national security
The president, congress, and the federal law-enforcemrnt authorities should stop trying to take Social Security from the American Citizens who are unaware of the fact the benefit of Social Security is one of their guaranteed civil rights -- another little government secret like Roswell that the US Government keeps from the American People. Instead the Federal Government should stop this illegal hacking activity which is an invasion of privacy that the US Cosnstitution guarantees to each and every American Citizen. If the American Citizens only knew how easily the law-enforcement authorities could fuck-them-over any time they were in the mood to do so through their personal computer with an Internet connection, every single American Citizen would stop using the Internet altogether.
Champion of the American Peoples' Civil Rights

Rhymes for the times
Morality created legality
Reality creates necessity
From prosperity to fatality
It's all part of life's recipe

By Rickshaw

Democratic Party's lament
Rehnquist is dead.
Who gives a shit?
We're losing the country
Bit by bit.

George Banks, Oakland

How outsourcing works

Your interest in tents
We have learned from the Internet that you are interested in tents. We have been in the tent manufacturing business for many years and are currently in the process of expanding and customer base. We are quite excited about contacting you and the potential for establishing friendly business relations with you as well as sharing the mutual benefits. We specialize in high quality, high performance tents offered to our cutomers at competitive prices. We would be interested in receiving more information from you so we could submit a suitable offer to you.
Richard Zheng, marketing director, JXTRADE, HaiCang Xia Men China

Kosher imports and exports
We have large scale phytochemistry plant both GMP and KOSHER certified. Our import and export department is experenced in this field for years. We can provide you various nutritional supplement with quality and competitive price. Please visit our website for further information. Your favarable reply will be highly appreciated. I'm sorry for my E-mail if it disturbed you.
Mr. Dong

Subject: self introduction of Foshan Cupid sanitary ware manufactory
Dear Sirs : Through the courtesy of internet, we have learned that the sanitary ware is be within the scope of your trade activities. We are the manufacture of the "Cupid" brand sanitary ware, our factory engages in the products of various artistic toughened glass washbasins, faceplates, stainless steel/solid wood brackets and bathroom cabinets. The main technologies that we apply include: hot melting, casting, hot bending, double glass, water transfer, variegation, crystal aggregation, polishing and temper etc. All kinds of our products are good sellers and worth commendation for their excellent quality. Its products are the first choice to many star-leveled hotels, first class offices and elegant homes, suitable for different designing and decorating styles. Please contact with us:
Foshan city, Guangdong province

Please help if you can

Subject: Pplease send mr some amount of money
please iwant you to send me some amount of money for my aducation thank you.
richard adu, accra ghana

The news from Severodvinsk
My name is Oksana Beregovskaya. I am from small town Severodvinsk in Russia. We are in trouble!!! My town is situated near toxic factory. Ecological situation in our town is terrible. 30% of population is ill with cancer! My mother died when I was 5. My father (he is 55 years old now) drinks a lot and often beats me and sometimes even tries to rape. I am a 2-nd year student in SIoIR (Severodvinsk Institute of Informatics and Radioelectronics). I am studing only on "excellent" and "good" marks. Please!!!! people!!!! HELP me to leave this forsaken of God place!!!! Every cent can help me to realize my dream!!!! If you have ability to help me, please donate some dollars to my e-gold account: 1907407.

P.S. There is my semi-er0tic photo in the attach.Thank you very much.

The Arafat fortune
I am Mrs. Suha Arafat, the wife of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader. Since his death and even prior to the announcement, I have been subject to physical and psychological torture by the present leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the new Prime Minister. You must have heard over the media reports and the Internet on the discovery of some fund in my husband secret bank account and companies and the allegations of some huge sums of money deposited by my husband in my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up to the corrupt Palestine Government. In fact the total sum allegedly discovered by the Government so far is in the tune of about $6.5 Billion Dollars. And they are not relenting on their effort to make me poor for life.

I have deposited the sum of 21 million dollars with a Security financial firm. I shall be grateful if you could receive this fund into your bank account for safe keeping and Investment opportunity. This arrangement will be known to you and I alone and all our correspondence should be strictly on email alone because our government has tapped all my lines and are monitoring all my moves. If you are willing to assist for our mutual benefits, we will have to negotiate on your Percentage share of the $21,000,000 that will be kept in your position for a while and invested in your name for my trust pending when my Daughter, Zahwa, will come off age and take full responsibility of her Family Estate/inheritance. Please, if you are honest, I am going to entrust more funds in your care as this is one of the legacy we keep for our children.
Suha Arafat

Subject: Victim of police sponsored gang-stalking
I have been gang-stalked, harrassed and terrorized for in excess of the past 15 months. I have been stalked by vehicle, on foot, followed into buildings, tailgated, brighted, run off the road and fired on twice. There has also been at least one overt attempt to kill me by use of a staged traffic accident., on the 5 freeway.

I have been able to determine that this gang is "police sponsored." They call themselves the "Raiders" and or "Lakers," and use appropriate vehicle iconography. They also drive vehicles that either are or "appear" to be police "UC" units. They often have out-of-state plates, run cold-plated or without plates at all. They "appear" to be some kind of vigilante group being used by the LAPD, LASD, LAFD and other agencies, to perform unlawful domestic surveillance and to dispense direct justice. They are very prolific and extremely dangerous. I have been stalked across state lines numerous times and there is a multi-agency component involved.

I have a great deal of photographic evidence. I believe I have enough to identify the group(s) involved and to convince you that they are engaging in behavior that is directed towards me. I would like help in analyzing who and what I'm up against and in forming strategies to fight back. My primary goals are to dismantle this group, put the people in jail who have done this to me and to make sure it never happens again to myself or anyone else.

Pay special attention to the images. I feel certain some will turn your stomach.

PS., My intent in emailing you is to inform Media, Prosecutors and other relevant organizations across the nation, so that these groups can be detected, and appropriate prosecution strategies developed. This is an Orwellian nightmare that has spread across the country and is very well established.

PPS., These tactics are intended to cause mental breakdown. This is intended as a covert DEATH SENTENCE.
John Wakefield

Fun with Press Releases

Subject: Wondercon guest list -- amended -- Paris Hilton not attending
The WonderCon media alert sent this morning incorrectly listed Paris Hilton as a WonderCon guest. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.
Rose Anne Raphael

The reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe
MALIBU, Calif., Aug. 8 -- Adrian Finkelstein, MD, UCLA Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, graduate of the renowned Menninger School of Psychiatry and pioneer in past-life regression therapy will present his client, Sherrie Lea Laird, as the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Dr. Finkelstein will discuss his six-and-a-half-year working relationship with Ms. Laird, and explain why he is convinced that Ms. Laird is the reincarnation of Ms. Monroe. Dr. Finkelstein will present similarities in facial bone structure, hands, handwriting, voice pattern, linguistics and personality traits that exist in common between Marilyn Monroe and Sherrie Lea Laird. Dr. Finkelstein will also discuss new ways of potentially proving reincarnation, such as through DNA studies and the comparison of iris patterns. Dr. Finkelstein's work will be summarized in his upcoming book, Marilyn Monroe Returns, The Healing of a Soul, which will be released by Hampton Roads Publishing in Spring, 2006. Ms. Laird, who goes by the stage name, Sherrie Lea, is a singer whose production of "No Ordinary Love" hit the top of the charts in Canada and Europe. It is interesting to note that in her film Bus Stop, Marilyn's role was of a singer named Cherie.
Adrian Finkelstein, MD

Turkey for tribes
With a high population of unmarried people and singles in the Bay Area, the definition of extended families has grown to include close friends in addition to aunts and uncles. Often defined as "Urban Tribes," this generation of people redefine the relationship between family, friends and commitment -- a concept put forth in Ethan Watter's best-seller of the same name. Food often serves as the centerpiece of Urban Tribe gatherings.

Local culinary expert and mom, Rosemary Mark, has 20 years of experience preparing down-home cooking for publications such as Better Homes & Garden and Sunset magazine and is always looking for ways to cook delicious dinners with minimal fuss for holiday, social and especially family gatherings; she has found that the Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey is the perfect main course for preparing a quick and delicious dinner and may be the perfect solution for the Urban Tribe Sunday dinner. Always moist, golden brown and tender, the turkey goes from freezer to table in less than four hours, without thawing or handling -- it's available in two pre-seasoned flavors: Homestyle and Butter, Garlic and Herb. Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkeys are available at a variety of San Francisco Bay Area grocery stores. For more tips on creating an entertaining and delicious "extended family" Easter dinner or Sunday dinner gathering, Mark is available for interviews and product demonstrations.
Lisa Revelli, Fleishman-Hillard, San Francisco

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