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Readers sound off on the Air Jordan frenzy, Grand Tavern, and Yelp.

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Capitelli claims that "some neighbors who have been long unhappy with the market's bustle are jumping on the CHARM bandwagon." How unfortunate that he chooses to trivialize the strong ethical principle of community economic sustainability and diversity against the growing specter of a one-stop big-box store embraced by neighbors, the small merchants, and the six hundred-plus people who have signed the petition. Notably, the Monterey Market received from the Small Business Administration a loan of $2,298,400 in 2011.

Capitelli states that "some shops, like Magnani's Poultry, appear to be letting go of past grudges." He dismisses the small merchants' very rational desire and efforts to survive economically as "grudges." As a businessman, Capitelli undoubtedly knows better and ought not to trivialize the merchants' serious concerns for their livelihoods.

Cynthia Mahabir, Berkeley

"Three Important Lessons of the Occupy Movement," Raising the Bar, 11/30

Participatory Democracy Works

Some of the structure the Occupy movement chose for their decision-making seemed a little kooky from the outside, but the fact that they chose to make participatory democracy a key value and construct a new system with that in mind really stood out and impressed me. And if people can't see anything that demands action from the dramatic income disparity in our society, they're just not listening. Love the little kid from "The Emperor's New Clothes," by the way.

Sandra Streifel, Vancouver BC

"Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0," Feature, 2/18/2009

Yelp Just Won't Quit

I was just contacted (again!) by a Yelp ad sales rep. The first time I hung up as soon as they said "Yelp." They called again, I answered, and they went into their sales pitch. After I went into a rant about Yelp extorting small businesses, I got her full name. I also have screen captures of my company's Yelp page before talking to this recent sales person ... and I will screen capture my company's page after.

Plus I'm on the National Do Not Call list. ...

So, I have a sales person's full name (which led me to her Facebook profile and personal info), and I have substantial proof that Yelp employees call, and when you say "no," they damage businesses as penalty.

Do I share this sales rep's Facebook page link?

Brad Reason, New York City

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